Why do adult treat teenager like we're idiots

selena costa 2011/11/15 01:24:50
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  • c.stuartHardwick 2011/11/15 05:52:42
    No offense, but you're idiots. Your temporal lobes are not fully mature and you lack perspective, but if you manage to avoid killing yourself for a few more years, you'll come around. Have fun.

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  • 3036303 2012/02/16 09:47:38
  • budgerigar42 2011/12/11 20:39:31
    At this age teenagers think they're special because of puberty and everything. Also, their temporal lobes are not yet fully developed, thank you c.stuartHardwick, and that's the part of the brain that controls impulsivity. So teens are more prone to act without thinking it through. Adults just know this, I guess.
  • Bill 2011/11/25 01:27:07
    Why do teenagers act like idiots? dress like idiots. Why do teenagers treat adults like adults don't know what they are talking about?
    Truth is teenagers act like idiots because their brains have not matured enough to recognize risky behavior. It is not your fault. You act like idiots because your brains allows you to act as such. Unfortunately adults sometimes act like idiots too, but that is usually while they are intoxicated.
    If you want to be treated like an adult, act like an adult should act. If you don't want to be treated like an idiot then don't act like an idiot. It is fairly simple actually.

    it isn't just your risky behavior, its the idea that wearin your pants down around your knees is some how cool. The tradition of wearing pants baggy and low was born in prisons. The gay inmates used this to signal everyone that he was available. Now all the really cool teens think it is cool to emulate prisoners, and they don't even know they are doing it.

    Let us talk about wearing hats that fit over your head and down around your ears when it is 90 degrees outside. These hats are made to keep your head warm IN THE WINTER. What kind of an idiot where these in the summer heat? The answer: Teenagers and some adults who do not ever grow up.
  • queenalyss 2011/11/23 09:49:09
    ive read some other opinions and just want to state to the adults that we are not idiots, we feel and think with just as much intensity that you do and can feel love, hate, and sadness as much as, if not more than you. our raging emotions do not disqualify us from being treated like people. just remember what it was like to be our age
  • Bill queenalyss 2011/11/25 01:35:37
    Just remember, we were once your age. So we know exactly how tough life is for you. So when we give advise and you say, "but you just don't understand" you are speaking as an idiot. We do understand, that is often why we say the things we say. Some how teens think they are more special than any other generation. That they are going to things different as if they actually know better than their parents did when they were the teen's age. This simply isn't true. Intelligent people listen to wise counsel that come from experience. Adults have what teens do not, experience and a memory of what it was like to be a teen. Things really haven't changed, except that kids seem to have less and less respect for those who have already been there an done that, failed at that, succeeded at that, grown and matured because of that; whatever THAT is.
  • queenalyss Bill 2011/11/25 07:04:59
    maybe its because every generation is more evolved, we have different and scarier problems because the world is evolving and we evolve with it. we are faced with a whole new batch of anxieties and obstacles that the last generation never experienced. so maybe you just really dont understand
  • Qwert Y queenalyss 2013/12/26 05:51:24
  • queenalyss Qwert Y 2014/01/14 08:06:06
    Cool, I hope that you feel really good about yourself.
  • Elephant Lord 2011/11/21 01:05:21
    Elephant Lord
    It's a stereotype. Some teens ARE idiots, and people judge all teens that way. It's like when kids treat all adults as killjoys.
  • Elephan... Elephan... 2011/11/21 01:08:28
    Elephant Lord
    Come to think about it, adults aren't that better off. Don't believe me? Just look around.
  • Diana 2011/11/19 23:23:45
  • Jakedog 2011/11/19 21:20:16
    This reminds me of a joke I heard along time ago...Why do grandparents and grandkids get along so well?
    Because they have a mutual enemy!
  • Jakedog 2011/11/19 21:15:48
    The biggest difference I have seen since I was younger and impressionable was everything was either black or white, right or wrong. Since adulthood I have discovered a new colour, gray! Not right yet not wrong.
  • Bill Jakedog 2011/11/25 01:37:43
    So you have given into the dark side then? There is still right and wrong, grey is when we make excuses.
  • Jakedog Bill 2011/12/02 16:30:39
    I gave into the darkside years ago, but it is probably a different "darkside". In my world going to the darkside is when you take a well handling sports car and add tons of horsepower with either a turbo or supercharger to make it an insanely fast well handling sportscar!
    Gray in my world is when something is neither right or wrong or is wrong for you but right for me. I.e. morality is the perfect example.
  • Bill Jakedog 2011/12/04 22:00:27
    If something is wrong for one person, then it cannot be right for another. You cannot form a cohesive statement that is both right and wrong, it must be one or the other. Relative morality doesn't work.
  • Jakedog Bill 2011/12/04 22:09:37
    You are sadly mistaken, I am not Mormon therefore I can drink coffee, I am not Jewish and I love my bacon and egg sandwich.
  • lizzy 2011/11/19 20:40:34
    I would like an answer to this as well!
  • selena ... lizzy 2012/02/05 18:20:28
    selena costa
    the answer it.......Adults are unfair!
  • Anariashki 2011/11/19 03:14:46
    The grammatical errors don't help, I'm sure.
  • selena ... Anariashki 2011/11/19 15:28:19
    selena costa
    what did i misspell!
  • Anariashki selena ... 2011/11/19 16:02:24
    I said "grammatical." Grammar has nothing to do with spelling. "Adult" and "teenager" should be pluralized and there should be a question mark at the end. These are pretty basic concepts.
  • selena ... Anariashki 2011/11/19 16:05:32
    selena costa
    i know but i didnt want to put a question mark and i didnt really care much when i wrote it
  • Bill selena ... 2011/11/25 01:45:33
    You cared enough to ask the question but not in a way that is completely coherent? Communication needs rules so that we can understand. I have a friend, an adult friend, that sends me text messages from time to time and he will ask a question and not put a question mark at the end. It frustrates me to no end, becaue I think he is making a statement instead of asking me a question. He doesn't care enough, I suppose to make sure I know what he is communicating.

