Which Is Freakier: Camel Spider or Coconut Crab?

cowboy international 2011/03/29 21:43:31

SLIDESHOW: Camel Spider vs. Coconut Crab

Camel Spider
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Camel Spider

This is actually two camel spiders -- it looks like one might be trying to eat the other? Ugh.
  1. Camel Spider

    Camel Spider

    This is actually two camel spiders -- it looks like one might be trying to eat the other? Ugh.

  2. Coconut Crab

    Coconut Crab

    It's big. Really big.

  3. wtf....


  4. Coconut Crab with it's favorite food

    Coconut Crab with it's favorite food

    Imagine how strong it's pincers must be : /

  5. Camel spider camouflaging itself

    Camel spider camouflaging itself

  6. Coconut crabs chill on the tree trunks

    Coconut crabs chill on the tree trunks

  7. Among soldiers in Iraq, stories of Camel Spiders are legendary

    Among soldiers in Iraq, stories of Camel Spiders are legendary

  8. Watch. Out.

    Watch. Out.

  9. A smaller camel spider

    A smaller camel spider

    Some spider enthusiasts keep them as pets. Ack.

  10. Pretty coloring on these guys

    Pretty coloring on these guys

    I wonder if they taste like coconut?

Which Is Freakier: Camel Spider or Coconut Crab?
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These two creepy crawlers are both pretty scary looking

The camel spider is a sand-colored arachnid that lives in dry desert areas like the Middle East and the Southwestern U.S. They always seek shade, which means that they will run towards you if you are casting a shadow. What's worse, they hiss/scream when they run, which gives the impression that they are screaming and attacking, when really they are just seeking shade. Contrary to popular belief, they are not venomous.

The coconut crab is the largest land-living arthropod, and is probably the largest terrestrial animal with an exoskeleton in the world. They are found in the islands of the South Pacific, and are known for their ability to crack coconuts with their strong pincers to eat the contents. It is eaten by some in the Pacific Islands, where it is considered a delicacy and an aphrodisiac.

