Why some people are insensitive and emotionless

gkirmani 2011/06/15 21:22:25
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  • ☠Marz555☠ 2011/06/15 21:44:37
    Some people are ROBOTS... They really are, they have nothing at all in there. They were built to produce and consume. They have never had an original thought and can never ADD anything to anything.

    I really don't care what some people have been led to believe... there are humans walking the planet without a soul. produce consume add care people humans walking planet soul robot

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  • lolzforthefall 2011/06/22 12:42:56
    Because that's the human race for you!
  • MariaWade 2011/06/21 00:01:43
    Its a decision they made. We all have free will. For many it's easier to be miserable and not be disappointed then to be happy and have that taken away from them. Although I am pretty happy. It's hard somedays not letting other's dictate my emotions so there are days I become a robot myself just to deal and not become so emotional I end up screwing myself up by saying the wrong things.
  • sirrybi... MariaWade 2013/02/05 18:18:33
    i think i'm one of those ppl that would rather never know and not be disappointed than to try and lose. i just had a dream last night and it was good til i woke up, but i hate it bc its just a reminder of what i don't have. if i could, i'd rather live without any emotions than with them.
  • La 2011/06/20 12:49:19
    ....Well? You didn't tell us why.
  • MOJ 2011/06/18 21:10:19
    Life has a way of making or breaking your emotional intelligence (whether you have emotions or not). It might not be their fault, maybe they just never felt the good emotions or understood why they are needed. Or maybe all they have felt is the bad ones and do not have the ability to feel or create for other the "good" emotions
  • *Idontcausecommotions,IAMone* 2011/06/17 18:33:59
    I wish I knew. I wish I knew why people keep being so cruel to me... :'(
  • MariaWade *Idontc... 2011/06/20 23:59:52
    awe Little Miss Sunshine. Quit talking to people that want to be miserable and just talk to people who want to be happy. There are plently of both. Maybe they are just jealous.
  • *Idontc... MariaWade 2011/06/21 01:11:15
    True. I kinda doubt they are but thanks. :)
  • MariaWade *Idontc... 2011/06/21 16:29:39
    some people are always jealous of happy people :).
  • *Idontc... MariaWade 2011/06/22 01:02:48
    True I guess.... :)
  • team impartial 2011/06/17 13:38:06
    team impartial
    because they are just plain evil.
  • ~TheDreamer~ 2011/06/17 04:46:40
    They have problems. People put walls up to keep others out so that they can't be hurt. They hurt others before they can hurt them.
  • sophieissophie 2011/06/17 03:30:23
    No so sure?Maybe they where hurt so much they forgot how to feel..
  • Pocahontas 2011/06/16 18:55:12
    their lives and the way the reacted to what was offered to them, made them like that.
  • Jana~ una chica loca 2011/06/16 10:34:06
    Jana~ una chica loca
    it's their way of protecting themselves from being hurt
  • عهود عوايص 2011/06/16 05:05:01
    عهود عوايص
    Maybe they lived a hard life and suffered a lot. So then they become careless and insensitive because no one before cared of their emotions.

  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ D. Plexippus Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
    Some uses more their logical thinking, some are born to lame and..some are overload of emotions that have made them feel numb and emotionless...

