When you see people who are high/or when you are high, are your pupils dilated bigger or smaller?

they call me hippie woman lol 2010/12/27 23:19:43
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  • 아만다 ♥ AMANDA 2010/12/30 09:21:25
    아만다 ♥ AMANDA
    I don't know about myself...
    But I've seen a few high people with dilated pupils. Then there are the ones who go to school claiming they're high but don't really look like it.... hahaha.
  • cookie monster 2010/12/28 21:29:58
    cookie monster
    it makes them bigger
  • JustJulez ^_^ 2010/12/28 12:37:39
    JustJulez ^_^
    always been too stoned to check? but stopped ages ago:/
  • La 2010/12/28 12:12:20
    Makes your pupils dilate (get bigger).
  • McKenzie 2010/12/28 06:28:44
    it makes my eyes bigger
  • [Katsu]™ 2010/12/28 05:19:54
    Haha ive never cheaked
  • BlytheSpirit~bn0 2010/12/28 00:49:57
    I don't think I've ever checked out my eyes when I'm high. I'll get back to you on this.......
  • Destiny 2010/12/28 00:28:21
    Depends on what your high on...like ecstasy makes your pupils HUGE and coke can make your pupils tiny
  • they ca... Destiny 2010/12/28 00:54:32
    they call me hippie woman lol
    Well, I know some people who smoke pot and their pupils get big and then some people who do pain pills who have tiny pupils when they get messed up.
  • Bozette 2010/12/27 23:38:14
    Mydriasis is an excessive dilation of the pupil due to disease, trauma or the use of drugs. Normally, the pupil dilates in the dark and constricts in the light to respectively improve vividity at night and to protect the retina from sunlight damage during the day. A mydriatic pupil will remain excessively large even in a bright environment and is sometimes colloquially referred to as a "blown pupil".
    The opposite, constriction of the pupil, is referred to as miosis.
  • Kimberley 2010/12/27 23:28:53
    mine stay normal, dunno why but it does mean that no one can say im high coz of my eyes, although it is noticable when i stare off into space for longer periods of time than usual.... lol
  • Alex Oger 2010/12/27 23:22:50
    Alex Oger
    when cops flash the light on you your pupils are supposed to react and shut but when you are high they don't so yes they do something
  • Anna;) 2010/12/27 23:20:41
    well techinally their pupils are really big thats when you know that their high

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