Will You Go To The Pool This Month?

2426227 2012/06/01 01:02:45
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  • **weaselbee::StarkidJay* 2012/06/15 02:16:17
    I don't like going to the pool, so I probably won't go:)
  • Addy Potter 2012/06/12 20:11:14
  • beach bum 2012/06/02 21:48:13
    beach bum
    i have a larger one called the ocean
  • skittles 2012/06/01 17:34:52
    ya its time
    but i dont have to go to a pool with a bunch of people in it because i now live somewhere that has a built in pool in my back yard
  • RoyDMercer - IFOTFD 2012/06/01 12:38:56
    ya its time
    RoyDMercer - IFOTFD
    been going since late April
  • sjalan 2012/06/01 04:12:00
    ya its time
    Already using it regularly
  • wildcat 2012/06/01 02:46:10
    ya its time
    been there already
  • Jimbo 2012/06/01 02:21:34
    ya its time
    It was 109 today and I went swimming.
  • Born to Rock 2012/06/01 02:14:22
    ya its time
    Born to Rock
    HELL!!!!! YEA!!!!!
  • Jazzy 2012/06/01 02:06:47
    ya its time
    I have been to the pool in our back yard and Lake Houston and to Galveston Island already this summer.
  • Scott 2012/06/01 01:36:45
    ya its time
    It will be 111 degrees here tomorrow. I've already been in our pool, but it's going to get a major workout this weekend.
  • NPC 2012/06/01 01:20:17
    ya its time
    Every day I go to the pool here. WE go to the beach and ocean about twice a month.
  • Mark In Irvine 2012/06/01 01:08:53
    ya its time
    Mark In Irvine
    if it warms up enough ... we're getting there!
  • lorenab. 2012/06/01 01:05:00
    ya its time
    yes!!:D my grandma has a pool and i will be there like everyday!!:D haha i need to look some puonds, i like swimming, and i need for my hair to lighten up, so they all match together perfectly!!:D haha

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