Why do some people go around with half of their butt crack showing?

Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201 2009/03/22 18:06:43
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I realise that there are people with no butt to hold up their britches.That's why suspenders were invented. PLEASE BUY A PAIR!
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  • Angel 2009/03/22 20:28:00
    They think it makes them look sexy.

    I know some of them make me want to barf......lol

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  • bobdole 2013/02/01 06:16:59
    They think it makes them look sexy.
    and it can be very, very sexy
  • JD 2013/01/01 06:47:18
  • Naya9496 2012/05/26 17:22:18
    Here's what I think,
    To lazy to pull pants up and get underpants
  • nikki 2010/03/27 07:12:46
    They want us to put money in there, like a stripper.
    i think on any woman it looks very sexy but on men it has to be be not hairy or old lol but i think pplrealy cant help it and they porbably dont even relaise its showin apparently my butt crack is always showing my friends sometimes put stuff down there LOL but i dont show it intentionally all my pants just fall down my ass
  • Jenn nikki 2010/03/28 23:09:46
    My butt crack shows quite often it's mostly an accident really. every now and then i'll notice it hanging out but most of the time people always point it out to me. I don't fix it though I just let it hang out for all to see I think butt cleavage on a woman can be real sexy
  • nikki Jenn 2010/03/29 05:51:12
    hey jenn omg i agree! ppl sometimes say stuff but boys def like it and i like it on boys as well its sexy yea?
  • Jenn nikki 2010/03/29 23:58:39
    I don't think a boy showing his butt crack is more sexier than a woman showing hers. But boys def love it when a girls crack is exposed for sure, I have turned quite a few heads that's usually how I find out that my butt crack is hanging out lol! Nikki when your crack is out how much is exposed?
  • nikki Jenn 2010/03/30 01:30:29
    haha jenn i think wen my crack is out its almost the whole thing! i can never feel it so i think i flash ppl a whole full moon most of the time i bend down or sit bahaha but wen im at home i have to be careful because its embarassing wen my whole family are always staring at my ass! are you comfortable with your family seeing ur crack? also my younger brother is beginning to do it LOL he actualy said a girl at works thinks his ass is hot ahahah
  • Jenn nikki 2010/03/30 01:52:51
    I honestly really try not to show it at home, I tend to wear my lower rise pants outside the house, but i'm sure there have been a few times where my crack has slipped out at home. I have had people tell me that when my butt crack is showing it's usually 3 inches or so. Funny story I went out to a bar once with two of my friends and we sat closest to the door and all three of us had our butt cracks showing. The first thing any guy saw when they came in was three girls butt cracks hanging out lol
  • nikki Jenn 2010/03/30 02:31:02
    yea lol u dont want ur dad to see it haha but at work and wen im out i just dont worry about it because i know men like it i see them staring but haha i have a funny story too because wen i got to events like the football i often have ppl telling me the whole game ur ass was in our face' and i say sorry ;) and they always be like nah babe thanks for the show do you wanna go get a drink? :p swear its true i want to tell all girls that watver ur age and size show ur ass crack men like it :)
  • Jenn nikki 2010/03/30 19:18:37
    lol that's really funny...I have had guys get me drinks before because of my butt crack showing. They never mention it though but I usually figure it out because sometimes i'll see them looking for a few minutes before they talk or do anything. Do your friends show their butt crack with you too?
  • nikki Jenn 2010/03/31 05:28:17
    not realy, some do sometimes but its mainly just me lol. i feel abit weird tho when im bending down at work or wherever in front of other women and i can hear them laughing at me. some ppl like to call me 'butt crack girl' and stuff lol but especially when im at my fitness class and we all sit down in this gym there are a few women telling me to stop flashing them and calling me slut but others say it looks gud hbuu any stories??
  • Jenn nikki 2010/04/01 00:12:35
    yeah there was one time when I was at a friends I was sitting in a chair and I didn't even know it but a good amount of my crack was showing close to half from what I was told.....one of my friends took some water and poared some of it down my pants. I need to find some betting fitting pants :/
  • nikki Jenn 2010/04/01 07:42:14
    me too but my crack will always find a way to pop out so im just embracing it now haha im at my friends house now and shes probably gonna go record a vid of my butt and put it on youtube! have a look at my question ive posted :P
  • Jenn nikki 2010/04/01 15:50:59
    which question is it?
  • nikki Jenn 2010/04/02 02:20:32
    on my profilelol
  • Jenn nikki 2010/04/02 02:56:23
    I posted one myself check it out
  • nikki Jenn 2010/04/02 07:06:46
    post sumthing on mine ill post sumthing on yours :) get ur friends to go on thig too lol the butt crack girls :)
  • Jenn nikki 2010/04/03 00:18:11
    ok done
