Where Are You Going Today?

chyla 2012/06/29 18:13:21

SLIDESHOW: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

The Pool
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The Pool

For some coolin' down. Or... just to be cool. :)
  1. The Pool

    The Pool

    For some coolin' down. Or... just to be cool. :)

  2. The Supermarket

    The Supermarket

    For some food buyin'.

  3. The Laundromat

    The Laundromat

    For some clothes washin'!

  4. The Parent's House

    The Parent's House

    For some... more clothes washin'?

  5. The Chapel

    The Chapel

    For some marryin'.

  6. The Post Office

    The Post Office

    For some letter mailin'.

  7. On A Roadtrip

    On A Roadtrip

    For some sight seein'.

  8. School


    For some learnin'.

  9. The Park

    The Park

    For some playin'.

Where Are You Going Today?
Everyday there's at least one place I want or need to go. Whether it be a road trip to another state, a vacation, or simply to the local supermarket for a fresh batch of eggs.

So how 'bout it? Where are you headed to today?
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  • Doc Frank stein 2012/06/30 23:52:10 (edited)
    Doc Frank stein
    Church today...to do some teaching :)

    Daughter's tonight to take her some stuff

    [Iliked #'s 5&9]
    as long as the park is to play Grappleball lol
  • ziad 2012/06/30 09:24:47
    I will go for a walk with friends http://www.6rb.com/uploads/ph...
  • Red Pixy 2012/06/30 09:18:06
    Red Pixy
    no where
  • Me 2012/06/30 03:09:51
  • chyla Me 2012/06/30 05:41:11
    ahhh shucks that sucks.
  • Me chyla 2012/07/01 01:43:19
  • Maat56 2012/06/29 19:34:03
    I am going to home depot, to buy some paint!
  • chyla Maat56 2012/06/29 19:38:40
    ooh!!! I need to do that!
    Do you know what the cheapest paint brand is, or where I can buy paint the cheapest?
    I want to paint two of my bedroom walls but don't want to pay crazy amounts :(
  • Amelia 2012/06/29 18:49:42
    Well, I WENT to a Job Exposition :) job expo
  • chyla Amelia 2012/06/29 18:59:49
    woo! That's so cool!
    And awesome graphic to go along with it.
    How did your job exposition go?
  • Amelia chyla 2012/06/29 19:01:43
    it was LAME. like ten companies were there...oh well :)
  • Mickeyc123 2012/06/29 18:14:57
    to level 11 with this comment.
  • chyla Mickeyc123 2012/06/29 18:16:04
    Love it ;)

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