Why do they say "its all up hill from here" when going downhill is easier?

ƒɾεαќℓ!ṉģ 2011/03/30 17:38:05
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  • Aleckcys White 2013/07/09 13:10:28
    Aleckcys White
    You're all wrong. This phrase is a positive notion of a negative path ahead. The phrase "it's all downhill from here", doesn't exist except in error. If it did, it would be a negative notion of a positive path ahead. It's written and spoken that way to be clever, and eloquent. Not to confuse the masses. Although, obviously, it succeeds in that. English is a beautiful language. So, learn it.
  • (: purple princess :) 2012/06/28 00:44:35
    (: purple princess :)
    "up hill" is because once you're at the top you feel accomplished.And because people love to confuse other people
  • Dagon 2012/04/11 02:52:33
  • offendingshadows 2012/03/11 01:09:39
    It's because it's gonna get harder. Of course everyone wants to go down hill. I want to but I can't so I have to go up hill to get where I am going. That's hard. Life is hard. And uphill is a b!#%¥
  • Natasha 2012/01/28 03:50:41
    They say that to make it sound more complicated then it already is.
  • Jay98 2011/10/23 15:48:15
    the saying represents the slope of a profit chart in business. going uphill means that the amount of profit your business is turning out is increasing over time. in other words, your business is prospering.
  • sockpuppet 2011/04/29 18:36:31
    They're just trying to level the playing field... :O)
  • royalguardian ►One Hit Rage... 2011/04/17 15:22:51
    royalguardian ►One Hit Rage Quit◄ ♠ BTEF ♠
    cauz eets eazier 2 c down from abuv
  • Ash 2011/04/07 23:22:45
    That it gets harder as you go but the phrase, " It's all down hill from here" means that everything gets easier
  • CyinideTears 2011/04/06 11:10:46
    they say downhill...
  • WhoaIt'sSarah. 2011/04/06 02:09:28
    i think going "up hill" means your going "up" like your almost at the top. gowing down hill means well, everything is falling apart
  • Levy McGarden-Redfox 2011/04/01 02:11:35
    Levy McGarden-Redfox
    that's a great question and very true, why would anyone wanna get all tired goin up a hill, get someone to carry u up the hill then run down it! :D

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