What's Your "Reputation" Here, in Just 3 Words?

Melizmatic 2012/04/04 19:33:36
This, that, and this...
That, this, and that...
'My name is MUD', Melz...
Meh Na Men-nah; Doot-Doo, Doot-doo Duh-doo-doo!
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As it pertains to this website only; what kind of "reputation" do you think you have?

pertains website reputation

Now let me clarify:

I'm not asking how you perceive yourself, but rather how others here view you; based upon previous conversations that you have had and adjectives that have been applied to you by other members.

For instance, I personally have been told on more than one occasion that I'm "obnoxious," "condescending", and my very most favorite one of all, "evil."

applied members instance personally told occasion obnoxious condescending evil nbsp

All of which tickles me to no end; because while I CAN be (and have been) all of those things at some point, that doesn't mean that's all that I am, or all that I ever will be.

So what say you?

What three words
describe what other people think of you?

And while I shouldn't have to include a disclaimer at this point, it still seems to be a necessity:

This post is listed under 'Fun and Humor' for a reason.

Please check your political and religious rhetoric at the door; there's another entire section dedicated specifically to those topics.

Abide by the TOS and try to act like someone raised you right, please; be civil or be gone.

And just fyi, that isn't my way saying that you 'have to agree with me,' or anyone else, for that matter; it's my way of saying: "Don't start none, and there won't be none."

rhetoric door dedicated topics abide tos act raised civil fyi

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