    logical thinking born lame overload emotions feel numb emotionless face of emotionless
  • ♫ Radioactive♫Riley ♫ 2011/06/16 04:14:09
    ♫ Radioactive♫Riley ♫
    because there poos! ha idk lol.
  • kitkat42 2011/06/16 03:24:41
    That's a good description of a Sociopath. Some people are just born that way. Others choose to be. Either way its a sad way to live.
  • Renée♥ 2011/06/16 03:00:37
    i dont know
  • skull 2011/06/16 02:25:33
    It come from the home , No love.
  • KingdomNow 2011/06/16 02:01:25
    I really don't care.
  • Valerie© 2011/06/16 01:54:31
    Growing up and being unacknowledged, or growing up and being told they're special too often.
  • Rachael Helms - BN01 2011/06/16 01:16:56
    Rachael Helms - BN01
    I really do not know what the reasons are behind this or what goes on inside of them. I don't know if something happened in their childhood or if they were just born that way. This is just my opinion.
  • Idc anymore 2011/06/16 00:54:13
    Idc anymore
    theyve been hurt
  • BELLA<3 2011/06/16 00:21:05
    Some people are insensitive and emotionless because they never really got a chance to be them self and had people give then what ever they wanted to they never really got the chance to do stuff on there own and show the emotions. I don't now that is just what I think!
  • Marieღ 2011/06/16 00:20:36
    because they just don't give a sh*t about anything or anyone. or maybe they're just like that. well i guess someone could be overly sensitive and emotion too. maybe some people can't help being that way. :-/

    sht guess overly sensitive emotion people emotionless smiley
  • Tabitha 2011/06/15 23:46:22
    some people are just not aware of what they do i think...and usually don't mean it
  • MeganST 2011/06/15 22:44:45 (edited)
    Those are called phsycopaths. There are the more well known phsycopaths who murder people and then there are those phsycopaths who are like your normal everyday people. They may work with you or even live with you but they don't think like other people. They aren't compassionate or give a sh*t about anyones feelings but their own. They can fake emotions really well and can use others emotions to get what they want. some people think that it is a mental condition and they are born that way and can never change, but I think if they really wanted to, they could.
  • Ash-the-empress 2011/06/15 21:54:14
    Some people are born that way. Others are made that way. The same could be said for someone sweet and caring.
  • TKramar 2011/06/15 21:46:26
    Not everyone finds emotions to be all that important. I like dealing with logic, not emotion.
  • ☠Marz555☠ 2011/06/15 21:44:37
    Some people are ROBOTS... They really are, they have nothing at all in there. They were built to produce and consume. They have never had an original thought and can never ADD anything to anything.

    I really don't care what some people have been led to believe... there are humans walking the planet without a soul. produce consume add care people humans walking planet soul robot
  • TKramar ☠Marz555☠ 2011/06/16 10:56:01
    Or we all might be born without souls. There's no evidence to support or refute the claim that souls exist.
  • ☠Marz555☠ TKramar 2011/06/16 18:19:35
    True, some just seem more vapid of being... which could be also referred to as soulless.
    in the Jungian seance.
  • Euphrosyne 2011/06/15 21:40:40
    I don't know about other people, but I am a little bit because I was raised that way by my parents. They never allowed me to be sensitive or show certain emotions because they considered it "weak" to have those kinds of emotions. I grew up with that lesson and it'll take years of therapy to change that. Some people may have had a troubling childhood or they may have a mental disorder. They aren't always some posh snob, although I do agree that there are some people out there that are like that.
  • MangoLuve 2011/06/15 21:35:08
    Sometimes people may think your problems are petty or stupid and so they tend to be cold. For example, if someone came up to me in flooooods of tears like "OMG he dumped me and i loved him soooooo much even though i knew he was a jerk before i dated him but i thought he would change for me cos i am SOOOO SPECIAL!" then I'd be like ¬_¬ "THERE ARE CHILDREN DYING IN AFRICA AND ALL YOU CAN CARE ABOUT IS ABOUT SOME STUPID ASS GUY! OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE WORLD IDIOT!"
    You know, you cant expect me to be sensitive in times like that even if to you, this problem may seem like THE BIGGEST THING in the world, you just gotta get over it really.
  • Mrs Reckless 2011/06/15 21:30:34
    Mrs Reckless
    Because they are big fat lumps.
  • Crime Time 2011/06/15 21:23:42
  • Mrs Rec... Crime Time 2011/06/15 21:31:09
    Mrs Reckless
    Is it rude for me to ask what disorder?
  • Crime Time Mrs Rec... 2011/06/15 21:35:20

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