Why do people worship Satan? I'm not trying to be rude but why?

Kim(: 2011/11/20 14:48:56
I'm mean hes mean and he don't care about you he'll throw in the flames of hell without thinking twice Im not trying to be mean or say "you have no right to worship him" you do im just asking why why him
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  • prince 3 days ago
    If people worship satan, themselves prove God is real. Life is just really hard. When you find yourself, you find your heart. Until then people get cold, but even when one has turn to god fully, life doesn't get easy
  • Checker Knight 2015/04/07 06:15:37
  • Zinnia Vanex Fandomprox 2015/01/09 00:52:51
    Zinnia Vanex Fandomprox
    Um, how is God any different? He punishes you if you don't follow his rules and only cares about you if you care about him... So, why do people worship God?
  • Isabel ... Zinnia ... 2015/02/12 03:03:27 (edited)
    Isabel Zubizarreta
    God always cares about you and is always waiting for your return even when we have hurt Him and destroyed the trust He has on us. He doesn't punish us. Actions have consequences, if you screw up you'll naturally have to "pay" for it, it's just the way life goes. People worship God because He is our creator and seeks for our own good beyond anything else.
  • vena Zinnia ... 2015/03/07 13:22:05
    God doesn't punish us. He love us so much that he gave up his only son Jesus Christ for us to be saved from our sins, so all of us can be free from sins and God and man can be reconciled.. Hes not a punishing God but a loving God.
    He always care about us.

    so don't say that God doesn't care about us. we are his children :)
  • haunted 2014/12/19 14:11:31
    i kind of laugh at this, because he dosent throw you in hell, the things you do is what leads you to the basement. and last time i checked upstairs wasn't so peachy either' people abuse the privlage of going to church because they know they 'sin'; every day and they thjink they can be saved just by asking. i would know this because my grandma does this all the time.
  • Kim(: haunted 2014/12/19 18:41:37
    That's your opinion. People need hope. God is some people's hope. Maybe not yours, doesn't mean you can trash their beliefs because you dont agree with it. And you dont just "ask" god. Its a very serious question. Asking god into your heart is how and follow in his steps everyday. For those who can, I bow my head as respect not spit on their face. They can atleast walk the path both you and me couldn't. So we took it out on god for our doing. God doesnt answer every prayer because he has a plan for it. People will die weither you like it or not. Why would you want him to make people hurting and suffering continue to? He calls them home when its their time. We die no matter what. We dont go to church for sin but to prevent it and help us on our journey.
  • Isabel ... haunted 2015/02/12 03:08:16
    Isabel Zubizarreta
    And that is the reason why it is said that you must be sorry for your sins in order to be forgiven. You can go to church all you want and you can pretend to be good and treat others as God wishes us to, but if we don't meant it, if we don't have good intentions when we do what we do then it has no value. I don't know who told you that but it is not true that you are forgiven of your sins just by asking, in fact, the hardest part of confessing sins is acknowledging them and feeling the pain it has caused.
  • thedebate2108 2014/11/23 13:00:54
    If you look at the bible minus the flood the kill count is about 10 for the devil and millions for god and god rarely answers prayers
  • Ben Gardener 2014/10/24 23:30:43
    Ben Gardener
    Yeah last time I checked god was my savior and if it wasn't for satan life would be a lot easier. And atheists Devil worshipers and satanics there all the same in my book; they're all going to hell. So I guess the get to join him in the pit of fire.
  • haunted Ben Gar... 2014/12/19 14:03:32
    thats funny, because 'your savior' lets thousands of people die yearly, satanism says nothing about having a god with amazing powers that could basicaly move moutains, if 'god' was so great why are people murdered, kids murdered, people beaten and abused? Atheists believe in no god at all, 'devil worshipers' as you call them dont exactly worship the devil, i would know because i am satanic. and to behonest if the satanists are going to hell, then you are you for saying were all damned.
