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www.metalpoll.com 2011/02/18 07:41:03
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  • misty.shelton.90 2014/02/11 23:52:23 (edited)
    Hell Yeah
    I would love to see Zakk Wylde be incorporated into a Pantera reunion concert. This year is the tenth anniversary of Dimes death. The fans would like to see him honored as well. I would like to see Dimes original guitar riffs incorporated in the reunion along with video on a jumbo tron of Dime playing the actual songs. It needs to be a celebration of the greatest guitarist that ever lived. Nobody will ever replace Dime. RIP Dime♡ much love from DFW
  • MICHAEL 2012/03/08 16:57:18
    Hell Yeah
    Theres a guitarist in Texas who used to open for Pantera with his band Disciple, his name is Alepeno, who plays in Hellgoat now. Not as a big name as Zakk, Kerry or Jerry, but Dime loved and respected this dudes playing. If any one does it other than Zakk it SHOULD be Alapeno. Look into it. Respectfully Migz (aka Michael) and Eric.
  • andrew 2011/08/06 14:57:44
    Good idea, but it'll never happen
    they need buckethead he loved dime and would do his best to play just like him
  • Tyler Harris 2011/07/27 00:43:20
    Hell Yeah
    Tyler Harris
    going if it does happen
  • Luke Westcott 2011/06/10 22:02:31 (edited)
    Hell Yeah
    Luke Westcott
    It better happen! I would fly anywhere in the world to see this once in a lifetime opportunity. Zakk is NOT there to replace dime! Pantera is NOT ever getting back together. No one is trying to "replace" dime. This is just a huge, very important memorial tribute to our dearly missed brother dime. None of us knew Dime's time was up. Otherwise we would have all been there for one last show. Now we have a chance to get F****in rowdy one last time. We'll drink, we'll mosh, we'll cry, and it will be the happiest day of my life. Lets make this happen!
  • Krystal Lopez 2011/06/01 23:59:58
    Hell Yeah
    Krystal Lopez
    DO IT!!!!!!!!!
  • robert ... Krystal... 2012/01/09 16:26:47
    robert battera
    A tribute to dime would b awesome.he would have wanted that and so do we.ill b waiting.
  • jesse 2011/05/07 04:25:39
    Hell Yeah
    they need to work with zakk and look at it as a tribute show. Dime would support the idea with the intention that the purpose is to keep metal and rock alive and give back to fans something they are missing these days. Bang out a few west coast and east coast dates with the attitude of having a good time together and resealing the bond of thier personal relations all as friend and seal the deal once and for all with a farewell set to rock for dime forever in time! Hell Yeah!!!
  • dimebag580 2011/04/22 13:21:39
    Hell Yeah
    he was just like a brother to him that i no because zakk told me sooooooooooooooooo/
  • nope 2011/03/26 08:41:35
    Good idea, but it'll never happen
    Actually horrible idea. They've all said it before: No Dime, no Pantera, no exceptions. Zakk is a decent guitarist, but he could never fill those shoes.
  • www.metalpoll.com 2011/03/25 01:02:27
    Good idea, but it'll never happen
    awesome debate on this one. Check out more of our heavy metal polls as well as news and other heavy metal items at www.metalpoll.com
  • Tim St. John 2011/03/23 03:53:58
    Good idea, but it'll never happen
    Tim St. John
    Zakk is Zakk, and I love him...but, man without Dime.....it wouldn't be the same. Damned I miss that crazy ass dude !! RIP DIME, love ya bro !!
  • STEVƎN WAЯR 2011/03/22 20:20:03
    Good idea, but it'll never happen
    reuniting is hard to do when he was not the guitarist in the first place.
  • Nutty McFinklestein 2011/03/22 17:10:08
    Good idea, but it'll never happen
    Nutty McFinklestein
    This won't happen. Also, Phil is a tool and I doubt the band would use him as a singer either.
  • Rainy 2011/03/22 15:04:16
    Hell Yeah
    That would be cool.
  • damnyoumaggot 2011/03/22 14:33:59
    Hell Yeah
    Not sure if Vinnie would be up for it.

  • Tim St.... damnyou... 2011/03/23 03:54:57
    Tim St. John
    I thought about that too.
  • george 2011/03/22 13:00:22
    Hell Yeah
    I think that would work.
  • darwolf 2011/03/22 12:59:06
    Hell Yeah
    Bring it.
  • Phil 2011/03/17 18:51:35
  • The One 2011/03/12 01:20:20 (edited)
    Hell Yeah
    The One
    Dime would approve of calling it " A Tribute to Dimebag"!!!!!
  • NicoleLanceAbbott 2011/03/09 15:47:40
  • RodrigoGarrido 2011/03/09 02:29:34
    Good idea, but it'll never happen
    MMmm just for that moment ..for easy pleasure, but sometimes it's better to look beyond. I think it's really impossible to think in Pantera without Dimebag, it's better a Cd with making off or music unfinished (Damageplan, maybe Pantera)
  • GonzaloKoflaPrietoAracena 2011/03/09 01:49:47
    Good idea, but it'll never happen
  • mitchbuk 2011/03/08 22:05:42
    Good idea, but it'll never happen
    I vomit when I hear Wylde
  • NicoleL... mitchbuk 2011/03/09 15:49:50
  • Tim St.... mitchbuk 2011/03/23 03:56:07
    Tim St. John
    I like Zakk, but yeah, the pinch harmonics wear on me after a while too !
  • nope mitchbuk 2011/03/26 08:44:33
  • jaime saavedra 2011/03/08 19:22:48
    Hell Yeah
    jaime saavedra
    que vuelva Pantera
  • DanielBasualto 2011/03/08 18:02:46 (edited)
    Hell Yeah
    It must be a farewell world tour with zakk wylde
  • LukeKnutson 2011/02/24 16:34:58 (edited)
    Good idea, but it'll never happen
    not gonna happen, ever, people need to accept that and move on like the other members did. I saw them live twice, you missed out. He can't be replaced, even for a one off with jeffrey wielandt and that pantera energy wouldn't be there without dime. F**k this idea.
  • SzakkScorn 2011/02/18 17:48:10
    Good idea, but it'll never happen
    Vinnie Paul & Rex are amongst Anselmo's worst enemies now..nd Zakk Wylde..as far as I knw..he doesnt get along with Anselmo too well..& moreover Anselmo himself has said..that he doesnt want to discolorate the 'PanterA' name..by a re-formation..& I dont think Zakk Wylde's gonna be interested to leave his beloved brain child BLS..nd Anselmo's doin good with DOWN too..so..I think its a distant dream...
  • mivic SzakkScorn 2011/02/24 06:34:46
    Rex is Anselmo's enemy? What are you talking about? He plays with him in Down.
  • Rafadon... mivic 2011/03/10 03:44:45
  • Rafadon... SzakkScorn 2011/03/10 03:44:10
    rex is playin with anselmo in DOWN
  • far bey... SzakkScorn 2011/03/20 12:40:57
  • AkashMukherjee 2011/02/18 17:31:28
    Hell Yeah
    I'd die to see Zakk riffing off to Dime's songs on stage.It would be the single-most EPIC thing to ever happen to Metal....EVER!!!....\Zakk,Dim... Label Society/
  • WROKSTAR AkashMu... 2011/03/12 02:03:52 (edited)
  • WROKSTAR WROKSTAR 2011/03/12 02:08:12 (edited)

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