Who was Paul Drake?

Lady Willpower 2011/09/06 01:43:41
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  • Sister Jean 2011/09/06 14:49:26
    Sister Jean
    lawyer on Perry Mason
  • Lady Wi... Sister ... 2011/09/07 01:44:27
    Lady Willpower
    Yep although he was a dectective.
  • Arizona1950 2011/09/06 04:31:40
    Perry Mason's friend.
  • Lady Wi... Arizona... 2011/09/07 01:44:36
  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2011/09/06 02:20:24
    Detective for Perry mason....played by Dennis Hopper on the TV show Dennis was the son of Gossip guru Hedda Hopper. implied that he married Della Street and father Paul Drake Jr. played by William Katt

    della street father paul drake jr played william katt William Katt Return of Perry Mason
  • Lady Wi... Ballade... 2011/09/07 01:47:07
    Lady Willpower
    I thought Barbara Hale was married to Bill Williams?
  • Ballade... Lady Wi... 2011/09/07 01:50:36
    The Acteess YES I wasa talking the CHARACTER of Della Street knowing that Perry wasn't the marrying kind married Paul
  • Lady Wi... Ballade... 2011/09/07 01:52:15
    Lady Willpower
    Ok. I'd hadn't heard that scenerio. Perry certainly wasn't the marrying type. Neither was Hamilton Berger.
  • Ballade... Lady Wi... 2011/09/07 02:03:36
    smile not in the books for either of them...they were comparable to knighhts ..the DUEL was the thing...and in the books they had a mutual respect for each other Mason never took Berger lightly and vice-versa....OH Ironies of Ironies...raymond burr auditioned for the Role of berger...BUT gardner took one look at burr and declared THIS IS PERRY MASON ( truth Gardner based mason on himself and physically gardner and burr could have been twins)
  • Lady Wi... Ballade... 2011/09/08 01:43:14
    Lady Willpower
    I've heard that story before. No one else could have played Perry Mason.
  • keeper 2011/09/06 01:47:08
    The detective for Perry Mason?
  • Lady Wi... keeper 2011/09/06 01:51:05
  • keeper Lady Wi... 2011/09/06 02:07:45
    Hehehe... pretty good memory, Huh?
    Now, what was the name of his secretary??
  • CUDDLY ... keeper 2011/09/06 02:08:24
    Rosemary Angelthighs wasn't it?

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