Who is the worst star under 20?

Brenda Song 2011/11/12 15:56:02
Selena Gomez
Emily Osment
Debby Ryan
Justin Bieber
Bella Thorne
Miranda Cosgrove
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  • ALexandra 2013/12/11 21:12:04
    Selena Gomez
    Selena is amazing
  • EmmaWatsonForever 2012/06/06 02:58:15
    Justin Bieber
    And Miley cyrus
  • Alex♥Adam 2012/02/12 19:51:33 (edited)
    Rebecca Black
    Her voice >.<

    It's so damn bad DX
    .... And also Justin Bieber ... : /
  • I'm not humans hater 2011/12/09 01:57:19
    Miranda Cosgrove
    I'm not humans hater
    I don't get why anyone would hate Rebecca Black or Emily Osment. Emily Osment Rebecca Black hate rebecca black emily osment Emily Osment
  • Lexi 2011/11/19 03:54:22
    Rebecca Black
    Rebecca Sucks and shes a Bitch
  • I'm not... Lexi 2011/12/09 01:59:02
  • Lexi I'm not... 2011/12/09 14:01:34
    1 shes 13 she not Like aney of the Disney Girls who woked hard enoth
    to being a Life Long Time Legend
    the Disney Girls Miley and Selena Demi are Life Long Legends and thay work haard with Their Music and being on their own tv shows and Thay Deserve credit for
    2 shes has tryed to get To Justin Bieber and He is older then her hes 19
    and he has a GirlFriend
    3 shes trying to Replace Selena and Justin and Miley and othors Disney Legends its not ok
    thay should not be Replaced their Life Long Legends
    Im trying to keep them In their Rite place
  • Luna Lovegood 2011/11/12 20:42:28
    Miranda Cosgrove
    Luna Lovegood
    and Miley
  • I NEED A HORSE 2011/11/12 16:00:42

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