Why Don't Your Eyelashes Grow?

jt 2010/05/04 16:32:11
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  • DiViews2015 2010/05/15 21:05:04
    My eyelashes grow extremely long and thick. My secret is glaucoma medication. Of course, I do have glaucoma. The eyelashes are a consolation effect.
  • shannon fox 2010/05/11 04:19:34
    shannon fox
    they do but they probably already grew to the longest point they can, like how cats don't get super long fur it stops growing after it gets to a certain length.
  • GeorgieNeedsHerMusic 2010/05/11 01:11:49
    i think they do but fall out then just grow again. at least i have long ones :) fall grow
  • juliet Georgie... 2010/06/17 02:14:24
    i have long ones too!!(: i feel special cause not very many people do!!
  • Georgie... juliet 2010/06/17 17:25:06
    :) lol awesome!! :D
  • charoni bell 2010/05/10 00:08:01
    charoni bell
    idk but it might be bacause if they get to long your eyelid could fall of
  • Julia Junker 2010/05/07 17:46:04
    Julia Junker
    mine do :)
  • Starr 2010/05/05 23:50:13
    Mine do.
  • ♥K14 2010/05/05 20:05:12
    They Do.
    Why do you think they fall out?
  • Kathy 2010/05/05 07:15:33
    They do grow just as your hair grows and just as your hair falls out and replaces itself, our eyelashes do the same thing. They don't stop growing either, it's just how often they are replace is why some never get as long as the lucky folks that do have long eyelashes. (mostly children:) Eye lashes lose and replace usually 1 maybe 2 a day. The hair on your head,,, you lose and replace 100 hairs a day.
  • vitaminanime 2010/05/05 05:31:59
    they do gro, but they don't have as long a growth period as head hair. imagine if our eyelashes were as long as the hair on our head!
  • Nadia Quintero 2010/05/05 02:59:58
    Nadia Quintero
    i'm too old :(
  • flaca BN-0 2010/05/05 02:12:50
  • san 2010/05/05 01:46:17 (edited)
    Here you go again, your eyelashes grow enough to protect your eyes from dust, liquid, and especially sweat because it actrually has salt in it. Yes, it does and this why it burns when it gets into your eyes.
  • Dawn 2010/05/05 00:58:44
    they fall off as soon as they reach that lenght they gfrow but fall off to be replaced by smaller ones.
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2010/05/05 00:29:17
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    I wasn't aware that they don't.

    I know they fall out. If they didn't grow, my eyes would be bald.
  • -3mily- 2010/05/05 00:08:56
    I'm pretty sure that if we had to cut our eye lashes, there would be a couple people out there who have gashed out eyes from 'Slipping'
  • +-haromony with hurt__Falle... 2010/05/04 22:39:27
    +-haromony with hurt__Fallen angel spirit-+
    i alway was told they do just very slow
  • VERYwiseguy 2010/05/04 22:15:10
    They do; But these guys eat at them like beaver does a tree.lol guys eat beaver tree lol guys eat beaver tree lol
  • RandomMusicXD 2010/05/04 21:41:15
    They don't?I'm pretty sure they do.
  • southernbred 2010/05/04 21:11:26
    They dont?
  • METALheadMom 2010/05/04 21:11:19
    you are incorrect. they do grow.
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2010/05/04 20:40:40
  • Foxylady 2010/05/04 20:23:43
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2010/05/04 20:13:03
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    Actually, I believe they do. They have a certain length they grow to, just as hair on arms and legs has. Eyelashes fall out as well, so they are replaced.
  • Foxylady Nick~be... 2010/05/04 20:15:34
  • Nick~be... Foxylady 2010/05/04 20:17:57
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    Yes, I know that.
  • Foxylady Nick~be... 2010/05/04 20:24:28 (edited)
  • Nick~be... Foxylady 2010/05/05 20:38:59
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    There are hair follicles on your head as well... so, once they fall out they're gone? I'd like you to explain why I still have eyelashes then... As I said, and you also said below, they grow to a certain point and stop.
  • Kiki 2010/05/04 20:02:31
    Eyelashes do grow. The length and thickness depend on genetics and hormones. With age, eyelash growth slows, resulting in shorter and fewer eyelashes.
  • Kiki Kiki 2010/05/04 20:08:43 (edited)
    LiLash is the best, non prescription, eyelash enhancer on the market.
    LiLash Info Video
  • Foxylady Kiki 2010/05/04 20:26:29
  • Kiki Foxylady 2010/05/05 00:06:50
    Actually, there are now preparations that speed up the growth of the eyelash which enables the lash to grow longer prior to falling out and being replaced by a new lash.
  • Dagon 2010/05/04 18:45:53
  • Jenny 2010/05/04 18:02:15
    i wish mine would grow just lil longer before they shed i feel them and it feels like i hardly have any.
  • steph 2010/05/04 17:55:19
    They do, but they shead too.
  • Foxylady steph 2010/05/04 20:27:24
  • steph Foxylady 2010/05/04 20:29:15
    Yes, less can be more. No need to hide they lashes under all that goop.
  • Foxylady steph 2010/05/04 20:32:00
  • Lindasmind 2010/05/04 17:51:08
    They do grow. Mine are way longer than when I was a baby. I think we shed and regrow them.

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