Which character of mine in a few groups, do you like better??? (I'm bored...)

AccidentalChainsaw :DD 2012/09/22 20:46:23
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Name: Sara
Age: 17
SO: "None of your business.."
Personality: Nice, Mean occasionally, Loyal to friends, Strong, Protective, Emotional
Likes: Surprises, Friends, Brownies
Dislikes: Candy, Backstabbers
Story: Sara was born this way. Her mother Human, her father werewolf and human. She can transform whenever she wants. Her father was a leader of a pack, but he died, trying to protect her and her mother. Her mother committed suicide a few weeks after her father died. She was only 8 years old, but she was trained once she was able to crawl.
Appearance: anime girl small smile 17

Werewolf: anime werewolf white

Name: Luce
Age: 17
SO: "I don't want you to know.."
Personality: Nice, Mostly Happy, loyal to friends
Likes: Blue Berries, Friends
Dislikes: Bananas, Mean people
Story: Luce is a sweet girl. She has this way of making people happy. She loves to help with anyone's problem.
Appearance: anime girl fairy

Name: Ashleyn
Age: 17
Personality: Quiet, Clever, Stealthy, Can be Nice.
Likes: Protecting herself, Being Alone, People with a Pure Heart.
Dislikes: The advantage with this freedom, The Evil that people do with this power.
Story: Ashleyn is a strong female. She left home when she heard her parents were having affairs with other people. She never went to school, because that's where most killings and rapes were happening. She hid in the alleys and went out in the day, because striked more at night than the day where she was. She only ate fruits and vegetables, rarely any meats, but she did to have protein. She does steal, because there's no more money that needs to be held anymore. She doesn't talk, because she doesn't trust anyone. She always has a few weapons on her. She can fight better than she appears.
anime girl 17
anime girl blond blue eyes

Name: Ashleyn
Age: 17
SO: "Focus on Surviving first.."
Personality: Quiet, Sneaky, Curious, Clever
Likes: Books, Traveling
Dislikes: Highway Men and women
Story: Ashleyn left her parents when she was 13 to travel the world, or what's left of it. She brought some food and water and a few books. Since there was no electricity anymore, she found her electronics useless. She travels around the lands, place to place. She travels in the shadows and at night, so she can be more alert, since at night it's more dangerous. She stays out of contact and out of others's views, trying to hide. She rests a Oasises, and leaves a few weeks later.
Anime girl reading

Name: Haley
Age: 19
Personality: Quiet, Strong, Clever, Sneaky
Race: Human
Likes: Profanity, Drugs, Knives
Dislikes: People, Good Will, God
Story: Her parents abandoned her when she was 13, when they found out that she was killing animals in the backyard. In school, she nearly took a kid's eye out with only one fingernail. She hardly had any friends, but they all got found out and sent to jail, prosecution, or mental hospital. Haley is smart enough to keep everything hidden. She was caught once when she was 15, but she easily escaped.
anime girl clever

Supernatural Being
Name: Haley
Age: 20
Abbilities: Controlling fire and wind, Also shapeshifter
Personality: Sneaky, Clever, Rude, Sorta Loyal
Likes: Sweets, Animals, Nice people
Dislikes: Government, Hunters, Killers
Story: She was born with this gift, but it wasn't from regular birth. It was creation, from the wind, smoke and flame. She's able to shapeshift as well. Her natural form is shadows and flames. She's silent and deadly. Crossing her, is crossing pain.
anime girl white hair 20
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