Why is America's history so violent?

lolitalovely 2011/09/08 20:40:17
No offense meant to any patriotists. we have a very violent past. I don't know if other countries are as violent but it's so peaceful now, when compared to previous events.
Reasons to say it's violent? native americans were very massacred for large parts of our history, (to realize that history is highly biased i should say probably for that, but watch a show called the shadow of hate and look at some of the discrepancies of the photos in the movie. for instance: a native american laying frozen on the ground, all his buddies are facing down excet the one stiff mutilated man, who looks very frozen. BTW rigor mortis doesn't set in for 3 hours after death and the narrator is saying it was a mutual fight,but the pictures hint towards an ambush.) blacks were mistreated, asians, who came here for freedom, were rounded up and imprisoned, the land they had worked for:stolen, the money they acquired: taken, Irish workers were deprived of rights, mocked and starved, women we're just housekeepers could be abused for no reason, Jews were lynched for crimes they didn't commit, and don't even mention lobotomies and homophobia. (again I understand everything is biased so I try to take in both sides of the argument.)
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  • lolitalovely 2011/09/08 22:56:08
    I guess I should rephrase, specifically why did people in America want to hurt what they couldn't except when we were formed by people who were hated by their countrymen. I may have explained it without a valid thesis.
  • The Winter Sodahead 2011/09/08 22:52:00
    The Winter Sodahead
    because everyone's is
  • kcandi 2011/09/08 21:48:10
    History is chock full of violence. The U.S. doesn't even rank.
  • Luca 2011/09/08 21:23:59
    our history is way less violent than any others i can think of. The human species is what it is, and millions of years have not changed our nature one iota. Imposed PC will not change it either...forced civility and forced modifications will ultimately lead to a "blow up" in some way, in some other manner. Resistance will only breed counter-resistance. We never learn.
  • lolital... Luca 2011/09/08 21:33:13
    so you believe in the theory that racial blending or increased education will never eliminate conflict? I think that to an extent we are born of genes but the other extents would be experiences and environment. and wishfully i would hope we were less nature and more nurture in that department. your theory is very marxist in the sociology viewpoint (BTW really different from political marxist)
  • Luca lolital... 2011/09/08 21:36:57
    I beleive that there are those that have an agenda and will at all costs try to impose their will upon us. (which IS the marxist, communists, and radicals that now run our government)...and i believe they are misguided if they think it will work (but of course, that is only their overt talking points, they have an entirely different agenda)
  • lolital... Luca 2011/09/08 22:46:43 (edited)
    marx talked on a lot of subjects. In sociology he believed fairly opposite from what he believed politically and economically so sorry if you took any offense. I hate politics so I go with the sociology view that I can relate with.
  • Luca lolital... 2011/09/08 22:48:06
    I am a Clinical Psychologist...i look at the personal view! lol (i am outta here for the time being)..bbl
  • lolitalovely 2011/09/08 21:00:40
    our country was supposedly built on equal rights and yet we live in class conflict, strive to kill what we don't like or understand, and don't care to understand that which we deem unworthy of compassion. That is what I have seen in history. I know lots of good things happened, but it's just so violently hypocritical. there are too many times we could've just stopped. I know for a fact that violence isn't completely hot wired in us if it is at all.
  • Rusty Shackleford 2011/09/08 20:55:45
    Rusty Shackleford
    I suggest you research other nations further.

    Example, you mention that Jews were lynched, can you honestly say that Jews have had it worse in America than other places? Jews are safer here than in Israel.

    Contrary to popular belief, slavery was not started in America, we actually fought a war and sacrificed many lives to end it. Is it really fair to hold the U.S. guilty for slavery when we have done more to put an end to it than any other nation in the history of the world?

    Is our country perfect? No, but it's far better than anywhere else and guess what, there are no laws or walls that are keeping you here, if this country is so bad, you are free to leave at any time.
  • lolital... Rusty S... 2011/09/08 21:14:37
    when I say mistreated i mean you could just lump them with the Asians and Irish and say "well it sucks but oh well." the jews were just hated by everyone and i knew that. I also know slavery wasn't started here and I love this country I just want to know why it seems like our formation years were really violent. I also hope that war you mentioned wasn't the civil war, because that war didn't end it it just started the embarrassed pro-slave people strike out. It was all a causal sequence of then to now. Personally, I'm addicted to that causal sequence that led from point A to point B. (p.s. it may sound like i think it's all class conflict, but I know for every atrocity someone shared there metaphorical cookies.)
  • Aspect of B 2011/09/08 20:52:34
    Aspect of B
    I'm pretty sure most countries are like that. :-/
  • Sour Dime 2011/09/08 20:45:09 (edited)
    Sour Dime
    If it were all rainbows and unicorns we would still be cavemen and it's not just America if there wasn't conflict there would be no America.

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