Why does soap smell so good, but tastes so bad?

666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew 2012/07/21 20:46:50
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I was showering and some soap got in my mouth, and it wasn't that pleasant....
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  • beach bum 2012/07/23 11:04:55
    beach bum
    i think it has something to do with the glycerin
  • Me 2012/07/23 03:32:07
    haha...no clue
  • Crime Time 2012/07/22 06:04:16
  • C4TSMILEY 2012/07/22 00:46:42
    It used to be made of rendered fat, but I think now it's all chemicals...
    Although, the taste could be the fragrances.
  • Sinister Ken Doll™ 2012/07/21 23:57:52
    Sinister Ken Doll™
    i have no idea!!!
    the same thing happened to me with my shampoo
  • lm1b2 2012/07/21 23:24:42
    Made from lard,and perfumed to make it smell good,not made to be eaten.
  • ♫♪‼Chloey Arddun‼♫♪ 2012/07/21 21:37:12
    ♫♪‼Chloey Arddun‼♫♪
    it isn't fair...

    actually some soaps taste pretty good. Not that I would know 0_0.......
  • Radical Ed 2012/07/21 21:26:54
    Radical Ed
    wrap it in bacon.
  • The River Rat 2012/07/21 21:18:41
    The River Rat
    If it taste good, you might eat it all up instead of using it for its intended purpose.
  • Ayushee 2012/07/21 21:06:47 (edited)
    Because soaps are meant to be smelled a bit but not for eating......;)
  • Christmas; In Chrome 2012/07/21 21:04:24
    Christmas; In Chrome
    Soap is made of Lye and pigfat. The fragrance is actually just added.
  • Mike 2012/07/21 21:00:29
    Perhaps, a lesson in life; beware when something looks or smells too good to be true, it could taste or turnout bad.
  • RainbowKisses(: 2012/07/21 20:58:14
    The soap lies! :O
  • D.G.rocks 2012/07/21 20:57:22
    hate that!
  • stevmackey 2012/07/21 20:54:18
    Why does a shower feel so good? You cannot breath the water. LOL
  • me4ever 2012/07/21 20:53:53 (edited)
    because soap is made to clean and make you smell good not to be eaten LOL :D.....or at least that what i think
  • DFA 2012/07/21 20:52:17
    Because soap is a lying piece of crap!

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