Why do people always play bodies from drowning pool

Thomas Bryant 2011/11/10 17:48:45
arnt you geting tired of hearing that song on youtube like you look up a action movie or clip and that song pops up and you heard it a million times i know i am like on the radio on clips on the computer witch is why i look up something els im going to flip if i hear that song again
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  • ✞Knight of Honor 2011/12/01 04:40:30
    ✞Knight of Honor
    I personally like the song.
  • Thomas Bryant 2011/11/17 22:34:35 (edited)
    Thomas Bryant
    yes i know bodies was a cool song back then but after hearing it or seeing it on youtube so many times it was just annoying i like there other songs on sinner but thats it and the new drowing pool doesnt do it for me sorry but il tell you the songs i like but has song that been played alot and i dont listen to them as much as i do with the others du hast from rammstein there are other great song then just du hast look them up i like amerika morgenstern and benzin then theres i stand alone by godsmack i hardly even like that song becase of rock 105 if i can wish anything on music is to play any of there song on there radio not just stuff like bodies thats why i stoped listening to rock 105 and just use the computer and download music i like thank god for that
  • pewpew zappy gun 2011/11/10 19:43:16
    pewpew zappy gun
    Because it was featured in smackdown and guitar hero and they think is cool
  • MalloryNicole 2011/11/10 19:13:55
    I can't stand that song!
  • Sick Boy 2011/11/10 18:12:19
    Sick Boy
    Because its a damn good song!
  • Buhbye Sodahead! 2011/11/10 18:11:50
    Buhbye Sodahead!
    I was at Me & Ed's Pizzeria for a late lunch about a month ago. Had a couple of my buddies with me, and this little girl was having a birthday party. Her people kept playing Justin Bieber and Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. So just to be a prick, one of my friends stood by th juke box and waited for it to finish and then plugged in about a zillion quarters so it would play a block of Drowning Pool, starting with "Bodies"...and it was

    That kid and her parents and family looked like they wanted to murder us. After the 3rd song, they packed their cake and pizza up and walked out. I felt bad, but it was kind of funny too. Or maybe I just have a messed up sense of humor.

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