Why are people (kids and adults) so cruel?

Crispy 2012/12/20 19:09:32
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When I was in school people called me names, said I was retarded, autistic, weird, made fun of how I would read books on different religions and such. I am not Mentally challenged, I am not autistic. I have ADD/ADHD and DID. Of course no one wanted to look past that. The all assumed and as a result I was bullied. I tried to kill myself several times because of it.

I'm always telling my nieces and nephews to always be kind to other because you never know what is going in in their lives. My niece Holley came home from school one day and said there was a weird kid there. I told her no the kid is not weird. You need to get to know him before you say something like that. Guess what? She got to know him and now they are best friends.

Remember you can't tell what is going on with a person until you get to know them. I have learned from school, and now I don't let people near me. I have a couple friends and that is because they stuck out my coldness for over 2 years. Don't judge people either. So one kid has outbursts, maybe they are going through something at home or maybe they are truly unable to control themselves. Instead of making fun of people make friends with them. If your current friends make fun of you for it. They aren't good friends themselves and I bet $20 you won't be friends with them after you graduate.
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