Why do Americans care more about their guns than their children?

Willski 2013/01/28 15:04:58
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Yes, that's an inaccurate generalization, I ask because you're perfectly happy to register your children with the government, (along with houses, cars, businesses, and just about everything else) but the moment someone mentions registering guns people start shouting that it's crazy.Oh, and I'm not against guns, so don't witter at me about that.

Note: This question is predominantly jocular hence the fun category, so please do not use it as a forum for the gun debate, just tell me why you like your guns more than your children. :D

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  • Selketskiss 2013/02/26 06:40:51 (edited)
    I/We don't.
    My gun is a tool...so is my hatchet, swords, knives, ice picks, axe that I also will use as a tool for defense which does not have to be registered. My car is not used for defense nor is my house. My kids are not tools they are human beings to be protected by using my tools..I should have as many tools to protect my family as I see fit as it is my business exactly how I plan on doing that.
  • Willski Selkets... 2013/02/26 15:04:22
    Another person who didn't actually read the question...
  • Selkets... Willski 2013/02/26 19:47:26
    I read the question but I can answer it any way I want to..you are the joke bush oyster
  • Willski Selkets... 2013/02/26 20:09:34
    Interesting principle. Do you routinely answer questions like "How are you today?" with random rants about your facourite taco filling, or cut of trousers?
  • Selkets... Willski 2013/02/26 22:11:42
  • Willski Selkets... 2013/02/26 23:53:32
    I'll rephrase, do you respond to all questions with something totally random, and averse to all reasonable expectations for the response?
  • Selkets... Willski 2013/02/27 00:00:59 (edited)
    Bootacumeba (Boo-ta-cume-ba) fancy pants
  • Willski Selkets... 2013/02/27 13:34:22
    My pants aren't fancy, British pants that is, nor are my Trousers if that's what you meant.
  • Selkets... Willski 2013/03/01 02:39:15
  • ACE 2013/02/04 04:59:42
    I/We don't.
    we need our guns to protect our children! what part of common sense do you not get?
  • Willski ACE 2013/02/04 13:44:58
    Why didn't you read the question?
  • ACE Willski 2013/02/04 14:45:24
    i did why dont you read the answer
  • Willski ACE 2013/02/04 14:54:00
    Heh, i already did, how else would I know you didn't answer the question I asked?
    Don't bother responding if you're going to witter on about irrelevant things.
  • ACE Willski 2013/05/05 02:06:25
    we love our kids and all our family. we need guns to protect them. GET IT ????
  • Willski ACE 2013/05/05 12:28:08
    It's cute that you took three months to type that, and in that time never gained the most basic grasp of the question I asked.
  • ACE Willski 2013/05/05 17:56:27
    i tried to ignore you and left you on the bottom of the reply list because your question and ability to grasp obvious statements are extremely lacking.
  • Willski ACE 2013/05/05 18:35:09
    You could've just not replied.
    Or you could've noticed that this question is a parody, and not answered a completely different question to the one I actually asked
  • hawk Semper Fi 2013/02/04 04:43:16
    None of the above
    hawk Semper Fi
    There are a number of things that you don't know about us one is we Love our kids and to because we love our kids we wish to leave them a country that is free were they can grow up and be what ever they want to be. That brings our weapons in to play We Have the Second amendment for a reason and that was made a long time ago. to in sure that all or freedoms will be protected from a government that my what to rule instead of govern I quote When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." Thomas Jefferson.

    Semper Fi .
  • Willski hawk Se... 2013/02/04 13:45:31
    Evidently you didn't read the question.
  • hawk Se... Willski 2013/02/04 21:53:08
    hawk Semper Fi
    Evidently I read the question but you do not comprehend the Ans

    Semper Fi
  • Willski hawk Se... 2013/02/04 22:15:49
    If you'd answered the question as it was asked, I wouldn't need to ask if you'd read it.
    Don't bother responding if you're going to stay off topic, or try to lecture me on my question.
  • hawk Se... Willski 2013/02/04 22:22:57
    hawk Semper Fi
    well then you keep your idea's in the UK and just remember this POUNJD SAND

    Semper Fi
  • Willski hawk Se... 2013/02/04 22:40:14
    Apparent typo aside, I think this being my question it should be my duty to tell you to go away, and yours to never communicate with me again.
    I can give you a little help with that if you like.
  • Flipper 2013/02/04 01:00:58 (edited)
  • Willski Flipper 2013/02/04 13:45:56
    I see you didn't read the question either.
  • KoAm 2013/02/04 00:58:43 (edited)
    None of the above
    Jocular? There's nothing jocular about this issue, my friend. It's a life-and-death one.

