So, yes, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Republican party is the party of mean people. I’ve been talking with my friends about this and they admit that they have the same thoughts as I do. In case you haven't noticed, most of the rest of the world harbors similar thoughts about you as well but you’re too mean to wonder if the rest of the entire world might have a point to consider and actually try to figure out why the world feels this way.

Most of the comments since Obama won the election have been so negative. Its almost as if republicans are hoping that Obama fails. All I keep hearing is "he better do this or that". Or ok my favorite..."you guys just wait, you will see"...What the hell is this ? Don't republicans understand that if this administration fails..WE ALL FAIL.

I use to have faith that Americans were really good people down inside, but with dismay, and becoming a Soda Head, I see that the mean-ness is real, horrifing, ignorant and down right cruel. Barack Obama during this campaign was actually given the stigma of not being mean enough! The real irony is that the Republican Party continuously insinuates that they have some sort of monopoly on Jesus, the least mean person who ever lived.

We as Americans must stay steadfast and unmoveable. Take the hate and dust if off our shoulders, work always towards our goal for a better America, support our President and do our part within each of our communities.

During the last few months I have been called the n-word, coon, monkey etc. I was also told that it would be a cold day in hell when a black man would be elected as president of the United States......!

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  • Bill - Buffalo Soldier 2008/11/08 19:51:58
    Bill - Buffalo Soldier
    And I have been called Uncle Tom, race traitor, moron, idiot, ass hole, and yes, even worse by the loving caring kind Democrats because I did not support O. Based on this hate blog, I should decide that all democrats are mean, horrifying, vicious, ignorant and cruel people - is that correct?
    One thing is certain, I was a 30+ year democrat and am damned glad I am an independent now. This blog helps me know my decision was a good one.

