Who likes cats

Blind guardian 2012/11/22 13:42:59
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i like cats
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  • fong lee 2013/03/24 06:15:51
    fong lee
    I HATE Cats!!!!!!!!
  • Abdullah Baspren 2013/02/19 10:54:57 (edited)
    Abdullah Baspren
    yes .. Best pet fun and nice in the world

    funy cat

    Ruling on keeping cats

  • Elle 2012/12/16 00:24:45
    I like other peoples cats.
  • Irene Cochran 2012/11/25 04:37:10
    Irene Cochran
    I love cats.They are so cool.Very courageous,mysterious,soft and furry,loving and gentle.If I was an animal I would want to be a Cat.
  • LayLady 2012/11/25 00:18:56
    LOVE cats
  • GreatLakes 2012/11/24 01:19:13
    I love cats! sweet pet cat gif
  • roman.espla 2012/11/23 21:24:51
  • Sinister Ken Doll™ 2012/11/23 17:13:46
    Sinister Ken Doll™
    i'm a total cat person
  • Car1u5~PWCM~JLA 2012/11/23 13:19:47
    I like cats.
  • Missa Monstrosity 2012/11/23 06:48:12
    Missa Monstrosity
    kitten gif
    kitten gif
    kitten gif
    kitten gif
    how do you not like cats haha. I have a himalayan
  • Sachikø-the-shy-kunøichi 2012/11/23 01:51:16
    luna sailor moon gatomon hello kitty chococat Yus
  • Mike 2012/11/23 01:30:11
    they are ok
  • Yuki Yamato 2012/11/23 01:07:06
    Yuki Yamato
    I love cats as long as they don't crap on the lawn
  • TXGirl 2012/11/23 01:03:18
    Love, love, love them...
  • WolfPatronusTeamPeeta&Dean 2012/11/23 00:46:15 (edited)
    I love cats! I have two! :D
    Haters gonna hate
  • Rukasaki ~~ Hawkshadow 2012/11/22 23:51:44
    Rukasaki ~~ Hawkshadow
    meeeeeeeee :D
  • king david 2012/11/22 23:50:57
    king david
    i like turtles dogs cats lamas lions tigers
  • Arya 2012/11/22 23:11:08
    I do.

    siamese cats
  • Jlmpatro 2012/11/22 21:12:02
    The elderly and children!
  • diana fuentes 2012/11/22 20:39:35
    diana fuentes
    my baby is a cat!!!! lol
  • Derpy 2012/11/22 20:23:19
  • webcrawler 2012/11/22 19:09:44
  • Prettyawesome 2012/11/22 18:56:35
    I love cats.
  • 630R63 2012/11/22 18:21:25
    yes kinda
  • Biki~pwcm/potl~ 2012/11/22 18:18:37
    Love cats! I have four of them.
  • t-baby 2012/11/22 18:17:38
  • Nicky 2012/11/22 17:38:37
    I do! Who doesn't?!
  • Lobita 2012/11/22 17:09:18
    i guess i like cats because i have 7 at the moment
  • brooking heart 2012/11/22 17:05:43
    brooking heart
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/11/22 17:00:32
    Lady Whitewolf
  • rayray 2012/11/22 16:54:29
    i love cats i have a orange and white one and she is so precious its really a he ,but i call her a she
  • tracyorama 2012/11/22 16:53:49
    I do! They taste just like chicken!
  • baxter 2012/11/22 16:33:58
    I like having cats i u sted 2 have till they grew old and died of i just have one know she is 8 years old
  • ☂cinderella.dress.in.yellow☂ 2012/11/22 16:33:15
    Cat person.
  • TaterSalad 2012/11/22 16:19:53
    I hate cats!!! A cat almost got me fired from work!!!
  • TasselLady 2012/11/22 16:10:05 (edited)
    I do. They're fun. My sister has a Russian Blue cat. She's a hoot. Here's one of the pictures of her (Lucy):
    Lucy the cat
  • Biki~pw... TasselLady 2012/11/22 18:20:40
    oh my gosh, I have a Russian Blue named Lucy too! Rescued her from my neighbors wood pile when she was only a couple of weeks old. (she still had the blue kitten eyes.) She is a very odd duck, but terrifies us all with her cat bi-polar personality. I have to take her to the vets tomorrow for shots and I'm terrified about having to put her in a crate to take her there.
  • TasselLady Biki~pw... 2012/11/22 18:31:39 (edited)
    Ha Ha! That's funny! My sister found hers in a shelter of all places. I wondered what a thoroughbred cat was doing in a shelter??? She was six months old when my sister got her. She's probably around six or seven years old now. I know all about the bi-polar thing. I have a friend who has a cat (but not russian blue) who is a terror. One minute she likes you, the next she's going to eat you for breakfast!!!! Hopefully the vet visit will go ok! I know they don't care for those visits much!
    funny cat sayings  going to vet
  • Biki~pw... TasselLady 2012/11/22 18:41:33
    "One minute she likes you, the next she's going to eat you for breakfast!!!!" LOL! That describes her to a Tee!!! Because she was abandoned so young, to this day (she is over a year old now, I rescued her last summer) she only wants to be held up by your shoulder and she finds a wrinkle of cloth and "nurses" on it purring the whole time, but you better not disturb her while she sucks!!
  • TasselLady Biki~pw... 2012/11/22 18:52:28
    Ha Ha!! Sounds like my friend's cat. I can't help but love her though. She's a trip. She's actually been in my lap before, so I know I'm not all bad!!!
    when cats talk

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