Which is better? : Regular show or Adventure time?

Falling In Reverseā™„ 2012/04/10 22:25:13
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Regular show
Adventure time
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Regular show or Adventure time
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  • Luis 2014/07/04 02:40:16
    Regular show
    I like both shows, but I really enjoy Regular show, I mean, it has good written episodes, and great characters,I mean, their personality and mentality aren't different from people in real life. And the humor is more adult themed, not that kids shouldn't watch it, but it is more mature in some aspects
  • eli Luis 2014/11/20 23:17:37
    Adventure time is the best
  • RSLover_23 2013/12/29 05:25:27
    Regular show
    Regular Show is soooo much better!It's unpredictable,funny,fun,right... so many other things.I love the characters and the lack of backstory; it allows more imagination and creativity.I LOOOOVVEE Regular Show! Yeah-uh!
  • Thumbs DOWN For Adventure Time 2013/12/21 08:11:54
    Regular show
    Thumbs DOWN For Adventure Time
    Regular Show all the wayyyy. Adventure time is so predictable. All they do is fight innocent people. Finn's Hair looks like the floor on a barber shop. And jakes so fat that his abc is kfc. I'd rather listen to the go compare advert than hear finn sing his annoying songs. Regular show all the way. Woooooooooooooooooo
  • Dhyey dalal 2013/12/03 01:55:21
    Regular show
    Dhyey dalal
  • kci60 2013/11/12 07:37:54
    Regular show
    I think the regular show is better don't get me wrong adventure time is good but I can relate to regular show and it is more adult but funny without trying to hard also it doesn't have a story like adventure time but it's called regular show because it is kinda the complete opposite with something weird happening in nearly every episode if it was a regular show then it would have a story
  • Luke 2013/09/15 02:44:22
    Adventure time
    I find Adventure Time has a better story line then Regular Show because Regular Show is about a blue jay and a raccoon slacking off. Adventure Time is about a human boy and a dog who go on adventurers and fight. Adventure Time is much better than Regular Show when you read this you wished you haven't voted for Regular Show
  • IAmMoreAwesomeThanU 2013/07/31 19:20:37
    Regular show
    Mordecai reminds me of myself. What I find interesting, is that the commercials for Regular Show look so stupid, but once you sit down and watch it, you're hooked.

    *In a related note, my ex girlfriend and I call Adventure Time the "Molester Cartoon" because one of the tenants had told her that he was a registered sex offender. For the record, I never liked Adventure Time, regardless of what that sicko did.

