Why do trailer park white people hate black people, when rich white people dont like poor white people?

whotheracist 2011/04/25 02:29:27
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  • sguscapefan 2011/04/27 15:57:09
    Rich white people don't like any of them. They get pretty mad when their social investment in paying taxes gets squandered by lazy people and they get no return for there hard work to pay others.
  • JanHopkins 2011/04/25 04:01:44
    Now you are just making things up. I've lived in trailer parks. I didn't hate black people. I didn't know anyone else who hated black people who lived in trailer parks.
  • Ty ~ PHAET 2011/04/25 03:45:59 (edited)
    Ty ~ PHAET
    White supremacists are angry because they're almost always the worst possible examples of what they advocate.
  • sguscap... Ty ~ PHAET 2011/04/27 15:47:02 (edited)
    True dat yo message be right. Whitie is better than other races but just can't put it into the right words to
    say over the internet white people made, typing it intoa computer white people designed powered by the electicity white discovered and harnessed. God how do we put into the right words. If only white people had some sort of education system put into place where we could learn how to say it properly. Damn guess I'll have to drive around in my car that was invented by some dumb ass white honkey to find it.
  • Ty ~ PHAET sguscap... 2011/04/27 20:52:11 (edited)
    Ty ~ PHAET
    I said white SUPREMACISTS... or was that too big a word for you to process?

    I have no desire to deal with trolls... BLOCKED!
  • 2012 rick 2011/04/25 02:40:06
  • Denny 2011/04/25 02:33:20
    Compitition???? Perhaps???
  • ~beccah~ u no u want meh . . . 2011/04/25 02:31:20
    ~beccah~ u no u want meh . . .
    poor white poeple are below rich white people and black people are below poor white people duhh
  • 2012 rick ~beccah... 2011/04/25 02:39:02
  • whother... ~beccah... 2011/04/25 02:51:46
    I'm the one who asked that question. I'm black & I think your reply was funny. Ain't true, but funny.
  • sguscap... ~beccah... 2011/04/27 15:35:16
    And Mexicans are bringing up the rear. God it must suck to be told we really don't want you people in our country when they want to work and they see blacks sitting around doing nothing
  • Jesse Kimmel-Freeman 2011/04/25 02:30:17
    Jesse Kimmel-Freeman
    It's all about power relations I think..

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