Who the f**k is Bert Mccracken and why is he kissing Gerard Way??

J a z 2011/01/03 19:29:33
It makes me mad because Bert Mccracken isn't hot so why should he get to kiss Gerard Way?
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  • hope winchel 2014/01/19 23:27:22
    hope winchel
    i think bert is ugly and he needs to back off because frerard is real okay
  • Arron13Undead 2013/02/05 05:45:11
  • cat 2012/05/14 06:23:56
    Oh sweetheart...where have you been for the past god knows how many years?
  • cat 2012/05/14 06:23:33
    Oh sweetheart where have you been for the past god knows how many years...
  • Ghea Pradina 2011/11/12 10:45:02
    Ghea Pradina
    They kisses in a game of Truth or Dare. Gerard's experience with homosexuality, this how Gerard wrote "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison" song..
    Maybe He(gerard) want to say this kiss like prison rape.
  • girl 2011/02/19 22:12:36
    bert mccracken is the lead singer of the band The Used. and that is not Gerard Way. that is Jepha Howard. hes also in the band The Used
  • Sav 2011/01/18 23:16:17
  • MyChemicalCasey 2011/01/10 18:44:41
    oh my god this bert dude needs to get himself another guy or i'll kick his ass1
  • J a z MyChemi... 2011/01/10 18:55:15
    J a z
    ik i gee is MINE !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MyChemi... J a z 2011/01/10 19:00:28
    haha we gotta track this bitch down!!
  • J a z MyChemi... 2011/01/10 19:01:21
  • brandon MyChemi... 2013/12/22 08:07:11
    Sup leave bert alone the dudes the greatest singer who ever lived I aint gay donno if he is ill be shocked if he is but ya'll gotta get through me the used is way better than MCR and always been sal jou 'n ma se poes klap gee as jy nog iets kak se oor bert
  • Paloma 2011/01/05 01:50:33
    He's the vocalist from The Used. That was a long time ago and I'm really sure it was only for show. It doesn't really matter anyways, Gerard is already married and he has an adorable baby girl. :3
  • {<3( mAiLlEs BeBe)<3} 2011/01/05 00:38:16
    {<3( mAiLlEs BeBe)<3}
    him n i dont know maybe there togeather or something togeather bert mccracken and gerard way togeather bert mccracken and gerard way
  • J a z {<3( mA... 2011/01/10 18:54:21
    J a z
    omigod hes kissin both mi guys !!!!!!
  • Nadrasta 2011/01/04 03:52:36
    He's the lead singer of The Used. -__-
  • TiaraTortureIsAFail 2011/01/04 02:29:54
    bert mccraken
  • Cherie Bomb 2011/01/04 02:09:14
    Cherie Bomb
    Well it is ok tre and billie joe kiss
    i was like shocked to see this, but then got over it
  • J a z Cherie ... 2011/01/04 10:27:46
    J a z
    that aint him
    nd idc bout 'gays' but i just like him
    i love these tho
    idc bout gays love tho
  • Miss.Al... Cherie ... 2011/01/04 18:39:58
    Miss.Alana Cherry
    ui love tht pic! i want to be tré
  • J a z Miss.Al... 2011/01/04 18:41:34
    J a z
    u wnt it 2 b wa?
  • Cherie ... Miss.Al... 2011/01/05 03:29:28
    Cherie Bomb
    Any one would want to be tre'cool, even myself!
  • J a z Cherie ... 2011/01/10 19:02:39
  • Cherie ... J a z 2011/01/11 04:22:06
    Cherie Bomb
  • KyNdR@ 2011/01/04 01:53:34
  • F****t girl 2011/01/04 00:04:50
    F****t girl
    the is the singer from used :P
    i think hes creepy and should kiss some other guy >_>
  • Android 2011/01/03 23:50:05
    I have no idea.
  • La 2011/01/03 23:16:13
    There is literally something wrong with you. He's the lead singer of The Used who are a very famous band and they're almost as good as MCR. That kiss was literally like 5 years ago, so I don't know why you're getting worked up about it. They kissed because they're both bi and they're good friends...or they were....

    Bert Mccracken /is/ hot.....

    literally 5 years worked kissed bi friends bert mccracken hot
  • fairief... La 2011/01/03 23:22:44
    fairiefang -annoying fashion snobs everywhere-
    Love that pic. I just want to hug him XD
  • La fairief... 2011/01/04 00:25:23
    I would
  • XxxThexAftermathxIsxSeconda... 2011/01/03 22:22:48
    Bert Mccracken is the lead singer of the Used.....frerard is way better......
  • xsparklex3 2011/01/03 21:02:56
    i LOVE Bert McCracken! He's awesome.
    Him and Gee haven't been friends for a long ass time now though, since like 2005-2006, i don't remember exactly but it was back when i was in middle school...
    anywho Bert kisses EVERYONE though. seriously. He kisses Quinn Allman all the time, and he even kissed Ville Valo (singer of HIM) at a concert once.
    kisses kisses quinn allman kissed ville valo singer concert Bert and Gerard they were just really good friends. I miss them. =\
  • I_Love_... xsparklex3 2011/01/03 21:09:39
    ♥ gees face in this...wait wat am i talkin bout? i ♥ gees face always
  • xsparklex3 I_Love_... 2011/01/03 21:11:53
    lol, me too.
    he was so happy here. and Bert's face too. XD
  • I_Love_... xsparklex3 2011/01/03 21:13:59
    haha yeah
  • I_Love_You_Forever1231 2011/01/03 21:00:48
    bert mccracken and gerard way
    aww...cute...so what if they kissed?
  • J a z I_Love_... 2011/01/03 21:04:41
    J a z
    he aint hot im hotter that him but i dont get 2 kiss gee :(
  • I_Love_... J a z 2011/01/03 21:05:47
  • J a z I_Love_... 2011/01/03 21:07:08
    J a z
    its soooooo sad
  • I_Love_... J a z 2011/01/03 21:08:22
    hey, im hot too, and you dont see me gryping about not being able to kiss gee

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