Why are guys such assholes??

Kid 2009/04/03 17:16:17
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Some guys can be really sweet, but most of the time, they are assholes, why??
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  • amy.sam.35175 2014/07/15 17:24:14
    i dont know
    They are mean and rude my guy just said alright I gotta go when I said i will help him get over girl peers because I want him to marry me seriously? I don't deserve to be treated like trash I'm pretty but oh no my boyfriend thinks the other girls and all girl peers are so much funnier and prettier than me seriously? I'm pretty and funny I don't understand men.
  • SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPengu... 2013/08/17 16:06:28
  • MX9 2013/08/17 16:04:18
    This is what i think....
    This is really freaking stupid that girls are getting blamed for guys being a**holes. "Well guys are jerks because women are always-" NO. If guys are jerks, then they're jerks. It's their fault. No one else's >.>
  • Katey 2012/06/03 04:07:09
  • MichelleJones 2010/11/11 21:29:11
    This is what i think....
    even the sweet ones are jerks. its a lose lose situation. you find the one that drives you the least crazy. my ex was sweet and kind and we were looking for a house a week later apartment burned down moved in with his parents and two weeks later he broke up with me. and the reason is.... i dont know he never gave me one he just said he was done "with this" what the hell kind of explaination is that.
  • blueknitter 2009/06/07 15:23:23
    men r like a box of chocolate u never kno which one ur going to get. undecided box chocolate kno ur
  • Katey bluekni... 2012/06/03 04:03:31
    no its men are like a box of chocolate half of them suck
  • mindfreak17 2009/04/03 17:49:12
    This is what i think....
    they usually act stupid round others guys right means they are showin off to their friends
  • Fustrat... mindfre... 2010/02/14 04:28:49
    Fustrated in Kentucky
    but what if they are being assholes and they have no friends around them at the time? That they want to fight and call you all kinds of names for no reason just because they feel like it?
  • mindfre... Fustrat... 2010/03/13 04:17:36
  • me 2009/04/03 17:47:29
    This is what i think....
    Boys just like to make girls cry. You look at the playground, highschool, work, hell even the OldFolks home! And they don't even know why themselves. Boys just like to make girls cry. boys girls playground highschool work oldfolks home boys girls
  • Fustrat... me 2010/02/14 04:31:03
    Fustrated in Kentucky
    true that. they do. My 24 year old bf always tells me he is at a bar and dancing with other women. I am 18 yrs old and still feel vulnerable but I don't have the courage to tell him he is hurting my feelings what should I do? He seems to only hurt me and make me cry but I never let him see how much he makes me hurt inside.
  • Balls Of Fury 2009/04/03 17:38:21
    This is what i think....
    Balls Of Fury
    First of all, not all men are assholes and there are plenty female counter parts to that as well.

    Secondly, if a man is an asshole it is because you allow him to behave in such a manner with you. There are red flags from the get go. But a lot of the ladies out there decide to stay with their asshole despite the fact that they already knew that their man was an asshole and will complain for months and years on how much of an asshole their man is until they finally have the courage to leave the asshole! Newsflash! He was an asshole at the beginning what makes you think that he will change! Sex is powerful, but not that powerful! You don't want an asshole, then stop dating assholes and stop hanging out in places where assholes congregate!

    A woman's instinct is seldom wrong! Use it and get the "f" out when you sense asshole energy rising! From experience, I've seen women use their heads before engaging in a relationship but once they become emotionally attached it's as if someone took their common sense away.

    Thirdly, see my first line. Assholes come in all shapes, size, color and gender.
  • Fustrat... Balls O... 2010/02/14 04:35:47
  • Jamerjam 2009/04/03 17:25:14
    This is what i think....
    Let's be honest....most men are immature.
    Don't waste your time on these meanies!!!
  • Kid Jamerjam 2009/04/03 17:26:03
    thank you, finally someone agrees with me..... :) thanks...
  • The Sane One 2009/04/03 17:20:22
    This is what i think....
    The Sane One
    They're bred that way-- taught by their mothers.

    Blame the females... its all THEIR fault.
  • Kid The San... 2009/04/03 17:21:22
    no, not the females because it is the teenagers, and they can learn themselves when they are teenagers.
  • Fustrat... The San... 2010/02/14 04:37:02
  • amy.sam... The San... 2014/12/12 23:01:31
  • Persephone 2009/04/03 17:20:07 (edited)
    i dont know
    well, maybe the comment below me is right..
    but that's a question i would really love to know the answer.. maybe they can't help it.? =/
  • Kid Persephone 2009/04/03 17:21:50
    idk, maybe, but they can if it's the rigt girl...
  • Fustrat... Kid 2010/02/14 04:38:00
    Fustrated in Kentucky
    I guess i'm not the right girl for my boyfriend since he can't control it nemore!
  • Tutboy (oYo) 2009/04/03 17:17:26
    This is what i think....
    Tutboy (oYo)
    It's in our jeans....I mean genes.
  • Kid Tutboy ... 2009/04/03 17:19:07
    wow, dork.... i hate guys, they mess with girls emotions way too much!!! :()
  • Tutboy ... Kid 2009/04/03 17:20:40
    Tutboy (oYo)
    my experience has been that there are women who do the same thing to men, I think it's even.
  • Kid Tutboy ... 2009/04/03 17:22:26
    yeah i guess....
  • Fustrat... Tutboy ... 2010/02/14 04:38:45
    Fustrated in Kentucky
    not all women do if they did then the assholes wouldn't have ne women!
  • JamesEd... Fustrat... 2010/09/01 23:00:28
  • amy.sam... Kid 2014/12/12 23:03:03
    That is 100% right

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