  • Jenn nikki 2010/04/05 00:47:04
    hey Nikki do you always show your butt crack when you go out to bars? does it get more attention from guys for you?
  • nikki Jenn 2010/04/08 07:59:45
    yeah i alwayd do pretty much all the time boys like it ;)
  • Jenn nikki 2010/04/09 00:22:35
    yeah the bar is definatly the best place to do it. I went out the other night and my butt crack and underwear were both showing at the same time. I kept noticeing guys looking my way until one finally made his way to me and we started chatting it up.
  • nikki Jenn 2010/04/16 08:55:36
    i was havin lunch yesterday and most of my crack was hanging out to all the ppl sitting behind me i noticed sum girls were takin pics but i didnt care they were laughing like crazy tho then one of them put a coin down my crack! omg i was embarasses but i jusr fished it out and walked off coz i culd see boys were gettin fken turned on by me :)
  • Jenn nikki 2010/04/16 20:39:15
    lol that is pretty crazy you must be showing a lot of your butt crack because I have never had a total stranger put anything down there before! The only thing that has happend was I was at a diner once and a waitress tapped me on the shoulder and said "just thought you should know that your butt crack and pink underwear are showing you may want to fix it"
  • nikki Jenn 2010/04/21 07:59:15
    my bf always shows his crack too wuld u think its sexy? he is hottt ;)
  • Jenn nikki 2010/04/21 13:11:24 (edited)
    I don't really get attracted when I see a male's crack. They look gross sometimes lol. does your bf get mad when your crack is exposed in public all the time?
  • nikki Jenn 2010/04/23 09:56:19
    nah he loves it thinks its the sexiest thing on a woman and plus his is showing all the time as well i love his crack its the sexiest crack ive ever seen lol do u show ur crack wen ur in school or at work? do your friends or coworkers ever say anything?
  • Jenn nikki 2010/04/23 21:20:02
    at work I try my best not to let my butt crack show lol. It has accidently slipped out though a few times but not much there was one time where I had to kneel down to put some stuff away and a couple inches slipped out one of my co workers let me know that it was showing, luckily it was a girl lol. My friends tell me all the time when my butt crack is showing but some show theirs as well but we always let each other know when our butt cracks are showing in case we don't want it showing. Sometimes half of my crack hangs out that's usually when I pull my pants up a little lol
  • nikki Jenn 2010/04/30 12:23:25
    i show my crack all the time though not just at the bar i like the attention and how it feels, have you ever seen any other girls showing crack?
  • Jenn nikki 2010/04/30 21:20:47
    I got a few friends that have their butt cracks sticking out sometimes. It makes for quite a scene when we are out together because sometimes when we are sitting together our butt cracks all show at the same time lol. Other than that I do see other girls cracks hanging out sometimes
  • Jerry (... Jenn 2010/05/01 05:08:40
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    Wow! after all of this time you two are still talking about butt cracks. LOL!
  • nikki Jerry (... 2010/05/01 13:37:00
    i am known as butt crack girl around town man i am butt crack LOL :)
  • Jerry (... nikki 2010/05/18 02:29:43
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    Don't feel bad; I'm beer gut guy. Hahaha!
  • nikki Jerry (... 2010/05/18 10:41:52
  • Jerry (... nikki 2013/12/20 16:14:09
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    The beer gut is now gone.
  • lilly Jenn 2013/12/19 17:10:16 (edited)
    A couple of class acts aren't u?? Who cares those guys wouldn't want their mothers to see you and damn sure wouldn't take you home to meet her. at least no quality man would. Have some class and pull up ur pants and stop showing ur ass in public.
  • Jenn nikki 2010/05/17 21:20:40
    I was at the bar the other night with a friend and both of us had our butt cracks showing everytime we sat down. We saw a lot of people looking at us when they walked passed us once we kept seeing it we put 2 and 2 together looked behind and saw that our cracks were hanging out.
  • Alexandrea nikki 2015/06/01 03:19:52
    That's how mines is((but my butt is huge)
  • Alexandrea nikki 2015/06/01 03:36:03
    That's how mine is but I have to have people tell me (cause my butt is so big).I have to have people tell me that it's showing.My friends tell me that it depends on the kind of pants I'm wearing(more shows at times than at others).They also tell me that it shows all the time(in class,hanging out,sitting,standing,etc.Also... say it's usually like 3 1/2-41/2 showing on a regular basis while sitting,and like 1-1 1/2 standing.I honestly don't notice so I guess I'm just used to the feeling(but I've never noticed it).
  • Jenn 2010/03/25 05:06:48
    Here's what I think,
    honestly I don't think there is anything wrong with letting a little butt crack show every now and then. Sometimes when I go out i'll notice that I have a couple of inches of butt crack hanging out. I really don't think it's that big of a deal more and more girls are showing their butt cracks more often now, besides it has helped me catch the attention of quite a few guys

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