Why do some women enjoy sucking each other's toes?

Handyman321 2008/02/08 23:30:20
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  • Lucifer's Angel 2008/02/21 01:23:07
    Lucifer's Angel
    To me, toe sucking is GROSS... but some prefer it!
  • AngelwithBrokenWings 2008/02/21 00:51:00
    None of the above
    WTF???? Some women like to suck other women's toes?!?! Okay, seriously.......stop that. LMAO
  • Smokey 2008/02/21 00:49:55
    Because women's toes taste good.
    Some women that take care of their feet have very beautiful feet. I feel that there's nothing wrong in giving attention to a woman's feet and toes.
  • Kanubis 2008/02/09 05:55:06
    Because it is sexy.
    i like it done to me, but only in a hot tub mmmmmm
  • got$tk4u 2008/02/08 23:58:23
    None of the above
  • Magzilla 2008/02/08 23:44:02
    None of the above
    WTF.... I think that is damn nasty
  • Smokey Magzilla 2008/02/21 00:56:19 (edited)

    I'm not trying to be nasty, and it's my own business if I love to suck toes, but do you have oral sex (please don't answer that question).

    Pretty feet, pampering, massaging, kissing, and even sucking a few toes, is way safer than what comes out of some people's privates.

    I don't consider myself as a freak because I love my woman 100%, and every inch of her body. I find that people who are closed minded to certain things, really don't enjoy his/her partner 100%.

    It may be nasty to you, and I can respect that, but in return, what ever you do with your partner, may be considered nasty to them.

    Take care,

  • Magzilla Smokey 2008/02/21 01:00:07
    Oh don't take offense Smokey! I was trying to make my response sound more like a joke, but now that I read it again it doesn't sound too funny (hate it how sarcasm doesn't always translate) All I really meant to say is that it isn't my thing. I didn't mean to offend you hun!
  • Smokey Magzilla 2008/02/21 01:02:48
    HEY, HEY! I'm not mad at you! You're one of the coolest persons on here! Thanks for your comments and reply.

    What have you been up to anyway?

  • Magzilla Smokey 2008/02/21 01:05:22
    Okay good! And thanks (^_^)
    I have been working mostly. I went to a really cool show last night though and that was a lot of fun! My brother-in-laws band opened up for Necessary Response and DeVision. I have always wanted to see DeVision play so it was really cool the somebody in my family got to be the opening act. (^_^)
  • Smokey Magzilla 2008/02/21 01:08:55
    Kewl! I didn't know your brother in law was in a band! Where are you guys from?

    When I was in college, I wanted to be in a band, then Hip Hop started and I tried it, but L.L. Cool Jay stole my lime light. Besides, he was better on the mic than me. :)
  • Magzilla Smokey 2008/02/21 01:18:36
    LMAO Damn that L.L. Cool Jay heheh

    I live in Utah. My brother-in-laws band in my opinion could be more popular than what they are if they tried. I don't think they care too much about it though. The name of his band is riverhead
  • Smokey Magzilla 2008/02/21 01:24:53
    I went to High School in Overland Park, Kansas. I was in a Rock Band, and I was the Lead Singer. My favorite song was, the Eagles, "Take it Easy."

    I'm a military brat and eventhough I'm Black, I love ALL music. I respect ALL talent.

    In High School, I'd listen to Journey, Kiss, Kansas, Boston, REO, RATT, Eagles, and I love Southern Rock, Tom Petty, and I grew up with Motown, Marvin Gaye, and I adopted Rap, Sugar Hill Gang, L.L., Will Smith, Tupac, NWA, Ice Cube, and then I loved R & B, Boys to Men, Bobby Brown, secretly liked Country, Reba, Willie Nelson, and now I like Jazz, Bone James, Kenny G...

    I have so much variety. :)
  • Magzilla Smokey 2008/02/21 01:27:55
    Variety is the spice of life! I like all types of music too, but tend to lean towards industrial type stuff. But I have all types of music in my collection. You just never know what you will be in the mood for!
  • Magzilla Smokey 2008/02/21 01:05:50
    So what about you? what have you been up to?
  • Smokey Magzilla 2008/02/21 01:10:51

    I just got back from Aruba and got engaged. WOW, I can't believe after four years with my baby, I did it. :) It was really great, and I can't wait to be a husband. I really found a GREAT woman. Not too many men can say that in their life. I'm serious. She's the woman in my dreams, and she's soooooooooooo sweet. Guys at work tell me, "yeah, but after you're married, she'll change." In my heart, I really don't think so.
  • Magzilla Smokey 2008/02/21 01:20:48
    That is awesome! Congratulations!! Don't listen to the guys are your work, what do they know? LOL I am happy for you! I want to see some wedding photos!! (LOL yeah, I am such a girl! Love wedding photos)
  • Smokey Magzilla 2008/02/21 01:27:45
    NO, you're a very nice person! Thanks for you're congrats. That's why I love reading your comments.
  • Magzilla Smokey 2008/02/21 01:29:39
    Awe thanks *^_^* But seriously, you and your hunnie should post some wedding photos LOL
    everyone looking all cute and dressed up, I love it!
  • Magzilla Smokey 2008/02/21 01:33:33
    hey are you a published writer?
  • Smokey Magzilla 2008/02/21 01:43:42
    Yes I am, but only my short stories. I also have some articles published in the Army Times. I wrote a good story called "Little Girl" when I was stationed in Iraq. I unfortunately witnessed a young girl I mentored while in Iraq die in front of me. While in Kuwaitt, I purchased a pretty doll for her, and on my way back to Iraq, I saw EVIL bastards gun down innocent people in the streets. I cried soooooooo much. But to heal, I wrote down my feelings and called it "Little Girl."

    Maybe I'll write a book one day, but I'm really into comedy because I believe that laughter heals one's heart.
  • Magzilla Smokey 2008/02/21 01:55:07
    Somebody on another poll just posted your name, saying they should ask you for some stories
  • Smokey Magzilla 2008/02/21 01:56:13
    You're kidding? Are you serious?

    Who are they?
  • Magzilla Smokey 2008/02/21 17:01:49

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