Which Democrat are you supporting for president?

DMCrawford 2008/02/02 13:37:45
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  • havasumoma 2008/02/02 22:48:08
    Barack Obama
    Barack Obama is my candidate
  • Dustin 2008/02/02 19:50:01
    Barack Obama
    I'm not one to argue that there are STARK differences between Clinton and Obama, so my decision-making onn this issue might seem trite to some. After 8 years of Bush, I want a leader who inspires, and who believes in a more transparent politics, who encourages young people to get active AND vote, who engages in difficult conversations and doesn't shift gears depending on the curve of an election, who speaks to a people divided and gives them hope. Obama does all of these things. Clinton does not.
  • therepguy 2008/02/02 19:09:59
    Barack Obama
    After almost 8 yeaars of bush and company and there christian fascist enablers... I simple want chnage, a new face and equally for one and all! My gut tells me that Barack Obama is the real thing. Plus my 20 year old collage kid and his buds also tell me that that is who there going to vote for and that's saying alot. In fact, I feel that the party will shot it's self in the foot if it doesn't settle on Obama and the many new voters, who are young and who he has brought along Over the years I have grown from a republican, to a disfuctional republican, to independent, to at long last a pressive... and I have the christian fasctist and right wingnuts to thank. Here one gay vote for Obana

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