Why do irresponsible and immature people always blame something besides their own bad choices that they have made?

Dan 2009/11/02 18:03:51
Easy out!  It's always easier to blame others (parents, authorities, God, etc)..
Irresponsible people will never consider themselves at fault for anything.
Classic "victim" excuse "You just don't know what I've been through! My life can NEVER get better no matter what!
The exist to balance out responsible people (who work for a living and STOP living in the damned past).
All of the above
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"It's NOT my fault!!!!" How many times a day do parents, teachers, police officers, judges, and other people hear this wretched excuse by societies bottom 30%?
A punk American teenager (race always insignificant) starts trouble in the city, ghetto, or "white-trash" trailer park. He grows up fatherless because his sperm-donor "dad" was punk himself and didn;t handle his responsibilities (left him with mom). The punk fails 9th grade twice, drops out of school, and gets arrested; gets released and gets arrested again (this time as an adult). When he finally realizes that crime doesn't pay, he's already screwed. No employer wants to hire anyone unreliable or untrustworthy (the excuses begin).
A rebellious teenage girl (again, race completely insignificant) thinks she's a "woman" and "Nobody's gonna tell ME what to do!" So the teenager (13-17 - the age is the same) spreads her legs for her loser boyfriend, gets pregnant, goes on welfare and foodstamps for the rest of her life and thinks "Life sucks!"
The truly pathetic part about this is that most of these people life to regret their decisions, but STILL blame the government, God, their parents, or the authorities for the irresponsible choices THEY made. Nobody forced the punk to commit crimes or the millions of teenage girls who wrongly perceive themselves as "women" hate life for their own stupid choices (NOT mistakes, they did it knowingly and willingly).
Why do irresponsible/immature people refuse to look in the mirror for the true cause of their problems?
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  • Christopher D 2013/04/11 15:44:33 (edited)
  • LisaLisa49 2009/11/10 15:59:53
    Easy out! It's always easier to blame others (parents, authorities, God, etc)..
    Yes, I agree that the psychiatric syndrome that liberals "suffer" from, is one where liberals are constantly playing the blame game. What is "wrong" with the environment and the animal population? Blame all of humanity -- particularly the humans who live in the United States! What is wrong with Muslim extremists? Blame our country and our military! What is wrong with themselves and their liberal sickness? Blame everyone else, OTHER than yourself! Ugh...these people really need to get a life.
  • Pegasis 2009/11/02 20:55:00
    None of the above
    People will always be able to rationalize away any behavior until they are able to take a straight look at themselves. Many never get to that place. They would be so nauseated if they did!

    One of my all time favorite cartoons from years ago depicted Adam and Eve being ejected from the Garden of Eden. One of them is saying to the other, "Well, what do they expect, coming from a single parent family the way we do!"

    FYI--Please don't tell me this is sacreligous! I'm tired of hearing it!
  • IndyLinda 2009/11/02 20:40:17
    Irresponsible people will never consider themselves at fault for anything.
    "It's not MY fault!" usually begins with having a parent who says, "It's not HIS/HER fault!"
  • I quit!!! 2009/11/02 19:24:09 (edited)
    All of the above
    I quit!!!
    They exspect way too much from one person to fix everything. They exspect for the man in office to suddenly say a magic word and it all will be better in a blink of an eye. This is what the adult children of the country is doing when they blame Obama for everything that happened before he even entered into office. Sometimes the actual kids in this world are way more mature about things then the so-called adults who vote in this country. entered office actual kids world mature so-called adults vote country
    Remember people this man in the picture is not supernatural in any way. He can not fix all the problems of the country in a word like the childish prepublications want. He is only one man doing a job. Stop trying to expect him to be more then that. Why can't the childish republicans and other nut jobs actually get off their butts and actually help out with the problems instead of sitting on their backsides expecting a miracle to happen!!!
  • Zuggi 2009/11/02 18:33:47
    All of the above
    Of course they are responsible for the mistakes they make.

    I believe society is responsible to some extent for creating the environment in which mistakes are all too often the default course.
  • ♥Nicole A♥ 2009/11/02 18:20:59
    All of the above
    ♥Nicole A♥
    Funny, I googled blaming others for your trouble and guess who popped up:
    funny googled blaming trouble guess popped
  • Dan ♥Nicole A♥ 2009/11/02 18:35:13
    We can definitely justify blaming this jackass for his poor decisions (weakening our country more and more with each passing day). Does that make us immature or irresponsible?
  • Todd C Dan 2009/11/09 20:18:15
    Todd C
    No, just you, good sir.
  • BienvenuJDC 2009/11/02 18:17:16
    Irresponsible people will never consider themselves at fault for anything.
    You said it in the question...it's because the do not take responsibility (irresponsible).

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