Won't You Join Me In Wishing A Happy Birthday to our Dear Friend Brian (B-Man)

MQ-American Values Again (AVA) 2012/06/12 01:43:32
Happy Birthday Brian ... I'll bring the drinks .. cheers buddy
Happy Birthday Brian ... I'll bring the food .. only the best for you
Happy Birthday Brian ... I'll bring the music.. rock on with your bad self
All of the Above and More... Happy Birthday Brian!
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Many of you know B-Man (Brian) .. he is, and has been, a long standing and loyal friend to most of us for quite some time... so won't you join me on this his special day and wish him a very, very Happy Birthday...

Brian first and foremost, is a family man who has been married to his beautiful wife for the last 34 years... then he loves his motorcycle, whom he affectionately named Dudley .. he loves chocolate chip cookies (hey Brian, some are on the way to ya), his friends... and his SH friends .. Brian is loyal to a fault and one can always count on him to be there for ya if ya need him ... Much respect to Brian also who served in the Air Force for 20 years (retired in 1998) ... and you all know I love my military boys/girls ... we owe a debt of gratitude to him for his years of service for our country .. HooRa!

Well Brian, we need ya right now too my friend and I know you are a good sport .. so get out yer guitar ... show us yer stuff, and be the first to get this party rolling ...♥hugs♥

Click on this to watch Brian ... hysterical! (Many thanks to FairLady (Laura) for doing this for us....

And here's Brian showing off at the roller rink.. ROFL'ng... you go Brian...
NOTE: ReconMarine (Mike) and Heffweizen will be your hosts, along with me ... thank you so much my precious friends for your help ...
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