Why is my crush giving me mixed signals?

ashley. 2011/05/11 02:52:20
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I get this a lot my crush is flirtatious and next day or so he's ignores me but today he ignored me and when I left after school he said goodbye to me! and last week him and I are walking down the hall and him and I are the only ones and he hid around the corner and scared me and he kinda started a conversation with me and then next day he didn't bother to say a word! can you help?
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  • Gloria 2011/05/11 12:55:19
    I'm sorry I don't!
    Just a few guesses;
    He's shy.
    He's not certain.
    He's isn't looking for love & he knows you are.
    There is really another person but he is weighing if he can get away with cheating.
    If it's going to work it's going to work. Don't stress out & have fun.
  • severus 2011/05/11 04:06:49
    I'm sorry I don't!
    maybe he doesn't want to be seen around you that's why he talked to you when you two were alone.Also it could be that he doesn't know what he wants :/
  • Dark Dark Wlf 2011/05/11 03:01:11
    I know!
    Dark Dark Wlf
    Maybe he's having his period. lol
  • Dark Da... Dark Da... 2011/05/11 03:03:21
    Dark Dark Wlf
    Maybe he's waiting for you to make the first move. I'm too scared to tell my crush I like her and im hoping she'll make the first move

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