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  • David 2013/01/01 15:21:28
    In reply to a comment that some Democrats where hateful to him in general: No, No, No! We don't mean hateful to each other. We mean hateful to humanity. To the Republicans Scrooge was a good guy gone all wrong at the end and became a liberal. We mean "Why is it wrong to spend money on the people who really need it the most and yet OK to give our hard earned money to a very few who don't need it at all!" Our jobs went over seas but for only one reason. (Cheaper labor) Why is it that almost half of America votes against itself? Answer: Money talks!
  • Eddie Brown 2012/10/26 04:15:16
    Eddie Brown
    Um,hmm. And four years ago you were writing about how appalling it is that more of us don't support Bush. "Because if he fails we all fail". I'm sure.
  • smith1 2012/09/27 18:35:45
    repubulicans are so mean because the democrats under obammy are so dumb. he is a liar, a thief, a communist, a muslim, a gun runner. he and hilly have bllood all over their hands because they sat on their butts after being warned of the sept 11 killing. yeah, finally the repubs are getting mad. and the demos still have people dumb enough to back him.
  • rawrnesha 2012/09/08 02:33:29
    I hate the way republicans think their so selfish. ugh i hate that's all i'm around. They just haters..they just mad we got a black president. He been doing great in office and i know that mitt has no shot he isn't gonna put Obama out the white house or..should i say the black house. Obama FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!
  • michael tabacco 2012/09/07 03:00:14
    michael tabacco
    you sound like you havent had much sucess and are mad at others because you are on the outside, blaming the repubs. Of course it's not your own fault.
  • RevQseyah 2012/07/01 04:53:39
    The GOP are like they are because of the way they were raised.Ethnocentrism is what the term is called which is judging another culture solely by the values and standards of one's own culture. The ethnocentric individual will judge other groups relative to his or her own particular ethnic group or culture, especially with concern to language, behavior, customs, and religion. These ethnic distinctions and subdivisions serve to define each ethnicity's unique cultural identity. When the GOP say its time to take our country back they actually think it belongs to them. They send others to fight these wars such me and my son have and then the have the impudence to say this is their country instead of our country. Its a slap in the face to every srvice member that serves. This hidden rasim thing has just got to the point it just seems like the devil himself take these people over.
  • sparrow RevQseyah 2013/08/23 08:01:27
    Excellent post! well said!
  • Code99 2011/07/23 04:20:38
    I am a registered independent. However after listening to the both sides I don't feel drawn to the Democrats as much as I am revolted by the Republicans. From their embracing of Palin, who spews stupidity at every opportunity, to what amounts to allowing the rich to rob the poor and middle class. I have come to the conclusion that there are 3 kinds of republicans; the rich ones, the bible beating, and the stupid.
  • cherylpet 2011/06/08 11:52:50
    How can anyone deny that the Republicans/Right Wingers are mean? They want to take away everything from the poor and middle class, and give everything to the wealthiest 1%!! They don't give a crap if you have decent working conditions, make at least minimum wage, if the banks charge you outrageous fees, they want to take Medicare, and Social Security away from the elderly, disabled, poor, they took away funding for poor mothers and babies, they want to take away funding from Planned Parenthood, NPR, PBS, schools, public workers, infrastructure (so let the bridges collapse) and on and on...but they want to give HUGE Billion and Billion dollar subsidies to the BIG OIL, and the Wealthiest 1%, because they can give them kick backs! They want to take away funding from the EPA, and all social programs! The Republicans are just short (but not much) of saying Scrooge's line that the poor can just DIE, to "decrease the surplus population!" Tell me, how are the Republicans NOT MEAN? If you aren't making at least $250,000 per year, or more....you are voting AGAINST YOURSELF IF YOU VOTE REPUBLICAN! (OR IF YOU HAVE THE SLIGHTEST BIT OF COMPASSION, YOU CANNOT VOTE REPUBLICAN, EITHER!)
  • Scott P... cherylpet 2012/02/12 02:54:16
    Scott Percival
    Yeah it seems like so many people who become rich Republicans think of those less fortunate as wanting to stay home all day freeloading. This is just ridiculous. Why is it when people (some) become wealthy that they think of others like dirt. This is the bible beating party as well. Remember Jesus? Makes me want to shake them and ask them why they say they follow Christ's example yet they are like the Pharisees. I'm not at all religious by the way. I try to treat people with dignity because it's the right thing to do, not because some fairy tale says so.
  • Spencer Miller 2011/04/13 01:40:48
    Spencer Miller
    Actually, the hate and malice from the Republican party will lead to a landslide victory for the Democratic party in 2012. They are even considering someone like Donald Trump as the GOP nominee, it makes you think that maybe they really don't want to win afterall.
  • Spencer... Spencer... 2011/05/18 13:03:32
    Spencer Miller
    Now I hear that Trump won't run for office, he has in effect made a fool out the Republican party and America as a whole. Why? Because so many actually thought he was serious, when it was extremely obvious from the start it was all about publicity for his TV show that was about to sink in ratings.
  • mari 2011/04/07 21:38:04
    hate hate hate....mentiras....mentiras.... all republicans have to offer. lets take from the poor and the needy...they can work more, do more...and they slam the door in their faces.sad.
  • cardenaleszaragozapaolag 2011/04/03 18:38:08
    i think theres mean people everywhere. the weird thing is that the more we see politicians trying to be open minded and flexible, the more conservative groups try to shut him out. people try to exclude others like Hispanics, Blacks, Homosexuals and others because they are afraid of change and they think that by slowly becoming a minority. maybe they should stop using the "we are doing this for the good of people and God"excuse cause i'm not buying it. think of it in this why the more people they exclude and manipulate by not letting them learn they more they control everything. this is the 21st century, wake up and smell the new world.
  • Chris 2011/03/20 04:55:36
    Their mentality is one of self centeredness. There are 2 types of people really, those who share with others and those who are selfish and hoard everything... the ones who share are Democrats, willing to help the poor... while Republicans are just too self centered to think of humanity as a community... but the fact is humanity is a large community and we must help each other out... they can call that "socialism" all day long, but it is the best for us.
  • JoyMarieCollins 2010/12/26 13:17:22
    I totally agree... for some reason I can't help but go on Faux News website and try to understand or reason with these meanies... with no luck... they are truly hateful and horrible. Let them be who they are... and just pray for them.
  • Day0One 2010/12/16 02:28:39
    Very well said...
    I salute you...
  • Pika 2010/08/18 23:49:25
    Well, maybe to you. But the Democrats are excruciatingly mean and hurtful towards me... It's not just the GOP.
  • Ready F... Pika 2010/08/18 23:51:04
    Ready For Change !
    Thanks for your comment.
  • NYKMGR 2010/04/07 18:02:52
    The entire system is corrupted. Our two party system is a load of crap! We have to get back to the constitution in which it states that if the people loose faith in the government we have the right to over throw it and start over. Right now our two party system is not only failing but it is unconstitutional. There are way to many people in this country who believe in party first everything else after that. Both sides left and right are wrong and unless the rest of us wake up and do something about they will continue to screw up out wonderful nation!!!
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