Won't You Join Me in Wishing a Happy Birthday to DeereGuy (Jeff) ....

MQ-American Values Again (AVA) 2012/07/11 20:58:20
Happy Birthday Jeff.. I'll bring the food
Happy Birthday Jeff.. I'll bring the Killians beer
Happy Birthday Jeff.. I'll bring the music
Happy Birthday Jeff.. I'll bring the hot'n'sassy lassy ... along with a beer
All of the above
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Hey Jeff:

You're the sha la la la la
the shoobie doobie doo wa
You're the cream of the crop
and we luv you a lot..
You're the bee bop a loo bop
the shing a ling a ling
the banama bamma ding dong
And we're gonna sing
you the Happy Birthday song
We're here to dance, laugh
and scream and shout
We're celebratin' your special day
Oh yea ... now yer talkin'
that's what this party is all about..

So, let's get started...
and Partaaaaaa!

Woo woo
Many of you know my very special friend Deere Guy (Jeff)... he's been a great friend to many of you as well over the last 3 years .. so won't you join me and let's make sure his birthday party is fun and as special as he is...
Jeff has many interests .. but mostly he loves his Deere's... buys 'um/sells 'um/rides 'um/ talks about 'um (you get the idea .. teehee) .. he loves his cat, and he also loves to fish ... recently while on a family vacation his son caught a 12 lb fish .. but Jeff was allowed to have a picture taken holding it (teehee) and of course to partake in cookin' and eatin' it ... he says it was deeeeeeelicious (lol)... Jeff also likes to hunt and landscape... and of course he loves to talk politics .. was practically raised on it (but no politics on this poll please.. it's all about birthday fun) ...
Also Jeff enjoys propping up his feet and having an ice cold killian or two on Friday night to relax after a hard week at work .. and with that I say... like any red blooded male, I'm sure Jeff would not complain at all if ya left him a picture of a hot'n'sassy lassie as a birthday present, along with an ice cold killian of course, to cool him down ... Teehee
Special thanks to our friends Brian (B-Man), Laura (FairLady) and Mike (ReconMarine) for helping me host this birthday party...

happy birthday jeff

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