Which Battleground State Will Decide the 2012 Election?

ABC News U.S. 2012/11/05 11:00:00
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The candidates will spend the final 24 hours of this long presidential race bouncing around the country, rallying supporters at 14 scheduled events across nine battleground states. But which battleground state will decide the outcome of the 2012 election?

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  • intolerantrwj 2012/11/05 16:23:29
    ...... for every 1 Obama yard sign I pass in my travels, I see 100 Romney signs >>>> think maybe we in Pennsy are just a little perturbed ?

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  • Dave 007 2012/11/11 12:34:36
    Dave 007
    I live in a state full of morons.
  • Rude I3itch 2012/11/07 17:12:10
    Rude I3itch
    I loved the republicans reaction when they lost ohio...you could hear crickets
  • Warfinge 2012/11/07 16:04:45
    I chose Virginia in this poll but I am still surprised.
  • Nicole M. 2012/11/07 15:01:25 (edited)
    New Hampshire
    Nicole M.
    I really have to be honest Romney wanted to prejudice all the middle class people to give to the high class people yeah maybe Romney was goin to create more jobs "yeah right" but Obama has better plan for all of us maybe I am not part of the United States better said I don't live in it but damn it I am a Puerto Rican and any damn desition that you make affect us you maybe didn't knew or see that but think for yourself and the world and don't have your head where you feet are suppose to be please think before you do something you will regret until the next for years
  • PM 2012/11/07 12:04:57 (edited)
    It turns out the true answer is all of them!!! Romney only won North Carolina!
  • Lucy Pannell 2012/11/07 04:45:00
    Lucy Pannell
    ...The people HAVE SPOKEN!!!
  • Edie Lucy Pa... 2012/11/07 20:08:31
    At least the majority can continue with the welfare and freebies.
  • Lucy Pa... Edie 2012/11/08 03:40:36
    Lucy Pannell
    Tisk, Tisk...Don't sulk it is so unbecoming. Welfare has been apart of this country since the 1930's. Don't hate the majority vote because it wasn't in agreement with you. It's the democratic way... take a vote, majority rules, on to the next topic... The nation isn't Burger King...You can't ALWAYS have it your way... Such is life...
  • Robert 2012/11/07 04:23:38
    Barack just won. HA
  • gary 2012/11/07 04:21:57
    thank you ohio
  • Obama-wins-again 2012/11/07 03:55:51
  • gary Obama-w... 2012/11/07 04:24:45
    yes, this was Gods gift to the American people. God bless everone.
  • Cat 2012/11/07 02:47:45
    Without a doubt. Ohio.
  • Willow 2012/11/07 01:44:58
    Iowa effects Flordia. 2 birds one stone.
  • Bryan Quach 2012/11/07 01:19:41
    Bryan Quach
    None of the above! Only picked Pennsylvania because it's close to New York. I'd choose New York. Get rid of these "swing states" & Electoral College, and let Texas, New York, etc... vote, so it'll be a more fairer election the next time around.
  • Willow Bryan Q... 2012/11/07 01:45:55
    No, swing states make a difference.
  • nicesteve 2012/11/07 01:15:01
    Ohio is a pretty strong state, but when the chips are down, they all probably play a
    major role in a presidential / vice presidential election.
  • The Bee Guy 2012/11/07 01:08:27
    New Hampshire
    The Bee Guy
    Since Sandy,maybe NY:)
  • Muver 2012/11/07 01:00:01
    But It should not...nor should any other individual state...
  • Rundy 2012/11/06 23:40:14
    Without Ohio Rumnuts is screwed and can go to Calif. and ride his wifes Cadillac elevator.
  • samson 2012/11/06 23:17:11
    If Obama gets florida, Romney has to get EVERY other swing state. Florida is the real deciding factor.
  • burning... samson 2012/11/06 23:27:09
    This. A billion times this.
  • Leslie Goudy 2012/11/06 22:36:04
    Leslie Goudy
    Just like during GWB and Al Gore
  • Mindy 2012/11/06 22:33:42
    Ugh! i voted Ohio because I think that is the case. But, I llive in Ohio and do not want to be a part of the make-it or break-it too close to call election such as this one.
  • Nat Turner 2012/11/06 22:20:16
    Nat Turner
    I just hope Obama gets it!
  • Edie Nat Turner 2012/11/09 02:44:12
    I hope you get everything that Obama promise that will be a welfare check which you along with thousands of others are expecting.
  • Nat Turner Edie 2012/11/09 13:36:34
    Nat Turner
    Sorry to disapoint you, but I donot recieve welfare, but I understand the majority of skinheads like yourself do.
  • Edie 2012/11/06 22:18:33
    Romney will take this election anytime you do the right thing Karma rewards you. Romney has helped so many and is now going to save our economy.
  • PM Edie 2012/11/07 12:13:32
    Romney has shipped so many jobs to China we can't count them. He's helped the Chinese economy more than he's helped the American Economy.
  • Edie PM 2012/11/13 02:27:25
    At least he helped more out of his heart than Obama did. I guess it really does not matter Obama won the election so as an American I live with the fact that things will continue to go down the tubes for the next four years. I really feel sorry for the future generations that will be paying the tab.
  • PM Edie 2012/11/13 13:27:37
    Obama inherited a horrible economy and deplorable conditions with two costly wars. He has managed to end one of those wars and is working on the other. This will save us trillions over time. We have had 31 straight months of job growth after 8 years of decline. He kept 3 industries from going down the tubes (Auto, Housing, Banking). Things are getting better, slowly, but definitely better. I'm amazed at when the Repubs constantly say our children will be paying for years, when I didn't hear a peep out of them during the Bush years. This didn't jus start. The US is a big ship, and it takes a lot of effort to steer it in a different direction. We've finally began to go in a different direction, and it will take time. Give the man a chance to fix things, and quit trying to put roadblocks in his way.
  • Edie PM 2012/11/14 03:00:50
    Yep just keep on drinking the kool aid. How long will you always blame someone else for the problems that this idiot knew he was going to encounter? If you like the welfare state that Obama chooses to have go for the check in the mail each month then you do not have to work to live from month to month welfare.
  • PM Edie 2012/11/16 17:46:10
    Sigh.... Why do Repubs keep reciting that same old tire line... "if you want a government check and don't want to work then become a liberal/democrat/vote for Obama". Yawn~~ Its getting old. I've worked all my life and so has every Democrat I've ever known. Are you willing to go on record stating that there are no Republicans on welfare? Ha!!! Most people in America want to work and earn a living. How did Limbaugh and Hannity convince you all that only Republicans want to work??? It baffles me.
  • pegs04@... Edie 2012/11/13 15:24:09
    Get your head out of the paper bag!
  • HillaryLover 2012/11/06 21:26:39
    Early returns to watch: If Romney wins FL and VA, by clear cut majority, that would be a bad oman for the Obama camp, and they will probably crap in their pants before Ohio. There's a strong chance that the Buckeye will alos go Romney. Then you are looking toward an electoral landslide, because CO, WI, NH, and IA will trend in the same direction.

