Why do the holidays always suck?

Flirty 2008/11/27 01:34:26
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  • Trooping_the_Colour 2008/12/03 17:30:38
    I assume you're referring particularly to Christmas?
    I would put it down to the fact that they've lost their way and put too much stock in merchandising as opposed to sentiment.
  • Leo-licious - SH All-Star 2008/12/03 15:51:40 (edited)
    Leo-licious - SH All-Star
    Because my crazy perfectionist mother always has to be involved in them!!!

    mother involved mother involved mother involved mother involved mother involved
  • Bring it ~STS~Freewill Dirt... 2008/11/27 01:57:07
    Bring it ~STS~Freewill Dirty Pheonix
    knowing I have friends like you keep me going through the holidays...hmm Fighting also keeps me going....I swear we will keep our soveriegnty and I will fight till my last breath to restore the constitution....Friends like you keep me moving....I do so much and get so worn down but I jump on here and am reminded by you and people like you that I will not fail and if I do then let them do it in such an malicious intent that ten shall take my placce.

    Hmm But without you I would just continue to drink through my misery and forget everything that means everything..... people fail malicious intent placce hmm continue drink misery forget people fail malicious intent placce hmm continue drink misery forget
  • moomoof 2008/11/27 01:48:24
    because we are sold on tv that we are supposed celebrate one way
    and we forget how normal and grouchy our family is
    XD when they get drunk haha ah......
  • BOOGIE-WOOGIE-MUSIC-MAN-ROC... 2008/11/27 01:45:30
    Used to be, the holidays were a sad time because I was around negative people. I finally got to thinkin, 'Hey man, life is what you make-it.'

  • Flirty BOOGIE-... 2008/11/27 01:46:37
    not if someone in your life works at making the holidays miserable.
  • BOOGIE-... Flirty 2008/11/27 01:51:20
    I agree its tuff sometimes.
  • BOOGIE-... Flirty 2008/12/03 16:13:48 (edited)
    I'm giving out raves for
    For the holiday Cheer
    raves christmas

    Greetings to Everyone
  • AnneMac 2008/11/27 01:42:55 (edited)
    They don't intrinsically suck. Suckage is a state of mind, and attitude that you carry with you in your head. It's a result of your own negative judgments on the events that occur, rather than the events themselves. Perhaps you are being forced to go to a relative's house you don't like. Perhaps your own house is being overrun by obnoxious relatives. Perhaps your mom yanks the X-Box out of your hands and makes you socialize. Perhaps the turkey is overcooked. All of those things are just events that happen. But it's YOUR judgment of them as a negative thing that informs your experience of the holiday "sucking."

    The challenge for you is to figure out what the opposite of "suck" might be for you, and then try to stand up for yourself and put some of those elements into the holiday. Also, to stop judging everything as negative... you can let some things go and not worry about them.

    Suckage is all in your mind. Here's wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck!
  • Flirty AnneMac 2008/11/27 01:47:20
    No. too many people work at being assholes around the holidays. I love the holidays -- too many people become total jerks -- making the tension in the household miserable.
  • Rowbin 2008/11/27 01:42:26
    Because you're not high enough yet
  • Angel 2008/11/27 01:39:56
    I love the Holidays, I have a permanent smile from Nov to Jan......lol
  • Ace~Mr.Giantess~ 2008/11/27 01:38:21
    The traditional Christmas hype stuff is very annoying.
  • RosameeCullen 2008/11/27 01:36:53
    Holidays don't suck

    holidays suck

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