    Also, you're bringing up the issue of guns in a very glaring way ... but you don't want people to get into a gun debate?

    Yeah, okay. That makes lots of sense.
  • Flipper KoAm 2013/02/04 01:01:37
  • Willski KoAm 2013/02/04 13:47:16
    That's where you're wrong.
    If I'll joke about the knife in my gut after my friend accidently stabbed me while it's still there, I'll joke about this.

    A joke is a statement that's intended to be humorous, and or encourages humorous responses, there is no limit on the topic. Perhaps it's that my humour is too british.
  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2013/02/04 00:54:39
    None of the above
    Why do Americans care more about their freedom than falling for a dictator's power grab using children?
  • Flipper Ballade... 2013/02/04 01:01:52
  • Willski Ballade... 2013/02/04 13:48:41
    I'll ask you to read the question in it's entirety before responding again.
    And if you do respond again, do so in the manner the question expects/requests, not how you did the first time.
  • Ballade... Willski 2013/02/04 18:14:41
    just using your own question there , ace.....and If i were YOU I would worry more about your own backyard than mine....you still haven't answered the Irish Question NOT to mention your own crime rate...PLUS the fact your own nation is the money Laundering central for IslamoFascism....and finally the Honour Killings of Sharia law going UNPunished in your country
  • Willski Ballade... 2013/02/04 22:18:47
    Okay, answer this question for me.
    What part of your answer is the joke?
    This question is self described as jocular, a parody of this style of question, for a response to be relevant it must accept the joke, and/or continue it.
    An answer is irrelevant if it responds as if the question was serious, as yours does. Please take this into account if you wish to reply again.
  • Ballade... Willski 2013/02/04 22:58:01
    I got that what you posted was a joke....just wasn't funny...Rowan Atkinson you're not
  • Willski Ballade... 2013/02/05 12:21:26
    I'm aware of that, Rowan Atkinson is a 58 year old English comedey legend, I'm a 19 year old IT student.

    That still doesn't explain why, when you don't find a joke funny, you spend a day wittering on about some irrelevant rubbish. Either explain that to me, or don't bother coming back to my question.
  • Ballade... Willski 2013/02/05 20:10:43
    again simply because it wasn't and all the arrogance of youth won't change that...go back to writing code and not comedy.....that notebook full of games you have been compiling for 5 years won't write itself
  • Willski Ballade... 2013/02/05 22:58:17
    Let me pose a hypothetical scenario here.

    Let's say we met at some social event, and I made the joke, "Knock knock, who's there, noo, woo who? No need to cry, it's only a joke."
    It's a joke that isn't funny, would you for the rest of the day aimlessly witter on about your favourite brand of horse feed or something, even though it's totally irrelevant to the event and the former joke for the sole reason that you didn't find the joke amusing?

    (That is what you just said you did here.)
  • Ballade... Willski 2013/02/05 23:11:44
    and if pigs could fly they would be eagles...oh FYI...I have at social gatherings told someone that their joke wasn't funny...or usually I would top them with a witty adlib...again little child move on..block me or simply move along...as I said before...go back to writing code and not comedy
  • Willski Ballade... 2013/02/05 23:20:33
    I don't write comedy.
    You want the discussion to end, there are some pretty simple options for you, most obvious is stop giving me things to respond to; you could not reply, or post a comment that doesn't easily facilitate a reply. This being my question, I feel I have the right to respond to anything on it.
    Same way if you came into my house, and started behaving disruptively, I wouldn't just ignore you.
    You could of course block me.

    Anyway, what's different about this forum that means instead of responding with some form of humorous remark, you just post a few paragraphs that are irrelevant to, well just about anything.

    Oh, and if pigs could fly they wouldn't be eagles, pigs are mammals, even when airborne they don't become avian. That’s pretty basic biology.
    And it’s 23:20 at night, I don’t code this late.
  • Ballade... Willski 2013/02/05 23:28:45
    oh i KNOW you don't write comedy...I have seen your work...and why not write at 11:20 PM....look i KNOW you have a game file....you wouldn't be in IT if you didn't have that in the back of your mind...and believe it or not..that's a good thing...so why NOT take one of your game ideas and try to make it real....heck the rich history of your nation is such you can mine for terrific game ideas....Like a Knight Riding a Dragon...killing demons ..robots and the like

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