Why do they lock gas station bathrooms? Are they afraid someone will clean them?

jt 2010/06/02 07:31:16
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  • Kathy 2010/06/02 07:38:01
    Gas station bathroom are for customers.
    I think they're tired of anybody and everybody doing their dirty business there without buying anything. Just my opinion

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  • betrayed~in nyx i trust 2010/06/03 04:50:39
    betrayed~in nyx i trust
    i think its because they are afraid someone may steal the toilet. afraid steal toilet
  • wandering mystery aka Relch... 2010/06/03 01:16:15
    wandering mystery aka Relcho of Anid

  • Anemone 2010/06/02 19:29:24
    Maybe because they don't want people using drugs or having sex in the bathroom.
  • satellite Anemone 2011/08/27 22:22:11
    I work at a gas station the sex I don't don't care about heard a few people having sex in there since my wall is right next to the bathroom and let me tell you girls can get pretty loud. It's just for our security at night. Well that's the only reason I lock them at night
  • JJ 2010/06/02 19:09:10
  • moomoof 2010/06/02 19:07:08
    good one XD
  • hmjtrj-searching for truth 2010/06/02 18:53:27
    hmjtrj-searching for truth
    Now that's a thought.
  • g 2010/06/02 18:48:55
  • Autumn 2010/06/02 18:42:43
    lol maybe. actualy I think it may be that they don't want people messing them up.
  • I quit!!! 2010/06/02 17:16:49
    I quit!!!
    They are afraid of the paper thieves! … I don’t know why though?
    afraid thieves
  • Empress I quit!!! 2010/06/02 18:16:19
    Ha ha, good one!
  • No nonsense NanC...don't BS... 2010/06/02 16:24:00
  • wombat 2010/06/02 14:15:50
    To secure the bowl from thieves
  • jazie 2010/06/02 14:11:39
  • BrittanyXD 2010/06/02 13:58:45
    no, they are afraid people will have sex in them, and they are for customers as well
  • Conservative Craig 2010/06/02 13:35:42
    Conservative Craig
    Even stranger.... They give us the key without collateral. Our need to return the key is reduced it zero. In the time at will take to have the handle changed we can do whatever it is we wanted to do if it were already unlocked when we got there.
  • VERYwiseguy 2010/06/02 13:31:26 (edited)
    Two reasons so you have to buy gas in order to use them.And like most establishments prone to robberies convenience stores etc...It made it easy for someone to have another preparing to hold them up while disguising or preparing a weapon inside the restroom.Gas Station hold ups were always targets because of their proximity to getaway routes along roadways and so many to rob.Now most convenience stores are gas stations also.And the most dangerous and deadly occupation at night was,and still may be working at one of these places.
  • Tucker 2010/06/02 12:47:26
    I worked at an Exxon, we locked them at night. we had a drain in center of floor, went in with pressure hose at end of day, sprayed some fu fu for nice smell. Still had some jerks but for the most part it was a pleasure for you to leave us a deposit.
  • brutusin~ Proud Apetheist 2010/06/02 12:31:59 (edited)
    brutusin~ Proud Apetheist
    Dude I work at a gas station. Ours isn't locked. It is inside the store though. We also keep our bathroom clean. Unfortunantly it sometime requires a Hazmat suit (even rhought we don't have any) because idiots miss the toliet. Not with pee. With Number two. I can agree with some clerks and their unwillingness to clena that up sometimes.
  • Tucker brutusi... 2010/06/02 12:49:15
    Good for you, If I could hold it, I would stop at your place. Wipe that smile off your face. lol
  • Kalamazoo brutusi... 2010/06/02 13:05:57
    I can't say I blame them a bit for not wanting to clean it up! I've found the inside gas stations are some of the cleanest I have come across, it has really surprised me. People are nasty, nasty, nasty!
  • Crankney - PKM 2010/06/02 11:40:54
    Crankney - PKM
    Seems rather inconvenient. inconvenient
  • Kela ~ In Lady Gaga I Trust <3 2010/06/02 11:16:31
    Kela ~ In Lady Gaga I Trust <3
    idk But I've seen one.