    However, if Romney loses FL and VA or barely squeak out wins, he is in trouble, and Obama is headed for a landslide victory.

    Either way, we will know in about three and a half hours.
  • Hillary... Hillary... 2012/11/07 06:08:54
    BINGO!! Now, if only I would be more diligent in correcting my spelling.
  • Tom Camfield 2012/11/06 21:17:50
    Tom Camfield
    Wisconsin should be enough.
  • JuliaLoren 2012/11/06 20:41:43
    MY STATE!! AND WERE ALL VOTING OBAMA!!!!!!! hahaha, no but really, i do see a LOT of Obama support in my area where i live, and in the city i work in :) i dont agree with electoral college voting though (not fair to most states) it should be popular vote, and THATS IT!

    ohio for obama
  • wilsonmja JuliaLoren 2012/11/06 20:49:50
    Not only that, you should be required to get over 50% of the votes to win. What I mean by that is that if a 3rd party gets like 20% of the votes and the 2 major party candidates are at 45% and 35%, there should be another vote between the top two vote getters to ensure that the majority does rule. This would eliminate people being afraid to vote for a 3rd party candidate for fear they are throwing their vote away.
  • JuliaLoren wilsonmja 2012/11/06 21:18:30
    and that is precisely why i dont vote 3rd party. its a big problem. i totally agree. i dont support the 2 party system, but im literally afraid of romney being pres, so im voting Obama! i like Obama a lot, but of course i dont agree with everything, which is why i lean towards a 3rd party quite a bit, but I dont want to encourage Romney at all!
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