When do women's breasts stop growing?

jt 2011/05/22 18:08:20
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Hey..just curious lol... any idea...? I can't ask my Mom .. lol

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  • TasselLady 2011/05/22 18:12:20
    By at least 16 or 17. But they SEEM to grow later in life, when they start sagging that is!!!! Ha Ha!! 16 17 grow life sagging ha ha saggy boobs

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  • wombat 2011/05/23 15:15:43
    In general: Your body is fully grown with the age of around 28. Than you may face some growth in your breasts regarding pregnancy and well some shrinking after that.
  • Marlow ~ Let There Be Light 2011/05/23 15:11:29 (edited)
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
    Never. As long as you can afford implants.

    breast implants
    breast implants
  • ELLIE 2011/05/23 13:48:23
    Usually when the rest of the body stops developing,but some women experience developement at different stages in their lives.
  • kent 2011/05/23 05:40:58
    I'm not sure of the "When", but I do know that at a certain point the stop swelling and start stretching.
  • BreeMoore 2011/05/23 05:35:53
    not sure. I certainly hope no time soon for me. :/
  • Rebecca 2011/05/23 03:15:59
    They don't, they just change direction.
  • Ervol5 2011/05/23 01:32:03
    Breasts are muscle, fat and glands..... they grow in normal size until puberty - - probably your normal size when you are 16ish. They change size when you get fat (or loose weight), when you get pregnant for obvious reasons. They firm when you gain muscle. When you get older you loose the muscle tone and the fat stays...............
  • wtw 2011/05/23 00:35:12
    It depends--my wifes are still growing and getting firmer after 50!
  • Lerro DeHazel 2011/05/22 23:41:30
    Lerro DeHazel
    When you stop playing with them and pulling on them . . . Probably. I am not sure.
  • spike 2011/05/22 23:16:03
    they keep growing as long as i keep drinking
  • BreeMoore spike 2011/05/23 05:34:43
  • Kisha(: 2011/05/22 23:08:27
    I think the real question is: When do men stop caring? lol
  • fsadkjf ef 2011/05/22 23:07:28
  • severus fsadkjf ef 2011/05/23 06:05:18
  • Ms Missy 2011/05/22 22:39:56
    Ms Missy
    they dont...or shrinking...they change a lot depends on a lot of different factors.
    as an adult ive been everything from a 40D at 18 to 38FF (breastfeeding) to my current 34DD.
  • Relay 2011/05/22 22:24:51
    the harder you blow, the bigger they get!
  • rich 2011/05/22 22:08:55
    Does sagging count as growing?
  • Recruit 2011/05/22 22:06:26
  • TooSweet 2011/05/22 21:00:58
    I'm not sure about you ladies,but mine just started growing about two years ago. ladiesbut growing years man boobs
  • Raymundo 2011/05/22 20:20:54
    never hopefully, I love Breasts:)
  • roy 2011/05/22 19:59:11
    i say i don't know, same age gurls have different size of breast so it's kinda hard to figure it out.
  • wtxwoman 2011/05/22 19:58:10
    At about 16 for the most part. Giving birth effects them, as does gaining weight and old age.
  • KATniss 2011/05/22 19:57:08 (edited)
    i was wondering too these days. i'm 17 almost 18 and i had my period 3 days ago and they got bigger. it was weird to me because they haven't grown at all this year, but at the end i like it haha :p
    so i really don't know :S :p
  • Mecynogea 2011/05/22 19:41:39
    About 16 years old.
    It depends on the person, I know people whose breasts started growing when they were 15.
  • Smartgirl 2011/05/22 19:41:07
    16-17 i guess lol
  • Chibi 2011/05/22 19:37:00
    I have no idea. I thought mine were done growing when I graduated high school, but one of them got bigger...not sure about the other one. O_o And they get bigger when you have kids, so idk lol.
  • fll 2011/05/22 19:32:38
    I think they grow as a woman gets older, but, obviously I am not an expert on the subject....
  • Linda Fawkes 2011/05/22 19:18:56
    Linda Fawkes
    When I went on a diet and starved myself - they practically disappeared. When I put the weight on again they reappeared. I think weight, having children and all kinds of hormonal things change their appearance. They will NEVER stay the same!
  • Luver 2011/05/22 19:09:05
    After puberty, but they grow every time you have a child.
  • Cunningmungus 2011/05/22 19:01:22
    I like it when you can still see them from the sides when her back is turned to you..
  • Imperio... Cunning... 2011/05/22 19:49:41
  • Cunning... Imperio... 2011/05/22 19:56:07
    WOW!! Her back is going to hurt.. wow hurt  funny big boobs
  • Imperio... Cunning... 2011/05/22 20:01:15
  • Cunning... Imperio... 2011/05/22 20:08:38
    Skinny chicks with freakishly Large cans... I like this!!
  • T. Roll Cunning... 2011/05/22 20:39:47 (edited)
    T. Roll
    There's one in every crowd....or at least we can hope so....
    crowd hope  epic cleavage
  • Cunning... T. Roll 2011/05/22 20:56:01
    KEERIST!! and those are real!!!
    I've been meaning to ask you troll.. When are you going to get back to wearing your celebrity head of the week? That was always funny and everybody on Buzz enjoyed your craft.
  • T. Roll Cunning... 2011/05/23 00:47:09
    T. Roll
    Ha! I hadn't even though about my "Robot-with-a-different-head-of the week"....this place is somewhat different with all the various areas for questions......politics...fun and humor...entertainment....and questions!?!?, "What is your favorite popsicle?"...."Which toenail fungus are you?"...."Should gays be allowed to breathe?"....there are just too many possibilities...not sure if a different head would make any impact......but hmmmm...lemme ponder it....thanks for reminding me!

    And the girl above has some tremendous hooters, eh? I think I googled; "skinny with freakishly large cans"
  • Cunning... T. Roll 2011/05/23 15:50:31 (edited)
    Oh please get back to it.. It set you apart form the crowd, and i always wanted to know "Who are you wearing?"
  • Hamza K... Imperio... 2014/02/11 10:09:50
  • Dagon 2011/05/22 18:52:23

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