Why are they called 'Jolly Ranchers'? Who said that the ranchers were jolly?

jt 2010/05/02 14:11:31
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  • Zozo 2010/06/05 22:05:22
  • shannon fox 2010/05/11 04:27:37
    shannon fox
    idk but jolly rancher soda that looks cool
  • Bitwise Operator 2010/05/05 06:31:03
    Bitwise Operator
    They're called 'Jolly Rancher' because it was determined that 'Gay Rancher' would be a marketing disaster.
  • Nellie-TheQueenOfCraziness 2010/05/04 12:11:00
    Because you want to be happy at Hershey Park and the Jolly Rancher man makes you happy.
    happy hershey park jolly rancher happy happy hershey park jolly rancher happy
    If you're not happy, he'll kill you.
  • Leo --Name Subject 2 Change-- 2010/05/04 12:06:47
    Leo --Name Subject 2 Change--
    the ominous "They" said so.
  • Autumn 2010/05/03 16:51:39
    That's the point. The company Jolly rancher choose the name to show that the west has a friendy side.
  • blackcherry-white wine 2010/05/03 13:18:58
    blackcherry-white wine
    hahahahaha yeah i don't see how they could
  • GeorgieNeedsHerMusic 2010/05/03 11:11:20
    i guess they thought the name sounded cool :)
  • Mar~y~Sol~101 2010/05/03 03:49:11
    they were high? high
  • Judy1998 2010/05/03 01:23:51
    just a good name to catch the attention of eaters..kk.
  • PRISCIℓℓA♥ 2010/05/03 00:37:09 (edited)
    do i really know
  • USAF Vet Dan 2010/05/02 20:24:02
    USAF Vet Dan
    Apparently, you've never visited the ranch. ;-)

    visited ranch
  • ch0c0l4tt3 2010/05/02 19:36:36
    i know! the ranchers that i've met are angry people
  • I_heart_Alucard 2010/05/02 18:44:29
    Maybe they got a new cow.
  • |West'Siide<33| 2010/05/02 18:28:54
    maybe they are called jolly ranchers because....sum peepz get jolly i guess yea
  • Billyk75 2010/05/02 17:49:31
    Are you saying that all ranchers are grouchy?
  • moomoof 2010/05/02 17:40:20
    because the sugar they have in it ......causes hummingbird disease sugar hummingbird disease
  • 12 Tone Melody 2010/05/02 17:25:11 (edited)
  • merpelyn 2010/05/02 17:20:33
    ew, jolly rancher drinks? D:
    aaand the ranchers there were jolly.
  • BreeMoore 2010/05/02 17:05:45
    That drink would be disgusting...
  • san BreeMoore 2010/05/03 03:35:42
    Just like when I was little they decided to have Hubba Bubba pop and it was HORRIBLE. No joke. hubba bubba pop horrible joke
  • san san 2010/05/03 03:36:58 (edited)
    OMG, they made diet, too. It makes me shiver, uuugghhh.
  • BreeMoore san 2010/05/04 00:19:13
  • san BreeMoore 2010/05/04 01:54:59
    Yes, very disgusting.
  • BreeMoore san 2010/05/04 00:18:58
    ugh. that's just too wrong...
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2010/05/02 16:11:27
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    The Jolly Rancher Candy Company was founded in Golden, Colorado, by Bill and Dorothy Harmsen in 1949. They called the company Jolly Rancher to suggest a hospitable, western company. The company originally made ice cream, chocolate and hard candy. As hard candy sales grew, however, they began to concentrate on developing their "Famous for Flavor" line of hard candies. In 1966, the Harmsens sold Jolly Rancher to Beatrice Foods, but the family continued to be involved in the day-to-day operation of the business. Leaf purchased Jolly Rancher in 1983. Hershey Foods Corporation acquired the Leaf North American confectionery operations from Huhtamaki Oy of Helsinki, Finland in 1996.
  • BlytheS... Dave Sa... 2010/05/02 18:12:34
    Golden is a lovely little town. I'd be jolly too if I lived there. golden lovely town jolly lived
  • JoeBob Scruggs 2010/05/02 16:07:47
    JoeBob Scruggs
    Jolly means gay in cowboy talk.

    jolly gay cowboy talk
  • irish 2010/05/02 15:10:50
    they were high! high
  • Andrew ~ PWCM 2010/05/02 15:04:34
    Andrew ~ PWCM
    Ranchers are usually jolly, because they have hot wives

    ranchers jolly hot wives
  • +-haromony with hurt__Falle... 2010/05/02 14:51:04
    +-haromony with hurt__Fallen angel spirit-+
    lol but true the could have hatred
  • EClair 2010/05/02 14:20:45
    There is jolly in all walks of life. The mood of the rancher would depend on what is being raised on the ranch

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