Who's your favorite singer ?

asrealasitgets 2011/05/08 06:46:10
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Mine is Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, and Selena Quintanilla-Perez
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  • Kezzi Morris 2013/03/03 11:38:56
  • Scentless Apprentice 2012/09/23 14:37:21
    Scentless Apprentice
    Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) Ben Kowalewicz (Billy Talent) Joey Ramone (Ramones) Ville Valo (H.I.M) Ben Weasel (Screeching Weasel)
  • Serenity the goth. 2011/07/09 04:57:55
    Serenity the goth.
    mine are ................ Christina aguilera Celine Dion ariana grande zombie girl selena emilie autmn
  • harleigh 2011/07/06 10:28:49
    Cheyenne Kimball/Miranda Lambert/Jason Aldean c(:
    cheyenne kimballmiranda lambertjason aldean cheyenne kimball mandolin
    cheyenne kimballmiranda lambertjason aldean miranda lambert
    cheyenne kimballmiranda lambertjason aldean jason aldean
  • Lady Willpower 2011/07/06 01:59:16
    Lady Willpower
    Billy Joel
  • yourmomchoselife 2011/07/06 01:15:08
    Lauren Talley

    Celine Dion

    Jules Day

  • Karl 2011/07/04 05:52:55
    Lee DeWyze, Adam Levine (Maroon 5), Sam Tsui, and Christina Grimmie.
  • trop top 2011/07/04 05:51:50
    trop top
    Michael jackson 4ever
  • rosy 2011/07/03 19:12:41
    I have Jard Leto<3
    davey Havok
    Gerard Way
    Burt Mc Kracken
    the "Queen "guy
    but my Most Favorite is Jared Leto
    System of a down Guy
    Tom DeLong
    Ville Valo
  • rosy rosy 2011/07/03 19:20:35

    ^^^ Jared I will never forget that day!!

    Ville Valo how come I get to put pictures now huh computer. jared forget ville valo pictures huh Ville Valo
    his voice is so Hot
  • Ellly.- rosy 2011/07/04 07:23:04 (edited)
    i wont forget my day either

  • rosy Ellly.- 2011/07/05 04:21:53
    Great experiance until your really there right? I love that concert 4*14*2011 wohoooo!!
  • Ellly.- rosy 2011/07/05 13:43:15
    yeahyeah.. the crowd was totally crazy and gah it was so freaking awesome!!!!!!!
    i'll always remember 21.06.. :3
    oh how long i waited for that day to arrive..
  • Karaoke Fame Magazine 2011/07/02 21:29:59 (edited)
    Karaoke Fame Magazine
    Amy Lee

    Gerard Way
  • Queen Anne's Revenge 2011/07/02 20:30:41
    Queen Anne's Revenge
    I can't really chose one or even just a couple, that I can say are definetly my favorite singers.
    Different singers, have different qualities and quirks in their voices that I like them for :)
    But one of the singers I think have an amazing voice is Serj Tankian :)

    singers singers qualities quirks voices singers voice serj tankian serj tankian
  • Ellly.- 2011/07/02 15:17:41
    t├Ánu trubetsky
    tnu trubetsky t nu trubetsky
    jimmy pop
    tnu trubetsky jimmy pop  jimmy pop
    till lindemann tnu trubetsky jimmy pop lindemann till lindemann
    ben kowalewicz tnu trubetsky jimmy pop lindemann ben kowalewicz ben kowalewicz
    brian molko
    tnu trubetsky jimmy pop lindemann ben kowalewicz brian molko brian molko
    ville valo jimmy pop lindemann ben kowalewicz brian molko ville valo ville valo
    jared leto lindemann ben kowalewicz brian molko ville valo jared leto jared leto
    and serj tankian kowalewicz brian molko ville valo jared leto serj tankian serj tankian
  • rosy Ellly.- 2011/07/03 19:14:48
    Hell yeah for Jared, Ville and Serj!!
  • Ellly.- rosy 2011/07/04 07:26:04
    i love them *-*
  • Sa rah rah rah 2011/07/02 05:07:42
    Sa rah rah rah
    Chris Brown
    chris brown chris brown 2011 look at me now
    chris brown ne-yo ne yo 2011
    Chase Coy
    chris brown ne-yo chase coy chase coy 2011
    Jason Myraz
    Alicia Keys
    Mariah Carey
    Mary J. Blige
    Katy Perry
    myraz alicia keys mariah carey mary blige katy perry katy perry 2011
    Lady Gaga
    keys mariah carey mary blige katy perry lady gaga lady gaga 2011 performance
    mariah carey mary blige katy perry lady gaga drake drake marvin s room
    ***i put images of my FAVORITE ARTISTS*** (;
  • asreala... Sa rah ... 2011/07/02 18:04:35
    Chris Brown is so sexy!
    chris brown sexy chris brown sexy 2011
  • ali.beilke 2011/07/02 03:34:18
    Regina Spektor
  • teto 2011/07/02 01:06:05
    chalino sanchez, saul vera
  • Cherie Bomb 2011/07/01 23:40:04
    Cherie Bomb
    Billie Joe Armstrong!
  • LIFE DOWN UNDA 2011/07/01 23:21:54 (edited)

