When Have You Laughed The Hardest??

CallMeDora(: 2010/03/30 03:11:48
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  • SeptemberRose&SunFlower'sMo... 2010/04/04 00:34:26
    I'm gonna have to say..... The last time my friends and I were all together.....
    My friends are SO funny........ It's unbelieveable!!!!!!!!!
    My sides hurt so much when we're together........ We laugh all the time we're with each other!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ~*Chels... Septemb... 2010/04/04 01:06:30
    Those are some of my favorite memories all of us together being RIGHT the LOSERS!!! Hahaha!!!...Friends are awesome =D
    memories losers hahaha friends awesome
  • Septemb... ~*Chels... 2010/04/04 01:26:10

    You guys are EVERYTHING to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ~*Chels... Septemb... 2010/04/04 01:36:41
    You said it all my Red Sister, you said it all =D
  • Septemb... ~*Chels... 2010/04/04 02:04:53
    Cause I can read your thoughts.... I'm cool lke that!!!!!
  • ~*Chels... Septemb... 2010/04/04 02:32:43
  • Septemb... ~*Chels... 2010/04/04 02:46:44
    Oh, I love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You get me SO well!!!!!!!!
  • ShamWOW!! 2010/04/02 20:11:55
    Oh wow I dont think I can rank them
  • horse 2010/04/01 03:20:23
  • ~*Chelsey*~ 2010/03/31 03:53:55
    I have soo many moments when I've laughed my hardest. They're all my favorite and I won't have room to write them all,
  • Septemb... ~*Chels... 2010/04/04 00:31:57
    I think I know SOME of THOSE moments you're talking about!!!!!!!!
  • blossoms256 2010/03/31 00:38:19
    idk anytime my friend safiye makes a joke i start laughing like i caNT breath
  • carriefan13 2010/03/31 00:27:10
    whenever im with my friends and:
  • ☜AngelfromMars☞ 2010/03/31 00:00:48 (edited)
    In school, when the teacher read the description of a hobbit. XD (My WHOLE class was calling this guy named Jhon a Hobbit *character from a book* and the teacher read the description for it, and it turns out that a Hobbit is SHORT, FAT, eats 5 meals a day, and SO much other stuff, I almost burst of laughter in class that day! XD) Also, when this guy was imitating the preview guy and at the end (he's supposedly having...sex.... and at the VERY end he's all like "Coming soon" LOL!! XD Oh, and when the teacher put a phrase in latin that at the end it said "Aspera" and she asked us what we thought it meant and someone yelled out "Asparagus" and someone ELSE yelled out "Chimichangas" XD LOL!!!! XD
  • wandering mystery aka Relch... 2010/03/30 23:14:30
    wandering mystery aka Relcho of Anid
    OMG it was when I watched this female comedienne. She was telling how when she is with a new guy she is dating sexually. She won't talk dirty. Cause she did once and could hear her mother in her head and stuff. It was hilarious
  • monicasaurus 2010/03/30 22:46:18
    the last time i laughed the hardest well, i dont remember cause i always laugh hard and when i laugh hard i start crying and my stomach starts hurting haha
  • ljhfldsj 2010/03/30 20:41:49 (edited)
    I wouldn't be able to tell you the time I laughed the hardest because I laugh so hard all the time! ;D
    But yesterday, me and my friend started laughing in Math class and we couldn't stop. I think it was because of something she wrote on the desk, but I can't remember what it was now. ;) It was so funny though.
    Oh! And I remember a few weeks ago, I was in French class and I was talking with a bunch of my friends and one of them was telling a hilarious story. She said it with the funniest facial expressions and it made me laugh so hard that I turned really red and started crying xD I think that was the hardest I'd ever laughed in a really long time! ;P
  • Huki68 2010/03/30 19:23:31
    The other night, my wife was teaching me how to say a bad word and we laugh because I have loads of accent. I forgot already the bad word, yet I laughed hard
  • GreatLakes 2010/03/30 19:09:04
    I love to laugh, but I think the best laughs I have when my sweetie and I are joking around. He has the best sense of humor!
  • YourKnifeMyBackMyGunYourHead 2010/03/30 17:25:54
    when ever im with my friends
  • uoynosekoj 2010/03/30 12:48:55
    watching dennisrun his forty time 8.6 seconds
  • Mrinmoy Chakma 2010/03/30 12:38:03
    Mrinmoy Chakma
    today :D
  • TeardropsOfBlood4The1iiLove♥ 2010/03/30 10:42:57
    Loads of times. Mostly when I were at school
  • ♥ єѕу Ł!Ł gŁαмвєят мσηѕ†єя x3 ♥
    i laugh my tears out every day xDDD
  • katieheart 2010/03/30 06:21:02
    i was playing softball in the 6th grade we were at championship and was down by 1 point and it was raining but the coaches decided by votes of the players to go on with the game and i had just hit a grand slam was between 3rd base and home and all of a sudden i slip in the mud so of course i get up and keep going but then i was slipping agian and i slipped into home i got up realized i just won the game and then i realize my whole ass and everything else was covered in mud my teamates went to go lift me up and with all that mud i slid right down back into the mud
  • 7of9 2010/03/30 05:58:08
  • Princess 2010/03/30 05:47:46
    I have alot of moments- well i have a gud one:
    when i was in class n we had an assessment nit was english, aniway my friend jess was writing a tru story bout something n shes the type that writes in msn language only, so she was done early. so wat she did was at the space below she drew a pic of a girl n a boy holding hands but she made the boys hand too long that it looked lik the boy was touching the girls private part so she tried to scribble it out, but then it turned into a girl wit a bush on her private part n the boy touching it. n the teacher saw it n i was laughing so hard tears were falling from my eyes. n that made my day for the rest of the week- but jess didnt get into trouble. lol. i still laugh bout it now :D
  • Grrr 2010/03/30 04:54:16
    lolz when i was like 7 i saw my brother get attacked by a swan, OMFG it is was freakin hilarious, he was crying and my parents where to busy laughing their asses off to help him, he was like 4 years old omfg freakin hilarious crying parents busy laughing asses 4 years
  • CallMeD... Grrr 2010/03/30 22:44:47
    hahah! nice one:D thanks for the laugh of my day(:
  • ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana P... 2010/03/30 04:50:54
    ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana Pie" ♥
    When I am around my friends at school...mainly in the cafeteria because the administrators cant see us! Hehe...
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    Oh my,it actually happened to be last Thursday.I can't remember laughing so hard and being so red.
  • pierced.lola 2010/03/30 04:24:48
    When I watched this..........
  • Whackoslovakian ⇜ǷђÀ3†⇝ 2010/03/30 04:12:44
    Whackoslovakian  ⇜ǷђÀ3†⇝
    I was driving with my friend in my complex and there was a rabbit sitting there in the middle of the street and it would NOT move. OMFG. We started making voices for it and it was just hilarious. One of those "you had to be there" things xD
  • lacy2218 2010/03/30 04:01:26
    haha all the timee
  • Rochellle 2010/03/30 03:51:03
  • 11 Rochellle 2010/03/30 04:03:13
    hahaha this is priceless!!!
  • Rochellle 11 2010/03/31 00:03:11
    thankss :)
  • 11 Rochellle 2010/03/31 00:23:25
    haha welcomes :)
  • Rochellle 11 2010/03/31 00:42:50
  • 11 Rochellle 2010/03/31 00:44:28
    haha ive seen this one too!! lol :) i laughed so hard when i first saw this that i cried haha

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