Why are some people mean to animals?

Stephen 2013/09/09 03:02:03
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I lost my dog today. Some idiot poisoned him on purpose. So why are people so mean to animals?
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  • abubincrazy 2013/09/09 03:19:50
    They are mentally ill. Serial killers are said to frequently torture and kill animals before moving on to people.
    I'm sorry you lost your pet. You really should get another one.

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  • Keegan The Fabulous 2013/09/15 07:14:16
    Keegan The Fabulous
    They're usually sociopaths (or psychopaths, whatever you want to call them). They can fake empathy and other emotions that bond people with other living, conscious things... but on the inside, their brains are incapable of actually feeling those emotions. They care only about themselves.

    Anyways, as for your dog, you'll see him again someday.

    bond people living conscious brains incapable feeling emotions care dog
  • Keith 2013/09/12 18:08:08
    People who are mean to animals are probably mean to humans too. I'm sorry your dog was killed.
  • diaverde08-AmericanKilljoy 2013/09/10 09:41:56
    They were abused by their parents.
  • Colsophnel 2013/09/09 20:38:06
    That's so sad... I'm so sorry. They see animals as easy targets... That's just horrible though, and I'm very sorry
  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2013/09/09 17:44:24
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    I'm so sorry. That's awful. I don't know why some people are cruel and hateful. Try to be glad that most aren't. Your dog will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

    the rainbow bridge
  • Kurt 2013/09/09 16:35:46
    Because they have deep seeded mental disorders.
  • millajo 2013/09/09 15:45:25
    They have something wrong with there brain...They to hurt animals because they won't fight back....cowards
  • jmc07806-PWCM-JLA 2013/09/09 15:24:15
    Because evil exists and those people have no hearts.
  • **StarzAbove** 2013/09/09 15:21:34 (edited)
    Some people are just basically mean....not only to animals but to their fellow man as well. Pathetic. sorry you lost your pet
  • JonnyN 2013/09/09 14:52:15
    So sorry to hear of your poor dog. Did he bark a lot, crap on the neighbors lawn? Why do you think he was poisoned? Anyway the killer is a very disturbed individual.
  • Bill 2013/09/09 14:50:15
    I'm sorry for your loss. I hope the guilty are punished
  • crewzer1 2013/09/09 12:53:25
    Your Dog will Haunt the Fugitive of your complex Emotion. Find Comfort in the sweeter of the Memories you have with the Animal. People do thing's like this because the Media Teach them and program them, to behave like this. Extreme Complexities in our Social Climate- here in America.
  • Lady Gothika 2013/09/09 11:04:55 (edited)
    Lady Gothika
    I hate when people say, that they hate Animal Cruelty but they still eat meat.... eh people these days...
  • Danielle Lady Go... 2013/09/09 11:27:21
  • Lady Go... Danielle 2013/09/09 11:36:11
    Lady Gothika
    I'll never understand...
  • Danielle 2013/09/09 10:56:55
  • monkeyking908 2013/09/09 07:43:22 (edited)
  • OzSurfer 2013/09/09 06:27:12
    Very sorry for your loss, some people are just animal haters. There was a dog in my street that was poisoned a couple of years ago by a neighbor, he got caught as he didn't know they had security cameras installed. Apparently the reason he did it was because the dog barked continuously whenever the owners were out, but he had other options to deal with it and it was just awful for the poor dog. Humans scare me sometimes.
  • GoDucks5 2013/09/09 06:12:05
    I'm sorry about your dog. Some people are just heartless. I lost my dog yesterday but she died of old age. She was 15 or 16.
  • Muver 2013/09/09 05:41:28
    I AM SOOOO SORRY....The person needs to be found and prosecuted...I hope you reported this to the police..and to the newspapers...SERIOUSLY....Don't take this...
    This person could well be a psychopath..many serial killers are this way....It is not just mean...it is murder...Don't let this person get away with this ...others will lose their animals as well...
  • NYCbrit 2013/09/09 05:24:43
    I wish I knew, dude.
    I had a cat that died "mysteriously"... I'm pretty damn sure my neighbour did something to her. They said they found her dead but circumstances say otherwise. I've been very cautious about my pets ever since, even tho those people have moved.
    Sorry to hear about your dog. Hope he didn't suffer.
  • Jdogg 2013/09/09 04:04:19
    It's horrible that there are such mean people out in the world who would harm an animal,
    That is the reason my cat is an indoor one.And the only time he can be closest to being out side is when my door or window is opened and the both of them are screened
  • Gracie - Proud Conservative 2013/09/09 03:55:09
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    Never, ever trust people that don't like animals! I can't imagine how someone could do that, it's disgusting! I'm sorry that it happened to you, it's a horrible thing to do!
  • GreyHeart 2013/09/09 03:51:10
    whether we like it or not there seems to be some fraction of the human population that despite the complexity of the human brain there are so many people on the planet these days in the right commotions that many people just aren't given the chance to be fully human and to use that brainpower to their fullest. an aggressiveness towards other species used to be useful but now in the 21st century its the first sign of a not-so-awesome example of humanity. partially thankful to many of today's modern religions people wants to believe themselves to be something superior to the rest of the animal kingdom when in truth our intelligence is nothing but our particular evolutionary advantage that takes alot more education than we get in high school to explain why we know this.

