When do you put up your Christmas tree and decorations?

BlondieBrownEyes 2010/11/08 02:34:44

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  • Min Carter 2010/11/11 16:02:32 (edited)
    Min Carter
    We put up a tree and the decorations the day after Thanksgiving! Merry Christmastree decorations thanksgiving
  • Blondie... Min Carter 2010/11/11 16:21:25
  • CherryBaby 2010/11/10 23:26:42 (edited)
  • Blondie... CherryBaby 2010/11/10 23:38:52
  • darlene 2010/11/10 01:35:47
    Thanksgiving evening! christmas treethanksgiving evening
  • Blondie... darlene 2010/11/10 03:18:42
  • darlene Blondie... 2010/11/10 13:20:31
    My husband loves to decorate!
  • Blondie... darlene 2010/11/10 16:02:42
  • darlene Blondie... 2010/11/10 19:46:50
  • FencerCat 2010/11/09 01:08:29
    I don't. My husband is Jewish, and one of the compromises I had to make when I married him was that we didn't put up Christmas decorations. I do have a manger scene that I do put up in my bookcase in my office. I figure it's my private room, so I can do what I like there.
  • Blondie... FencerCat 2010/11/09 03:14:24
  • FencerCat Blondie... 2010/11/10 00:36:48
    I have lived to regret the decision... I didn't care when we were first married because I always went to my mom's and I had to put up her decorations anyway... But she died 5 years ago. Two of those years I went to the UK for Christmas and had a blast. The year my mother died I went to Florida to my oldest brother's (I hate Christmas in Florida, but it was weird anyway since my mother had died the week before and we didn't have the funeral until a couple of days after Christmas. (There was a delay getting her body back to PA for interrment) The other year I went to my other brother's in VA (That was really nice) Last year, I had nowhere to go. No one invited me and I wasn't able to go back to the UK. I did go to an old age home and sang Christmas carols, but that was about an hour...the rest of the day was... well, I should've gone to the UK. This year I'm going to my brother's in Florida again... (he has a new house and I haven't seen it.)
  • Blondie... FencerCat 2010/11/10 16:03:44
  • FencerCat Blondie... 2010/11/11 22:59:22
    I just do a little bit in my "office". He's intractible... and ten years younger than I am...But hey, as long as I can go to the UK for Christmas sometimes...
  • Blondie... FencerCat 2010/11/11 23:10:13
  • FencerCat Blondie... 2010/11/11 23:27:49
  • callmesam 2010/11/09 00:32:44 (edited)
    I put it up around Thanksgiving time and take it down at least before March. : ) I like the lights on the tree.
  • Blondie... callmesam 2010/11/09 00:37:20
  • callmesam Blondie... 2010/11/09 00:53:52
    It is, isn't it? LOL We have to have the outside lights down by a certain date in my neighborhood (homeowner's association) but the inside ones can stay up. I like to turn all the lights off and have the Christmas tree lit up. It is so pretty. And it stays cold here and sometimes still snows in March, so it still feels Christmas-y.
  • Blondie... callmesam 2010/11/09 03:15:52
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2010/11/08 22:45:11
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    The week before Christmas.
  • Blondie... Nick~be... 2010/11/09 00:01:40
  • Nick~be... Blondie... 2010/11/09 20:09:45
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    Real tree, no figgy pudding (what is that, anyway? lol) But we do leave things up until twelfth night.
  • Blondie... Nick~be... 2010/11/09 21:23:39
  • Nick~be... Blondie... 2010/11/10 21:19:56
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    Maybe they do... And it's 'we wish you a Merry Christmas.'
  • kstone 2010/11/08 21:51:37
    Sometime after Thanksgiving
  • Blondie... kstone 2010/11/09 21:23:51
  • Casy 2010/11/08 21:43:54
    Usually 1st or 2nd week end in Dec.

    beautiful Christmas tree indoor with fire place1st 2nd week dec
  • Huki68 2010/11/08 21:13:37
    Day after thanksgiving
  • tweety 2010/11/08 17:09:41
    I usually start the day after Thanksgiving and finish up Christmas Eve! Takes a lot of work these days!
  • Blondie... tweety 2010/11/08 18:08:45
  • SA 2010/11/08 14:28:35
    The day AFTER Thanksgiving, usually.
  • Blondie... SA 2010/11/08 14:40:43
  • SA Blondie... 2010/11/08 14:53:35
    My friend gave me her 6 foot artificial tree, with ornaments and lights. We can't have a fresh tree at our complex. NOBODY wants to put up a tree this year. SCROOGES!! lol
  • Blondie... SA 2010/11/08 18:09:37
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2010/11/08 13:15:40
  • Blondie... Dave**G... 2010/11/08 13:47:40
  • memebev1 2010/11/08 12:42:02
    The day before Thanksgiving this year. Going to our sons for Thanksgiving and we watch our grandsons the day after. Fireplace with a Christmas treethanksgiving year sons thanksgiving watch grandsons
  • Blondie... memebev1 2010/11/08 13:48:13
  • Sissy 2010/11/08 12:36:46
    I begin the day after ThanksGiving since I have most of the holiday meals. I love decorating for both the Holidays, and thru the years have accumulated a lot of decorations. We have several trees, one that's rather "formal" with a Victorian theme and another that's strictly for the kids.

    Why is it though that you can't wait to put out the decor but find it a royal pain to take it all down? LOL

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