    *Liking Adventure Time does not make you a molester (unless you are one). If you enjoy the show, then keep watching it. Cheers!!!
  • sounddust 2013/07/08 23:55:28
    Adventure time
    10,000 times AVENTURE TIME!!! I love Finn I can't help it he is so cute X3!!
  • Yamilett Bencosme 2013/06/27 03:14:14 (edited)
    Regular show
    Yamilett Bencosme
    Regular show is way better than adventure time. In adventure time Finn and jake just go around killing innocent people. In the other hand, mordecai and rigby remind me of some college guys who just want to go out and have fun. Regular show was sponsored as a winner for the 2010 hall of game awards
    Regular show is the best all the way !!!!
  • Bob 2013/06/11 12:04:48
    Regular show
    Regular Show!
  • marceline.valdez.7 2013/06/04 19:37:08
    Adventure time
    Adventure Time derrrr It's more awesome and fun and it's very creative ADVENTURE TIME =D
  • Clifford Allen 2013/06/01 03:44:09
    Regular show
    Clifford Allen
    Put it this way i can relate to regular show of course a rpg style cartoon is going to be more popular i feel like a kid watching adventure time and my kind of cartoons are a little closer to realism the fact that the main characters are all adults and not 14 with a dog kind of pushes me towards regular show i still watch adventure time but hands down regular show mixes in crazy and weird with the reality of the adult world
  • marceli... Cliffor... 2013/06/04 18:49:11
    eggsacly Regular show is for ADULTS not children I can honestly say I don't know WHY THEY even made Regular Show on Cartoon Network why why why
  • Bob marceli... 2013/06/11 12:08:46 (edited)
    Nah Adventure Time is not for kids either most of all their episodes have adult rated stuff in it Regular show only sometimes does that so your point sounds totally stupid right now. Like Jake one time was bouncing on something and said it felt good that is totally adult. And Fin is a human so is bubblegum so how is that cartoons and they are the main characters! If you wanna talk wierd Adventure time is totally that. You have wierde candy people and Lemon grab who talks crazy and acts crazy. And i remember an episode when lemon grab was touching a naked mans body. Regular show has mostly animals which is ACTUALLY cartoons they only have human backgronds. Adventure time has goblins or something in every episode kids watching that would think that in the real world and violence regular show doesn't have too much violence.
  • kci60 Bob 2013/11/12 07:40:44
    Umm bubblegum is not a human finn is pretty much the only human depending on whether you think susan is underneath that thing she wears on her head
  • Joe marceli... 2013/07/04 15:52:35
    Regular show has more imagination. It has these monsters such as the destroyer of Worlds, summertime lovin, susan etc. also mordecai and rigby are slackers so its funny to see what they do when they are not working
  • Yamilet... marceli... 2014/02/25 04:38:22
    Yamilett Bencosme
    That's what makes it cool. Children's cartoons are boring. Regular show is a mix of adult and kids. You see,it's for teens.
    Any-who adventure times is for adults all the way. Once,Finn told Jake "pretend you are the universe and every bruise you get is a hickey,and everybody wants to get with the universe." Or something like that
  • Lara 2013/04/24 16:20:20
    Regular show
    Regular show. I don't mind Adventure Time but the plots can be repetitive (two murder mystery episodes , 2 zombie episodes ,....) and some of the conversations are too creepy (example : Jake walks behind Finn to get a better view of something - can't remember what it was - and Finn murmurs "You giving me a back rub , bro?.." almost seductively. However , I really like the art style and some of the characters (some of them are utterly obnoxious - Jake and Cinnamon Bun for example).
  • TenaciousPlankton 2013/03/24 00:20:38
    Adventure time
    RS episodes are predictable as hell.
  • RSLover_23 Tenacio... 2013/12/29 05:19:52
    No they are not!Shut up!Every episode is different and they face different obstacles.It is unpredictable so shut your mouth.
  • bunthorn.heng.1 2013/03/09 16:22:59
    Adventure time
    what time is it adventure time with finn and jake
  • bob 2013/03/02 14:58:02
    Adventure time
    i lov em both.i watch em both a lot. but adventure time by a particle
  • ecanic 2013/01/31 01:26:11
    Adventure time
    ADVENTURE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

  • Bob ecanic 2013/06/11 12:18:28
    You suck
  • Jeremy ... Bob 2013/12/10 02:07:04
    Jeremy Yang
    its just his opinion
  • kenneth 2013/01/11 12:05:39
    Adventure time
    adventure time!!!!
  • Hassany1 2012/11/26 11:01:28
    Adventure time
    Adventure time is just ...SO SPICE!
  • VClipser 2012/11/16 11:52:24
    Regular show
    Of course I'm sticking with Regular Show. Adventure time is awesome too but I don't like rainbows and so much random and adventure, etc. I just want a regular show, which becomes totally different. It's classic. WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAHH!!!!
  • giovann... VClipser 2013/05/28 05:12:07
    Actually adventure time isnt all that random, it has a very deep backstory, references and is jus flipping awesome. Regular show is a great show too, but its pretty predictable if I do say so myself.
  • Bob giovann... 2013/06/11 12:23:53
    If you do say wrong. What deep backstory does it have and it is very random candy people acting wierd Goblins in almost every episode. It is not for kids i know that lumpy princess she cussed out her mom and dad of course she didn't really say it but we all know what she meant to say. And she was telling at her parents to me that is totally ghetto i know i lived in chicago kids yelling at their parents what does that teach kids.
  • Jeremy ... Bob 2013/12/10 02:05:42
  • michael daly 2012/11/11 10:50:01
    Regular show
    michael daly
    regular show is better by 100 per cent
  • marceli... michael... 2013/06/04 18:44:32
    NIEN!!!!!!! Adventure Time is MORE Radical than Regular Show yup -.-
  • RSLover_23 michael... 2013/12/29 05:21:36
    Oh my god I love you so much!Finally someone who makes sense.Regular Show is soooo much better than adventure time.
  • RonaldWagon 2012/11/09 11:57:10
    Adventure time
    I love both of them, but Adventure Time is a tiny bit better
  • michael... RonaldW... 2012/11/11 10:52:02
    michael daly
    dan daly:adventure time is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
  • Bob RonaldW... 2013/06/11 12:24:47
    Thats why Regular show has way more votes
  • Rude&Re... Bob 2014/04/14 23:48:19
    By that logic, Transformers is a better movie than Vertigo and One Direction is a better band than Bon Iver. Popular does not necessarily mean good.
  • tnorton968 2012/10/22 08:32:17
    Regular show
    Regular show all da way! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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