    If it is worth communicating, then it is worth communicating correctly.
  • selena ... Bill 2012/02/05 18:22:14
    selena costa
    but u know its a question already :)
  • Bill Anariashki 2011/11/25 01:39:29
    hey I was impressed that there was a ' in we're.
  • selena ... Bill 2012/02/05 18:22:58
    selena costa
    sry, i was just looking around and noticed u wrote me,so this msg is pretty late.
  • Jason Krajniak 2011/11/18 23:17:07
    Jason Krajniak
    I don't know, but it's not fair
  • Phant4sy 2011/11/18 04:38:42
    Because you can't even spell or use punctuation. I can only imagine what else you do NOT know.
  • selena ... Phant4sy 2011/11/18 21:12:41
    selena costa
    what did i misspell ?
  • Phant4sy selena ... 2011/11/21 15:37:54
    "Why do adult treat teenager like we're idiots"

    Should say: Why do adults treat teenagers like idiots?

    Read it now out loud. Sounds SOOOo much better with a few little fixes.
  • selena ... Phant4sy 2012/02/05 18:26:45
    selena costa
    I think it makes sense anyway u put it.U just fixed it in a way the suits u.I spelled this correctly,and i didn't feel like putting a question mark i usually don't punctuate on soda-head since u should be able to use common sense,and realize this is a question.
  • Phant4sy selena ... 2012/02/09 18:31:35
    Common sense is spelling correctly.
  • selena ... Phant4sy 2012/02/10 22:30:33
    selena costa
  • Roxas 2011/11/17 23:55:32
    Because adults think just becuz there older, that they know everything and there for MUST be far more intelectual. ^^
  • RobHom 2011/11/17 01:30:49
  • Squeaken458 2011/11/16 15:23:29
    Children are reactors and thinkers they think about doing something and then they react about the outcome. adults learn from those mistakes and sometimes don't do those mistakes again.It's like the old saying goes.

    I bite my tail and it hurts.
    I don't know why?
    So I bite my tail and it hurts.
    I don't know why?

    Some figure it out and don't bite their tail again.
  • padfoot 2011/11/16 05:43:05
    Sometimes I don't blame them. What annoys me is either talking down to those who don't need it, or treating every one of us in the same default manner, not accepting that we're individuals and that not all stereotypes apply.
  • MadAsHEck 2011/11/16 04:49:51
    I would never classify teenagers as idiots, unless they act like it.

    An old saying that i taught my kids and still use, " ignorance is cured by education, but stupid is forever, so don't be stupid"

    In this day and age of instant information, we all incluiding teens can search for information, and then make informed decisions. Then back up your thoughts or statements with your found facts.
  • Matt M 2011/11/16 04:31:05
    Matt  M
    Because you are.

    Sorry, but there is so much research on teen neurological realignment, that looking at it dispassionately, there is no other honest conclusion.

    Some of you are better than others. Some are actually really impressive. And even if you frontal cortext is not yet fully engaged, you should not be treated with disrepect.

    But....well....it's just biology.

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