    sentience is a far more complex thing than even its obtaining species realizes, capable of such great things but yet such horrible evils. throughout history almost all issues get better over time but are never really resolved, at least not yet. it may seem like an entire different discussion but technology provides solutions to all problems and is just a matter of funding the projects to produce them, i hate to make it sound like it all comes down to money but if it makes you feel any better it also takes a special genius which i've already seen being done
  • Stan Kapusta 2013/09/09 03:38:04
    Stan Kapusta
    Some people don't value life. It's not just animals. Look at what the world leaders and their followers do.
  • MasterLibertarian 2013/09/09 03:32:50
    Sorry to hear that. :(
  • abubincrazy 2013/09/09 03:19:50
    They are mentally ill. Serial killers are said to frequently torture and kill animals before moving on to people.
    I'm sorry you lost your pet. You really should get another one.
  • Kurt abubinc... 2013/09/09 16:36:08
    My thoughts exactly.
  • Gwen 2013/09/09 03:19:27
    wow. just wow
  • Gracie ~Gun Totin' Gracie~ 2013/09/09 03:12:15
    Gracie ~Gun Totin' Gracie~
    That is a question that we will never be able to answer.Thank God! If we knew the answer we would be thinking like these monsters do.
  • MsDianna 2013/09/09 03:11:25
    they have no compassion
  • AME 2013/09/09 03:11:20
    Sorry to hear of your loss. I know how it feels when someone poisons your pet. Some people like to be evil and heartless.
  • Stephen AME 2013/09/09 03:55:47
    Thanks. Has any of your dogs ever been poisoned?
  • AME Stephen 2013/09/10 10:37:01
    Kinda. I found a dog once and someone had poisoned it before I found it.
  • Murph 2013/09/09 03:11:08
    Maybe it had nothing to do with the dog. Maybe he was mad at you for something and killed your dog to get even with you.
  • Stephen Murph 2013/09/09 03:51:26
    I didn't even know the person. So that is not true. Even if it was, it would still be cruel.
  • Murph Stephen 2013/09/09 03:58:44
    Yea, but I just can't get my brain around poisoning a dog for no reason.
  • AME Murph 2013/09/10 10:38:05
    There are people out there that do that. For no reason and for a stupid reason.
  • LADY LIBERTY SILLY WORDSMITH 2013/09/09 03:06:30
  • The Joker 2013/09/09 03:05:07
    The Joker
    Becuase they are cruel heartless people that deserve to be put in jail untill they rot

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