  • ryan romero 2014/08/30 18:30:43
    ryan romero
    Satanists do not necessarily believe in "satan" himself but believe that everyone is their own God. There is a difference between Devil Worshippers and Satanists. thiestic satanists do worship satan himself but athiestic satanist do not
  • Kim(: ryan ro... 2014/08/31 14:11:03
    There's 3 types of satanist. Maybe more but 3 common. Theistic satanist believes he exists but only see him as a symbol not a being. The other 2 do
  • jesusisking 2014/08/23 04:27:57
    Satan says he will let you do what you want and give you what you he will but is it worth it to worship him and go to hell? No! Worship the one and only god he will help you he is the truth satan is a liar and nothing more god makes everything possible in the name of Jesus Christ amen
  • ryan ro... jesusis... 2014/08/30 18:57:50 (edited)
    ryan romero
    Actually if satan wanted you to worship him he would come down to you satan doesn't want people to necessarily worship him but he wants people to have knowledge and believe you are your own God
  • honest_days_work666 2014/07/08 22:28:54
    i worship satan because he keeps my children fed on welfare
  • DarkCyde 2014/06/03 21:18:58
    Beats me. If I were to go to hell, I'd hope Superman was still there. Otherwise, I don't wanna play cards with the most brutal men in history.. I wanna study black magic with Raven.

    Raven white cloak
  • XxBVB4lifeanddeathxX 2014/06/03 20:42:53
  • Jaime XxBVB4l... 2014/07/19 18:40:51
  • thedeba... Jaime 2014/11/23 12:57:52
    I noticed something funny the athiest didn't swear once but then the Christian swore 5 times, doesn't the bible say thy shall not swear?
  • michae ... XxBVB4l... 2014/11/18 17:05:11
    michae hughley
    I truly understand what you are saying...
  • authentic01 2014/04/13 21:28:43
    Heartbreaks and everything that makes you not care.. You have to care. For others.. And if you don't you should feel bad about it. Y'all used the Devil as an excuse thinking he's beside you or something but no your lowering yourself to him. We are trying go up and when you get down you know how those thoughts and feelings rush... Think about it. Your acting of negativity. Retaliating but it's only hurting you.
  • authentic01 2014/04/13 21:23:28
    I believe that this music and stuff that comes out today sets a certain tone, frequency, and thoughts.. it clouds your conciousness and unconsciousness .. Your dreams and thoughts. The darkness ties in with your heart beat and it beats in the tone that's according to those things.. i believe it all ties into satan. This world is upfront with satan. God is hidden.. He has a certain tone. The birds sing it. All the deers and animals do. love is the tone of God.. Without love I believe all your thoughts and the way you breathe and your heartbeat falls to a certain dark tone that communes with satan. This is a observation without any scientific it's just a feeling and understanding that I wrote here. I'm still learning. A lot of people learned and felt the tone of satan and thinks it's okay bc you may have troubles incorporating the other tones in your heart an thoughts. Btw God has been in my dreams . He came as a rat and I picked him up and our love combined and he glowed bright white and I woke up. Felt amazing actually felt amazing.. and Jesus was on my wall in my apt and you could only see him in the reflection of the light when you moved back in forth. There isn't a painting with the detail it had. The choices you make makes you steer certain ways. It's like a seed in the way it grows ..
  • daleena ashipala 2014/03/04 09:57:32
    daleena ashipala
  • daleena ashipala 2014/03/04 09:56:12
    daleena ashipala
  • haunted daleena... 2014/12/19 14:05:13
    i'm sorry, but god didn't give birth to me, my mom did, so technically she brought me into this world. not god.
  • daleena ashipala 2014/03/04 09:52:10 (edited)
    daleena ashipala
    im so disappointed in celebs and people who follow the devil ... I mean you are the leaders of our generation yet you are such a bad example ... people like beyonce have inspired so many people like me ... im hurt that music isn't about making people happy buhh about worshiping the devil that's gona take you to hell one day ... people need to grow up and realise that you can die at any time ... I would like to go to a place where I will have eternal life and not got to a place where I will burn forever ... I will praise ,worship ,love and bow down to only one God ... and that's the father almighty
  • Terrance 2014/02/25 13:15:48
    What I'm Trying To Understand Is Why Would People Worship Satan If He Is Bad And Punishes The Damned; I Mean He Could Care Less About Us, He Just Wants To Be King Which He Isn't So He Punishes Bad People To Make Them Feel Bad; And For The People That Do Worship Him You Must Be Out Of Your Mind Because You Are Just On The "Highway To Hell" Where You Will Just Suffer And Burn To Death.
