Which type of dragon is your favorite?

Vicereine Killbride 2012/05/31 05:42:37
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I love dragons, and I don't care if you think its "geeky". =P

A Griffon had magical powers. Its claws could heal the sick and its feathers could restore sight to the blind. Their front feet had eagle talons. The back legs and tail were the hindquarters of a lion. The head of the majestic griffon was the head of an eagle, but usually with feathery ears.

A Chimera came from the eastern Mediterranean. It had a lion's body, a snake's tail and two heads-- one of a lion, the other of a goat. It was said to be a fierce, fire-breathing creature. Modern zoologists use the term "chimera" to mean an animal made up of other animals, such as a dinosaur skeleton that is put together with the bones of different types of dinosaurs.

A Shirrush featured a lion's forequarters and an eagle's hind quarters, in addition to its snakelike neck and tail. Tales of the creature came from the area of modern day Iraq. Pictures of the shirrush made of colored tiles, decorate the walls of the ancient city of Babylon, along with bulls and lions and other animals.

A Hippogriff was like a griffon, but it had the forequarters of an eagle and the hindquarters of a horse. The hippogriff was often used as a symbol of love. It also appears in children's novels such as "Harry Poter" and "The book of dragons".

An Opinicus has the legs of a lion and the tail of a camel. This is the beast that is frequently seen in heraldry, or coat of arms. Is sometimes shown without the wings and its name is sometimes spelt "Epimacus".

A Cockatrice resembled a basilisk with wings: it was hatched by a toad or a snake from an egg laid by a rooster. The cockatrice first appeared in the 12th century, but was "extinct" by the 17th century. This creature was a particulary dangerous type of dragon. They could kill people by looking at them, or by breathing their poisonous breath.

The Ouroboros ate itself tail first.
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