    Pretty damn disgusting. I would NEVER pee in those.
  • sait10 2010/06/02 10:45:50
    hahaha you got a good point there!!
  • Russ 2010/06/02 10:25:31
    A number of reasons

    1- To prevent bums from sleeping in them
    2- To prevent illicit activities such as sex, drugs and other incognito things from happening.
    3- Less chance of vandalism

    I'm sure their are others.

    A side note on the "cleaning" comment. If everyone cleaned their own mess up - or better yet - didnt make one, dirty public restrooms wouldn't be a problem.
  • brutusi... Russ 2010/06/02 12:27:29 (edited)
    brutusin~ Proud Apetheist
    I don't know how many times I had to clean one where the person missed the toilet. I makes me wounder what their bathhroom at home looks like.
  • Russ brutusi... 2010/06/02 12:39:39
    If people treated the service industry places like they did their home, I think things would be alot cleaner. Although, their are exceptions.

    people treated service industry places home alot cleaner exceptions people treated service industry places home alot cleaner exceptions
  • Faariha 2010/06/02 10:24:12
    Haha! Gas station bathrooms are always filthy. But, I think it's because people do drugs in there. Well, I witnessed a few. I don't really know.
  • freakoutnow... cuz mom's here 2010/06/02 09:34:15
    freakoutnow... cuz mom's here
    #1) The bathrooms are for the paying customers #2) It prevents (to a good degree) people from stealing pipes, Toliet Paper and other things from the bathroom #3) It can be a safety thing....... That being said, not all gas stations have locked bathrooms. Most gas stations that have locked bathrooms have their bathrooms on the outside of the gas station. The gas stations that have bathrooms inside the store rarely have locked bathrooms.
  • Hyōrinmaru 2010/06/02 09:29:56
    Hell if i know i just don't go to their bathrooms
  • God-Cilla (Saviour to the M... 2010/06/02 09:27:51
    God-Cilla (Saviour to the Masses)
    It's a pro-filth conspiracy.
  • laureenf 2010/06/02 08:43:51
    Now THAT is a funny question!! Afraid someone will clean them!!! They used to be available for anyone until dopers and prostitutes started using them for hotel rooms....Now you have to carry a key on a HUGE stick so EVERYONE knows where you're going...
  • Dolly 2010/06/02 08:30:28
    I think they are afraid of the toilet paper getting stolen or finding dead bodies in them unless they are watched carefully by gas attendants.
  • gingin6 2010/06/02 08:15:54
    :D No, but they could mess up the bathroom or take the toilet paper
    and paper towels. Or not buy nothing.
  • Spider Bite:F 2010/06/02 08:10:58
    Spider Bite:F
    They are afraid someone will leave mysterious-looking toilets. afraid leave mysterious-looking toilets afraid leave mysterious-looking toilets afraid leave mysterious-looking toilets afraid leave mysterious-looking toilets afraid leave mysterious-looking toilets
  • Lucy formerly of Finchley 2010/06/02 08:05:40
    Lucy formerly of Finchley
    I think they're just afraid, period. I am.
  • ladyshellie-Child -of- God 2010/06/02 07:49:14
    ladyshellie-Child -of- God
    i dont like using them because they really are unsanitary.maybe they think someone will do things in there like sex or try to sleep in there or steal things. unsanitary sex sleep steal or someone played a sick joke and left a snake in the toilet.
    unsanitary sex sleep steal played sick joke snake toilet
    or they might fancy up the toilet?
  • sasquatchette 2010/06/02 07:42:51
    That must be it! Lol.
  • Kathy 2010/06/02 07:38:01
    Gas station bathroom are for customers.
    I think they're tired of anybody and everybody doing their dirty business there without buying anything. Just my opinion
  • ladyshe... Kathy 2010/06/02 07:51:14
    ladyshellie-Child -of- God
    i agree!

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