Who built the first grandfather clock?

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  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/24 02:33:58
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    I know it wasnt anyone i know lol
  • xFallingxDownx 2011/03/18 03:00:45
    Uh.....trick question?
  • kevracer 2011/03/18 00:55:27
    some guy's grandfather I guess
  • Anna=] 2011/03/18 00:00:16
    Who knows? I think they should make one with a cat that jumps out at the strick of midnight though...
  • Stacie Mason 2011/03/17 23:55:07
    Stacie Mason
  • keya 2011/03/17 23:32:11
  • sugardaddy 2011/03/17 22:43:08
    In 1582 Galileo Galilei discovered that you could use a pendulum to keep time. He studied pendulum clocks, and drew what became the first designs for a grandfather clock. In 1656 Christiaan Huygens applied what Galileo had discovered and developed the first pendulum clock, the prototype for the grandfather clock. These clocks hung on walls and were affectionately entitled "wags-on-the-wall" due to their short pendulums.

    Grandfather clocks get taller

    The first grandfather clocks did not keep time well. An early grandfather clock could lose as much as ten minutes a day. In 1670 William Clement noticed that by making the pendulum in a clock longer he could make the clock keep better time. The advancements resulted in an increase in precision that meant the clocks held time to within a few seconds variance per week. This was the start of the popularity of long case clocks, later renamed grandfather clocks, due to their ability to keep time so accurately.

    Final improvements to grandfather clocks

    In 1721 George Graham noticed that temperature changes in the pendulum of a grandfather clock could cause it run slower or faster. Graham improved the design of the grandfather clock by compensating for the temperature changes in the pendulums. His changes led to grandfather clocks that were accurate to 1 second a day. Current grandfather clock designs are based on those models.
  • Chamii 2011/03/17 21:29:13
    (grand) father time
  • themadhare ~IJM 2011/03/17 21:05:00
    themadhare ~IJM
    pendulums were used as timing mechanisms before the time of Galileo. the pendulum clock was invented in 1656 by Christiaan Huygens
  • Lily Blooms Eternal 2011/03/17 20:49:53
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    Somebody's grandfather?

  • wtxwoman 2011/03/17 20:49:16
    Somebody's grandfather?
  • ♥Øcêañ♥ 2011/03/17 20:36:00
    ummmmmm.......Tunish Fugnizsim
  • Deactiv... ♥Øcêañ♥ 2011/03/17 20:40:38
    that's cool...German's did make the first grandfather clock.
  • ♥Øcêañ♥ Deactiv... 2011/03/17 20:42:08
    idk i just made tht name up.
  • Minarchist 2011/03/17 20:35:29
    my grandfather j/k
  • Deactiv... Minarchist 2011/03/17 20:40:54
  • SCOOP--RIP, MY DEAR MAX 2011/03/17 20:30:44
    A grandfather. lol
  • Deactiv... SCOOP--... 2011/03/17 20:41:15
    lol :)

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