  • frank Masarone 2014/02/01 14:55:49
    frank Masarone
    Really? You think just because you believe in your mind that something is reasonable that makes you exempt? And some idiot really believes satan cares more for people? Really? So burning and tortured for eternity is caring? WOW! This makes as much sense as the speeches at the Miss America pageants. All you have to do is Love God and accept him and only him. And of'course follow the ten commandments. It is not that hard people. Please Please don't let yourselves fall!
  • haunted frank M... 2014/12/19 14:06:45
    yes and having a god who sits there and doesn't do anything is better.
  • SubduedJoy 2013/12/14 00:17:33
    It seems that people worship Satan because they believe in the Christian God and their Christian God has failed them. The Christian God has failed me too because 1) I cannot believe God would be so unmerciful to have those who haven't been baptized sent to Hell. 2) I know for a fact that all animals, not just humans, have souls. 3) We live many lives on Earth, not just one. 4) The purpose of living on Earth is to learn and teach and most importantly to learn and teach compassion. 5) Our actions determine our future. 6) We are all part of the Universal spirit. The Christian God and Satan are only parts, albeit very powerful parts, of the universal spirit. They are similar in that they both want to be worshiped and will provide for those who follow them. They differ in that Satan cares more about personal satisfaction and the personal satisfaction of those who follow him even if it causes harm to others. If you harm others, either directly or indirectly, then you will suffer later on.
  • nivac SubduedJoy 2014/06/07 14:21:58
    First off...the bible does say animals have souls.the souls merely perish with the bodies. Additionally...only cathloics believe that those who are not baptized go to hell. But most Christians are prodestants.
  • mooopooo 2013/11/08 05:03:47
    I was reading all these comments and people just seem to either talk about god in a bad way or god in a good way. I love god but lets face it, he could be scary sometimes (only if your doing bad stuff ( and I don't believe every thing the bible says, so just go with your own rhythm to god) ) I also want to clearly state that yes the devil is deceiving and manipulative but Christians have kinda been the same through out history and even now some Christians are very hypocritical, like they say they don't do bad stuff and they don't judge people (lol) and all they have mostly done is bad stuff (not all of them) and judge people. so can they be considered devils too idk because I don't know the real story behind Lucifer and god ( by the way no one knows so stop saying that god trusted Lucifer and he betrayed him blah blah blah, when your dead you'll be able to find out if its true or not )
  • Gabriel... mooopooo 2013/11/08 16:07:46
    Gabriel Méndez
    Very true about the hypocrisy.
  • nivac mooopooo 2014/06/07 14:31:01
    Yes perhaps some christians are hypocrites. However...everyone does bad things. And the problem is you are holding Christians to a higher standard than others. Don't think of the Christians who go to church on Christmas and maybe Easter. Cause these are not truly Christians, or else they would be more dedicated. Instead think of the missionaries in africa, who are risking their lives to help feed and convert people. Are you goanna say their hypocrites? The way I see it if there are Christians who are hypocrites then they are not actually christians.
  • katlen 2013/11/01 19:46:46
    ya but I think the ones that worship him is okayto him cuz there on is side. I kow some one that doesworship him tho an he said it ku an ya
  • katlen 2013/11/01 19:44:46
    well i dont no why people worship satin but I know some people who do I don't want to be rude but that's one question I got
  • none of ur busines. 666 2013/09/30 02:48:25 (edited)
  • Kim(: none of... 2013/09/30 03:11:51
    Thanks for your input but you know you took all this time writing this you could have looked in a dictionary. If you don't believe in the devil then don't use his number and a word of advice if you really want to have proof of satan being real play with Ouija board. You'll see the truth and swallow your words.
  • chompis666 Kim(: 2013/10/18 04:07:25
    Satan is real satan is the tru God
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