Why do trolls live under bridges?

Sparklee 2010/07/25 21:30:21
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  • raine 2013/03/03 21:49:00
    Trolls are just another old legend like elves or fairies . So who knows why. same reason elves live in hollow trees. :)
  • Janet Su 2012/11/25 04:13:50
    Janet Su
    they um...they're dumb? trololol haha get it?
    im terrible at puns.
  • amina 2012/09/25 16:23:40
  • WilliamJackson4783 2012/04/22 02:09:23
    its because there hiding from all the YouTube people they pissed off :)
  • Eyebrowz² 2010/07/25 22:11:05
    Because sooner or later, an unsuspecting goat will have to cross that bridge, and when it does, the troll will be ready for him.

    unsuspecting goat cross bridge troll ready
  • MeMyselfOrWho 2010/07/25 22:07:11 (edited)
    The origin of the troll under the bridge brings us to an early England, 1436 to be exact. Sir Charles Trollfin was the chairman of the Queens brigade at the time, and was a powerful charmer. He put his moves on the queen herself successfully on two noted occasions. Charles Trollfin was a man of many faces, as he'd disguise himself and his soldiers as bridges by holding large blocks of concrete above wooden pikes. When enemies would cross the bridge, they'd release the pikes and the enemy soldiers would descend to their fate. During the great war of 1448, Sir Charles Trollfin was crushed to death by a large concrete block. Since then people claim "Trolls" live under bridges to ward off visitors.
  • -leaving sodahead- 2010/07/25 21:58:30
    -leaving sodahead-
    Trolls were once people with suicidal depression who jumped off of a bridge in order to kill themselves. However, after they died, they were re-incarnated as a troll and were bound to that bridge, so now they would suffer as much as that person's friends and family did after they died.

    Yes, I just came up with that.
  • Sparklee -leavin... 2010/07/26 03:44:28
    I like that for some reason:)
  • -leavin... Sparklee 2010/07/26 09:16:19
    -leaving sodahead-
    thanks :]
  • Jai Mic... -leavin... 2011/02/28 11:05:41
    Jai Michael
    Right on. It is known, suiciders are often chained to the place of thier act. My grandfather was integral in building the Tappan zee bridge in NY, and I never thought of that...
  • Paul -leavin... 2014/12/24 18:58:08
    That's an interesting thing to say. That's an interesting thing to come up with. Just saying...
  • AnnA 2010/07/25 21:51:26
    to question you when you pass by lol idk :)
  • Bob-chicka-wow-wow 2010/07/25 21:33:46
    shelter and close to a good water and food supply....O.o

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