Where did your SH username come from?

Joe Finsternis 2010/10/02 19:20:32

Haifisch is the German word for "devil-fish," or "shark." The shark is one of my favorite animals, and Haifisch is also the name of one of my favorite songs. And yes, I know of this word's connection to Mac the Knife, but that holds little interest to me.

So, why did you choose your username?
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  • usa 2010/10/06 01:41:16
    its the user name i use for most of my online accounts, i like being recognized and not having to remember a lot.
  • KatMandu 2010/10/05 17:55:03
    My cat is named Mandu.
  • RandomMusicXD 2010/10/04 23:41:41 (edited)
    Nothing really... O_O

    I just came up with it because I love various different types of music and the second half came from a question that was created by a friend, he asked,"Do you have a Kingdom-if you're a guy/Queendom-if you're a girl?" and I answered,"I am the Queen of sarcasm." ^_^ Link: http://www.sodahead.com/fun/d...
  • Isabel-Publius 2010/10/04 22:02:27
  • Xx.:AlyxAnesthicsz :.xX 2010/10/04 18:45:31
    Xx.:AlyxAnesthicsz :.xX
    Alyxaundria is my name so Alyx and Anesthitics is the condition of having sensation (including the feeling of pain) blocked or temporarily taken away.
  • ~♥Ashley♥I~love~my~son♥~ 2010/10/04 03:35:20
    Well "Ashley" is my name and the "I♥myFirefighter" is because I love my husband and he is a firefighter..
    My username is kinda self explanitory...
  • RadChick♥ 2010/10/04 01:30:36
    Well, RAD means cool, plus the word rad is in my last name, so it makes sense. Also I'm a girl, or chick, so RadChicka....Get it???

  • KILL~PARADISE~l<3ver 2010/10/03 22:23:39
    from my favorite Blue October song.I`m obsessed with them!!!
  • ro 2010/10/03 22:02:47
    an artificial language artificial language
  • Winnel 2010/10/03 22:02:41
  • Algor. Mortis. - ҎԊǢɬ Physician
    I dunno, but I've been meaning to change it.
  • tabzy_95 2010/10/03 20:24:40
    my nickname...and the end of the year i was born!!!!
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/10/03 19:36:42
    Lady Whitewolf
    Mine was taken from Gene Simmons ( The Demon ) of KISS!
  • random thought 2010/10/03 18:56:48
    random thought
    a band
  • Catgirl 2010/10/03 18:53:29
    General came from the 'general' box off of myspace and snuffyto is the only weird thing i could think of at that moment in time.
  • moonlight 2010/10/03 18:38:15
    I love moon ..and night...
  • Mudhole Brown 2010/10/03 18:35:37
    Mudhole Brown
    About 10 years ago, I was playing in a rock band and we decided to do a blues show at a Lion's Club (don't ask). We called ourselves The Shotgun Blast Blues Band for that one performance, in ode to John Campbell's song "Tiny Coffin". We each made up blues names ... and Mudhole Brown is what I came up with. It has kinda stuck with my friends, so I have embraced it. By the way... I'm actually a 40 year old white guy... I have no idea who the guy in the picture is. It was sent to me by a friend who told me that Mudhole probably looked like this.
  • •†manyXbutXone†• 2010/10/03 18:31:19 (edited)
    my name mostly expresse me. manyXbutXone. there are many personalities in one body, which is me. some days, i'll act a moody and depressed and all that stuff. other days i'll act neutral, others happy as a little school girl, etc.
  • Spent 2010/10/03 18:10:31
    It's my birth-name.
  • dogs voice 2010/10/03 17:29:22
    dogs voice
    In remembrance of my dog who passed back in 2007. He seems to have similar tastes like myself, so I felt it just to give him his voice when it comes to opinions here on SH. Hence, dogsvoice.
  • Ianstan BN-0 *Obama2012* 2010/10/03 17:11:12
    Ianstan BN-0 *Obama2012*
    Ianstan is my nickname for everything... It is a combination of my first name (Ian) and my first boyfriends first name (Stan) RIP.
  • Kat 2010/10/03 15:46:41
    It's my nickname !!!!!!!!!!
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2010/10/03 15:46:40
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    My mum and dad gave it to me when I was born. Well, it's the shortened form of the name they gave me.
  • amazinggrace 2010/10/03 14:58:13
    My favorite hymn. I love to hear it played on the bagpipes.
  • ZILdeac... amazing... 2010/10/03 22:28:34
    I love bagpipe music. :)
  • Sunrise.Ashes 2010/10/03 13:21:41
    Mine is a way of subtly shouting out to one of my favourite bands.

    The "sunrise" part comes from their band name "Dead By Sunrise" and the "ashes" part comes from the title of their first album, "Out of Ashes".

    Okay, it might not be as subtle as it first seems, but I think it sounds pretty cool!
  • moonlight Sunrise... 2010/10/03 18:36:48
    cool...I love Chester's band
  • Miaow 2010/10/03 11:39:02
    I didn't choose it, my cat did!
  • ZILdeac... Miaow 2010/10/03 22:29:26
    I never thought of that. Oh wait ... I didn't have her when I first joined.
  • KATniss 2010/10/03 10:52:39
    a friend call me 'gikoni' all the time because of my last name which is Gika - awful haha - and i 'made' it katgikoni from my name katerina->kat + gikoni :p
  • Cholly 2010/10/03 10:36:02 (edited)
    Cholly is a family name from The Sims 2 which Gerard Way plays and loves the most.

    cholly family sims 2 gerard plays loves
  • __MiO__ 2010/10/03 10:29:55
    when i was seven, i say an ad for something called Mio-Pup. its like a robot dog...... anyway, that word is totally awesome, so i use it now.
  • Dixienc 2010/10/03 09:38:30
    I first heard the song "Dixie" when I was about 2 years old. I ran around the house singing it for the longest time and my mom started calling me her Dixie Darlin and it kinda stuck. I added the NC because they wouldn't let me use just Dixie.
  • Butterflies&Hurricanes 2010/10/03 09:28:11
    It's a song from my favourite band :)
  • elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard 2010/10/03 09:09:23
    elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard
    I had it long time before I came to sodahead.
  • ZILdeac... elptrek... 2010/10/03 22:29:59
    Have you been doing any elptreking lately? ;)
  • elptrek... ZILdeac... 2010/10/04 06:53:34
    elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard
    All the time. lol :-)
  • Alive 2010/10/03 08:53:07
    it's a synonym to my real name XD .. and i like simple nick names
  • Thin Lizzy 2010/10/03 06:34:48
    Thin Lizzy
    From Sleeping Beauty....I like all the bad a** witches...
  • Dar Thin Lizzy 2010/10/03 06:39:41

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