Why do guys act like they don't care about you when deep down they really do?

Marissa 2010/01/06 01:33:42
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  • FD-Firefighter 2010/01/06 22:03:48
    we feel subconsciously that we need to act manly... and manly is not showing emotions... and being completely independent.
    if we show that we like someone... we're dependent on them
    i always show my emotions...
  • Miguel FD-Fire... 2011/12/14 10:25:56
    Well thats true but dont show too much intrest in a girl because she will reject you.
  • jazie 2010/01/06 07:23:20
    because they dont like ,showing emotions they feel weird getting all lovey dovey... although some do like it.
  • Nellie-TheQueenOfCraziness 2010/01/06 02:05:46
    Some guys (not sure about all but some) probobly want to look tough around their guy friends, so they don't want to show off their softer side to the girls when they're around other guys. Or sometimes when they're not dating someone yet, but they really like someone. They might be afraid to admit that they like you and they're waiting for a girl to make the first move, while the girl is waiting for the same from them. No one knows for sure sometimes.
  • Jerry 2010/01/06 01:41:20
    cause these days for some reason girls like it when their b/f's treat them like shit which is totally stupid so if the guy knows the girl likes that then they start doing it. Me if the girl likes being treated like shit she might as well not like me cause I won't do that
  • Marissa Jerry 2010/01/06 01:44:29
    I think that if a guy is dating a girl they should me sweet to her and not act like a jerk around his friends. If he truly likes her he will be her bf no matter what.
  • Jerry Marissa 2010/01/06 01:55:27
    yeah I know what you mean I've never been an asshole to any of my ex's or girls I tried dating they were always that way to me.
  • Marissa Jerry 2010/01/06 01:58:26
    I can't stand guys like that. If you like me great. Then you can like me around your friends to.
  • Jerry Marissa 2010/01/06 01:59:21
    Oh yes I won't even treat my partner different around my friends I'll treat her the same all the time
  • Marissa Jerry 2010/01/06 02:01:35
    That's what I like in a guy. And trustworthyness is good. Hey i got to go. Add me as a friend.TTYL>
  • Jerry Marissa 2010/01/06 02:06:09
    lol you have a great choice in guys the bad thing is now it's hard to find one like that, but I'll add u
  • Marissa Jerry 2010/01/06 02:19:51
    I know. alot of they guys I no arre complete jerks!
  • Jerry Marissa 2010/01/06 05:52:04
    yeah I know
  • *-*I3ri*-* 2010/01/06 01:34:29
    No answer...
    i dont know its a guy thing

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