Why does the time of day affect mood? And how does it affect you?

Roxas 2010/08/01 15:47:56
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  • converse~lover 2010/08/01 23:57:34 (edited)

    because i have to wake up early mornings wake
  • Suga plum fairy 2010/08/01 16:55:00
    Suga plum fairy
    want to kick someone who tries to wake me in the morning.
    Compltly bored in the afternoon
    Always amped at night haha. NIght is the best kick wake compltly bored afternoon amped haha

    o and at sunset i feel like everything has been made 100 times more beautiful
  • Junior the Outer Space Musi... 2010/08/01 16:42:04
    Junior the Outer Space Music Man
    Well, I don't see why it shouldn't since I've heard that weather affects mood. Like when it's rainy, to a lot of people it's hard to stay happy, but when it's sunny, it's a lot easier to stay happy. But I try to keep myself on an even mood throughout the day, but toward the time to go to bed, I find myself struggling to stay happy.
  • toyaroxit 2010/08/01 16:06:52
    yah usually i'm really bored in the afternoon but then i get extremely hyper at night!!!and i start like bouncing off the walls like a spaz!lmao

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