Why is Barack Obama ‘The Greatest Gun Salesman in America?

Arya 2012/06/18 01:14:01
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Might Barack Obama Be ‘The Greatest Gun Salesman in America?’ Take a Look…Posted on February 21, 2012 at 6:12pm by Christopher Santarelli

Gun manufacturers would likely not be the first to come to mind when considering industries who have benefited the most during President Obama’s first term, but a study from Ammo.net finds that firearm sales and concealed handgun permit applications are at all-time highs since the 2008 election.

Just to show a few statistics illustrating what those in the industry call ”the Obama effect:”

  • Ruger’s firearm sales have gone from $117 million to $232 million, an increase of 98%
  • Winchester’s sales of ammunition have gone from $431.7 million to $572 million, an increase of 33%
  • Federal excise taxes collected on the sale of new firearms and ammunition has risen 48.3%
  • January 2012 was the 20th straight month of increases in NICS background checks compared to the same month in the previous year
  • December 2011 saw over 1.41 million NICS background checks run, the most ever for a single month
  • The few states which regularly report concealed carry permit numbers have seen increases in active permit holders ranging from 46% to 161%

The correlation is astounding considering the day after his election the Gun Owners of America speculated that President-elect Obama “will be the most anti-Second Amendment president in the history of America.” The National Rifle Association (NRA) is actively working to defeat President Obama in the 2012 re-election, with NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre telling the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference:

“Lip service to gun owners is just part of a massive Obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intentions to destroy the Second Amendment during his second term. We see the president’s strategy crystal clear: Get re-elected and, with no more elections to worry about, get busy dismantling and destroying our firearms’ freedom, erase the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights and excise it from the U.S. Constitution…When the sun goes down on election day Barack Obama will have America’s gun owners to thank for his defeat.”

Due to the odd trends showing a boom in gun and ammo sales during President Obama’s first term despite strong opposition from Second Amendment enthusiasts who speculate a “fear affect” of an Obama second term leading to stricter gun laws, Ammo.net has produced a cheeky new graphic asking if the firearms industry should support or oppose a second term for the president:

The Greatest Gun Salesman In America: President Barack Obama [INFOGRAPHIC]

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  • Okie Lady 2012/09/24 02:40:51
    My thoughts are...
    Okie Lady
    He's the only President or anyone else in our government who has made me fear for my or my country's safety. This megalomaniac actually scares me to death!
  • Arya Okie Lady 2012/09/24 05:53:22
    As he should, we should ALL be very afraid. Thank you for answering!

    afraid answering
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/06/21 23:38:12
    My thoughts are...
    Any would-be tyrant is the greatest gun salesman in the country he threatens.
  • Old Salt 2012/06/21 18:56:13
  • Arya Old Salt 2012/06/22 04:54:34
    Thank you for the link Old Salt. You should post it in a blog, others need to read it & prepare themselves for the very real possibility of being under martial law. I think that this is one of the reasons why so many people are stocking up on firearms.

    Where did you find the info about the largest purchase of ammo having been that of homeland security? I don't doubt that it's true, but I'd like to have the source so that I can tell others. This is info that everyone needs to know.
  • Don Leuty 2012/06/20 05:18:41
    My thoughts are...
    Don Leuty
    Barry has done more for gun control than any president since TR. More people are hitting what they aim at since San Juan Hill. Bully. Bully
  • USC Gamecock fan 2012/06/20 02:25:34
    My thoughts are...
    USC Gamecock fan
    Yep he threatened and the public has answered. We are ready
  • ACE 2012/06/20 02:05:56
    My thoughts are...
    we know we are going to end up having to defend ourselves.
  • Kane Fernau 2012/06/18 14:57:37
  • templer003 2012/06/18 02:11:23
    My thoughts are...
    Didn't ol Hillary sign off on the UN small arms treaty ??
    I trust not a one in our govt. anymore..except perhaps Rad Paul & Col. Allen west...
  • kaZappoo 2012/06/18 01:50:37
    My thoughts are...
    I agree 300% ,,,as well as the fact that the DHS / homeland sec. ordered 450 million rounds of hollow point ammo ( people killers ) ...40 / 45 caliber ....not NATO either ,,,NATO cannot use hollow point ..

    so who do ya suppose is stocking up on hollow point ammo . besides the govt ...?

    that would be considered a warning shot over the bow .....

    when the people fear their govt . it's called tyrany ....and when the govt has treason on their minds ,, the people will arm them selves !

  • Arya kaZappoo 2012/06/18 18:15:41
    Great post zapped712!
  • Of Thee I Sing... 2012/06/18 01:19:35
    My thoughts are...
    Of Thee I Sing...
    No One trusts that idiot in the WH
  • HarleyCharley 2012/06/18 01:15:59
    My thoughts are...
    it's the whole government they keep taking our freedoms.....

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