    Life Down Unda
  • LIFE DOWN UNDA 2011/07/01 23:19:11 (edited)

    Life Down Unda
  • Crestfallen 2011/07/01 23:15:17
    I love Andy Sixx and Billie Joe Armstrong, but I have a special place in my heart for Adam Young. :] (From owl City)
    sixx billie joe armstrong heart adam young owl city Adam Young
  • 666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew 2011/07/01 22:45:09
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
    Kyo! From Dir en Grey!!!

    kyo dir en grey Dir En Grey Kyo
  • Not in use 2011/07/01 22:25:12
    Not in use
    Here's a list of a FEW of my faves:
    Ben Burnley-Breaking Benjamin
    Adam Gontier-Three Days Grace
    Corey Taylor-Slipknot and Stone Sour
    Serj Tankian-System of a Down
    Gavin Rossdale-Bush and he's solo
    Kevin Matisyn-Former lead singer of Evans Blue but now Parabelle

    Amy Lee-Evanescence
    Cristina Scabbia-Lacuna Coil
    Sharon Den Adel-Within Temptation
    Lacey Nicole Strum-Flyleaf
  • Natasha 2011/07/01 21:30:31 (edited)
    My favorite singer is Tarja Turunen, Ville Vallo, Till Lindemann
  • Ravenna Nepenthe 2011/07/01 21:26:23 (edited)
    Ravenna Nepenthe
    Till Lindemann, Ville Valo, Tilo Wolff, Dave Mustaine, and Whiplasher Bernadotte.

    valo tilo wolff dave mustaine http25 media tumblr tumblrkz5mepfnqh1qaada7o15 Til Lindemann

    valo tilo wolff dave mustaine http25 media tumblr tumblrkz5mepfnqh1qaada7o15 Ville Valo

    valo tilo wolff dave mustaine http25 media tumblr tumblrkz5mepfnqh1qaada7o15 Tilo Wolff

    valo tilo wolff dave mustaine http25 media tumblr tumblrkz5mepfnqh1qaada7o15 Dave Mustaine whiplasher bernadotte lindemann ville valo tilo wolff dave mustaine
  • Ellly.- Ravenna... 2011/07/02 15:11:19
    too good choises <_
  • Ravenna... Ellly.- 2011/07/02 21:23:41
    Ravenna Nepenthe
    Thanks. My list would have been longer had I been able to remember everyone's names lol.
  • Ellly.- Ravenna... 2011/07/02 21:29:38
    yeah, it's hard to pick just some favorites.. or even just one!
  • Ravenna... Ellly.- 2011/07/02 21:31:54
    Ravenna Nepenthe
    I also had to remember it said "singer" and not vocalist, lol. Some of the people I could have put down don't sing--like Shagrath--so I had to remember not to include them.
  • Ellly.- Ravenna... 2011/07/02 21:37:49
  • AwesomeHat227 2011/07/01 20:48:50
    george harrison paul mccartney john lennon
    I can't decide which one...
  • JAKE~PWCM~JLA 2011/07/01 20:37:30
    you have horrible taste.
  • Whatsername 2011/07/01 20:07:38 (edited)
    Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) Pierre Bouvier (Simple Plan) Tom Delonge (Blink-182)

    billie joe armstrong green pierre bouvier simple plan

    billie joe armstrong green pierre bouvier simple plan pierre bouvier
    armstrong green pierre bouvier simple plan tom delonge blink-182 tom delonge
  • Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan... 2011/07/01 19:45:04
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
    James Hefield (Metallica)
    Brice Dickinson (Iron Maiden)
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)
    Jonathan Davis (KoRn)
    Amy Lee (Evanescence)
    Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation)
    Rob Halford (Judas Priest)
    Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)
    And others...
  • Ravenna... Zamboni... 2011/07/01 21:23:20
    Ravenna Nepenthe
    Nice list, lol.

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