Which one freaks you out more?
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  • Brittany 2014/07/29 06:57:12
    Camel Spider
    I'm petrified of all spiders especially that thing.. Look at how fckin big that thing is and I could only imagine how I would be if i had one chasing and screaming at me. . I would probably have a heart attack. . I remember one time I was getting ready tO leave my house and got trapped by a jumping spider so I called my hubby saying that there was an emergency come home now.. he found me jumping from counter to counter trying to get away from it.. He was so mad at me after that. . 6yrs later when I say emergency he'll ask me what it is.. if it's a spider he tells me to grab my 3yr old son and have him kill it..
  • Sophia(SoSo) 2013/02/03 21:33:02
    Camel Spider
    Hahahahahahahahahahaha.....I'm fearlesssssss!!!!!!!!!
  • jkirby20 2012/05/26 07:40:07
    Camel Spider
    Camel spiders may not be poisonous, but they strike fear in to the hearts of many. We had a ROMAD in Afghanistan, who despite the risk of sniper fire and recoil less rockets. jumped up and ran around out of cover because a camel spider crawled towards him. we had an mortar sergeant, in the hooch that had one crawl on his chest in the night, and he ran through the bay screaming "It's on my nipple Dawg". I would say in all honestly that I am more inclined to fear a camel spider than hostile gunfire.
  • brianna fleay 2012/02/29 09:00:28 (edited)
    Camel Spider
    brianna fleay
    the spider wins for sure only because i hate spiders :/ and because i cant stand those beedy little eyes :D
  • findthelight2000 2012/01/12 02:14:58
    Neither, I am fearless
    I love all the world's creatures.
  • -Jake4560- 2012/01/11 09:35:01
    Coconut Crab
    coconut crabs are freaky also camel spider i wanted to pick both and i have a cute little hermit crab his name is Pinchy i called him Pinchy because he pinches and i have never holded him
  • Wise Soul 2011/04/15 03:17:30
    Camel Spider
    Wise Soul
    They are freaky looking so I still don't like them but I know they're harmless to me so I'm not afraid of them.
  • ashley. 2011/04/02 20:05:00
    Camel Spider
    The Coconut Crab looks cool! :)
  • ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana P... 2011/04/02 02:12:13
    Camel Spider
    ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana Pie" ♥
    The Coconut Crab looks fascinating. :D
  • AndreaCharles 2011/03/31 12:14:08
    Coconut Crab
    that crap is huge!
  • Tink123 2011/03/31 08:35:46
    Coconut Crab
    The coconut crab is a beast -- a gnarly looking beast at that.
  • FenGirl 2011/03/31 08:18:42
    Camel Spider
    OMG! that spider is so scary, *shiver* *shiver**can't* stop* shivering!!!!!!
  • HBO 2011/03/31 07:37:34
    Camel Spider
    Camel spider hands down. Just the thought of that think running at me hissing gives me the heebie jeebies. The crab is pretty bad too though. If I came across on of those I'd probably scream like a little girl.
  • haters_to_the_left 2011/03/31 07:05:50
    Coconut Crab
    Screaming spiders that run at you are freaky as hell! But they can't hurt you... The coconut crab wont let go of its grip if it grabs hold of you. Smaller versions of the crab are sold as pets in Japan, but they have to be kept in a strong cage that they can't break through with their pinchers... If they can break through a cage.. Imagine what it could do to you! But let's just say that I am never visiting Indo-Pacific islands, the Middle East, or Southwestern U.S!!!
  • Cameroncarr0311 2011/03/31 06:26:57
    Neither, I am fearless
    The Camel Spider isn't a spider at all. Solifugae are not true spiders, which are from a different order, Araneae. Like scorpions and harvestmen, they belong to a distinct arachnid order. There are about 1065 species of solifuges known, grouped in about 153 genera and 12 families belonging to the order Solifugae:[4]:213 This is from Wikipedia
  • ♠Jen♠ BN - 0 2011/03/31 04:24:39
    Camel Spider
    ♠Jen♠ BN - 0
    I can outrun a coconut crab, and they won't attack unless you are stupid enough to get too close. The same cannot be said for the giant eight-legged freaks we call camel spiders.
  • wtw 2011/03/31 04:11:48
    Neither, I am fearless
    I eat them for breakfast!
  • xMs.Zombiex 2011/03/31 03:22:40
    Coconut Crab
    omg....i always thought the camel spider was creepy...but DAMN. That coconut crab is a force not to be reckoned with! ..lol i think that's how that saying goes?
  • realist 2011/03/31 03:11:20
    Coconut Crab
    because it could actually hurt you. the spider is nonvenomous, although it's bite copuld hurt a lot.
  • whimsycrat 2011/03/31 02:31:01
    Camel Spider
    Why can't you edit the poll part of your answer!!!!! I meant to say coconut crab though, given the choices ... I was going to go with camel spider just from looking at the first picture. Nasty, nasty looking things, and godawful big. There's the issue of size, the reason that cockroaches are nasty but palmetto bugs are worse, in my opinion, because a palmetto but is: A huge flying roach!! As if regular roaches weren't bad enough. But, then I saw the picture of the coconut crab on the trash can and is that an abomination or what? And then the little camel spider on the soldier's face didn't look so bad. Is that a baby? Anyway, my answer was supposed to me coconut crab, given a choice between the two.
  • Keen Tojones 2011/03/31 02:27:17
    Camel Spider
    Keen Tojones
    Definitely the spider. I don't care if it's not venomous. They give me the eeby-jeebies.
  • Not_Holy 2011/03/31 02:21:57
    Camel Spider
    Kill those bastards
  • LeAnn 2011/03/31 01:59:01
    Camel Spider
    Ok the crab scares the heck outta me, but the spider scares the heck outta me just a teeny bit more. ESPECIALLY due to the fact that they will run towards you seeking shade :/ I'm already horribly afraid of spiders...last thing I want to see is one chasing after me! Meep!
  • JakobZaborowski 2011/03/31 01:40:25
    Camel Spider
    Found one of those in my bunk once while serving.
    I screamed so loud I woke almost everyone up XD
  • Foley 2011/03/31 01:11:41
    Camel Spider
    I hate spiders. Crabs aren't that bad if you keep a distance.
  • hunter 44 2011/03/31 00:36:37
    Camel Spider
    hunter 44
    The article is wrong though. Every spider has venom. Very few though can inflict damage on a human beyond being a nuisance.
  • VanillaSpice 2011/03/31 00:28:33
    Camel Spider
    Omg!! I'd say both, cause there both creepy. But the Camel Spider is freaky, especially that big! Ewwww. Hopefully I could out run the Coconut Crab, getting pinched by those pincher's would hurt. lol
  • Mia 2011/03/31 00:04:28
    Coconut Crab
    Look at the SIZE of that thing. O_O It's bigger than like, 5 chihuahuas.
  • jreppoh 2011/03/31 00:01:42
    Camel Spider
    Any spider is a bad spider to me. Scared as heck of them. Snakes not near as much but a Cobra would really scare me to.
  • Danny 2011/03/30 23:43:47
    Coconut Crab
    I am more worried about a Large crab that can climb and cut my fingers off or break my leg if it gets a hold of me then a large spider I can still step on and crush. A small non venomous spider bite or a broken leg..... easy choice. Crab legs baby!
  • Stan 2011/03/30 23:17:45
    Camel Spider
    Coconut crabs are not likely to be crawling on your face unnoticed!! :S
  • Degenerated Man 2011/03/30 23:15:03
    Camel Spider
    Degenerated Man
  • Nick 2011/03/30 23:03:38
    Neither, I am fearless
    I would mate with them both and create a master race.
  • classicdisney1 2011/03/30 22:58:33
    Camel Spider
    I'd say the spider, because ive always been afraid of spiders, and this one makes me even more freaked out!!! One of my friend's dads is in the Air Force, and he went to Saudi Arabia, and he woke up with one of those things on him!!! I would have been sooooo freaking scared if that happened to me!!! I would have been out of there!!!
  • apachehellfire65 2011/03/30 22:56:19
    Neither, I am fearless
    if it can't hunt me and kill me. it don't worry me.
  • melina 2011/03/30 22:56:07
    Camel Spider
    I just cant look at the camel spider without shuddering...ugh.
  • gidianedwards97 2011/03/30 22:37:24
    Neither, I am fearless
    It would be alarming at first glance.
  • NPC 2011/03/30 22:32:52
    Neither, I am fearless
    When we were young Marines at Camp Pendleton I had a pet Tarantula Spider, We had lots of wild game there. Coyotes, scorpions and spiders were very common. You have to be very careful with a Tarantula Spider. They can bite the crap out of you.
  • apacheh... NPC 2011/03/30 22:58:02
    true but if the humvee won't start at least you have a transport!
  • Maize and blue 2011/03/30 22:01:25
    Camel Spider
    Maize and blue
    the coconut crab looks pretty cool but i FUKING hate spiders

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