Why does lighting a match get rid of the fart smell?

onetirednurse 2011/03/28 13:30:09
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Ok, so one of my dogs has really bad gas this morning. I lit a match and got rid of the smell. My husband asked why that works. I told him the answer, he isn't sure if he is proud I know this or just plain disgusted. Do you know the answer without doing a search?

If no one gets it I will post the answer tomorrow morning.
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  • MicheMcCalliste 2014/01/29 19:04:01
    So, I won't bore you with the details but I had to drive clear across the country THREE times last year with my two teenage sons and if anyone has teenage sons, you know the ability to "flatulate" on command is almost a talent.

    I've been using this 100% organic and natural product called Freshana Air Purifier by Freshana Organic Solutions in my home and I decided to keep a can of it in the car on the trip. This literally saved my life (and nose). lol

    Because it's totally organic and so safe (you can even drink it) and gets rid of smells instantly there was absolutely no harm spraying it in the tight quarters of our suv. In fact, after about the first 300 miles, (and with the threat of them having to walk) I required them to spray the air purifier right before any gases were emitted. It worked. I literally did not smell anything the entire time. It was heaven!

    Anyways, thought I'd share that. Check the stuff out if you are interested in saving your nose hairs. lol http://FreshanaOrganic.com
  • onetire... MicheMc... 2014/02/17 08:13:30 (edited)
    I know what you mean, my older son is 23 now but during the teenage years flatulence was a constant threat to my nose and stomach. I swear there was a time when the only things I heard from him and his friends was burps and farts, if they weren't doing it they were talking about it. Sheesh... I haven't heard of that, thanks for the head ups :) I do have a 3 1/2 year old son and I'm sure I'll be going through the same thing with him as well lol
  • ~pretty little gleek~ 2011/03/28 21:58:52
    ~pretty little gleek~
    well that was random i mean i was thinkin about food but that works too
  • Fillmore 2011/03/28 20:40:40
    Burning a match releases sulfur dioxide. Sulfur is one of the chemicals in the match head. The smell of the sulfur helps mask the methane gas released in farts and poop.
  • Hotcho 2011/03/28 14:55:59
    dear tired...you need to go to work now..you have too much free time on your hands
  • onetire... Hotcho 2011/03/28 15:01:41 (edited)
    Dear Hotcho, I just worked a 12 hour night shift that ended at 07:00 this morning... I'm just not ready to sleep yet..
  • babaji5150~solo 2011/03/28 14:24:50 (edited)
  • Tau_Seti 2011/03/28 14:22:10
  • ally 2011/03/28 14:17:51
    fire out the ass
    Just be careful where you use that match.
  • onetire... ally 2011/03/28 14:19:41
    No kidding.... LOL
  • gfreeman BN-0 2011/03/28 13:54:58
    gfreeman BN-0
    I'm going to guess the sulphur smell from the match masks the fart smell from the dog.
  • KinnUzumaki 2011/03/28 13:44:12
    does it? i didn't knew!
  • onetire... KinnUzu... 2011/03/28 13:48:08
    yep it just takes a few seconds of flame.
  • KinnUzu... onetire... 2011/03/28 13:59:26
    hmm cool smile
  • whipnet 2011/03/28 13:42:42
    I would say the sulfur smell overwhelms the doo-doo smell more than anything.

    And I guess if it's close enough, it burns the methane gas that creates the smell coming from your butt and turds.
  • RoyDMercer - IFOTFD 2011/03/28 13:37:43
    RoyDMercer - IFOTFD
    a woman that burns farts.....I always wanted to date a girl like that.
  • onetire... RoyDMer... 2011/03/28 13:41:03
    LOL anything to get rid of the smell. Damn dog...
  • RoyDMer... onetire... 2011/03/28 13:42:11
    RoyDMercer - IFOTFD
    never feed them Lamb and Rice dog food. My dachsund can evacuate the whole block after eating that mess.
  • onetire... RoyDMer... 2011/03/28 13:44:21
    I'll keep that in mind thanks.
  • RoyDMer... onetire... 2011/03/28 13:46:01
    RoyDMercer - IFOTFD
    glad to be of assistance with your canine fart situation
  • onetire... RoyDMer... 2011/03/28 13:54:10 (edited)
    LMAO its terrible, I had to put her out. I dont want the baby to smell that.. His smells are bad enough
  • RoyDMer... onetire... 2011/03/28 14:02:31
    RoyDMercer - IFOTFD
    Oh God, I can recall the baby smells. I am so glad we no longer need diapers.
  • onetire... RoyDMer... 2011/03/28 14:07:11
    He is 11 months, I will be up to my armpits in doodie diapers for awhile.
  • RoyDMer... onetire... 2011/03/28 14:09:54
    RoyDMercer - IFOTFD
    yes, you will. I can recall in my mind thinking "Oh please God Noooo" when I smelled a stinky one and the wife wasn't home.
  • onetire... RoyDMer... 2011/03/28 14:14:57
    LOL When I'm at work and my husband has to change a "stinker", I always get a text. He just has to share it. The first time he got peed on he almost died..
  • RoyDMer... onetire... 2011/03/28 14:19:16
    RoyDMercer - IFOTFD
    that would freak me out too. Mine are girls so I had a little less chance getting pee'd on LOL
  • Jack's Pearl 2011/03/28 13:35:16
    Jack's Pearl
    It burns up the gas! LOL I don't think it actually does. It may mask it with another smell though.
  • onetire... Jack's ... 2011/03/28 13:39:16
    it does burn... but I will give the technical description of what molecules are affected tomorrow.

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