What's the Worst Thanksgiving Food FAIL of All Time?

Fun 2010/11/22 21:00:00
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Sweet Potato Casserole
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Sweet Potato Casserole

Yams and marshmallows are NOT meant to share the same baking dish or spoon.
  1. Sweet Potato Casserole

    Sweet Potato Casserole

    Yams and marshmallows are NOT meant to share the same baking dish or spoon.

  2. Cranberry Jello Mold

    Cranberry Jello Mold

    I don't want my belly to jiggle so why would I want my food to jiggle? This screams food FAIL on all levels: color, texture, presentation, taste, etc.

  3. Green Bean Casserole

    Green Bean Casserole

    All casseroles borderline on barely edible. The veggies just get overcooked and they make for soggy, watery imperfection. Blech.

  4. The Chainsaw Cutter

    The Chainsaw Cutter

    If you have to use any type of electric knife to carve your turkey, we're in a lot of trouble.

  5. Turducken


    If you have to kill three birds with one stone (meal?) then it's a pretty big food FAIL in our book. Turkey + duck + chicken = no Thanksgiving meal we'd ever touch.

  6. Tofurky


    I respect vegetarians (I am one), but faking a turkey with tofu just sounds nasty. Can't you just eat the goods God gave us rather than faking a bird? No thanks.

  7. Turd Cookies

    Turd Cookies

    If you're trying to make a first (last?) impression with some in-laws, don't try these at home. Turd cookies will win the kids' hearts, but that's about it.

  8. Giblet Gravy

    Giblet Gravy

    Dear Founding Fathers, we know you lived during times of scarcity, and kudos to you for letting no animal part go unused. But giblet gravy? That's one innovation we didn't need.

  9. Mincemeat Pie

    Mincemeat Pie

    A close relative of giblet gravy -- take all the parts that weren't fit for a king, throw them in the blender and slather them into a pre-made crust. Delish!

  10. Turkey Cake

    Turkey Cake

    Move over, pumpkin, there's a new cake in town! And it's made of ground turkey, mashed potatoes and yams. No teeth required!

What's the Worst Thanksgiving Food FAIL of All Time?
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Think you're going to win over hearts this Thanksgiving with giblet gravy and green bean casserole? Think again, Betty Crocker.

By now you've been swamped with recipes, photos and video clips of what to have on your Thanksgiving table. Websites like Marthastewart.com and Rachaelray.com must be getting clicks galore. Instead of adding to the long list of "to dos," we decided to go the other route.

Enter this anti-Thanksgiving food list of epic food FAILs.

We call these foods the NSFC group, or not safe for consumption. Proceed with caution and please, don't bring any of these dishes over to grandmas' house. She'll thank you and you'll thank us.
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  • halee23 2010/11/26 01:45:57
    Giblet Gravy
    Dudes, green bean casserole is heaven on earth. I don't even know why it's gotten 10 votes.

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  • sburtonmoses 2012/02/15 01:32:47
    Cranberry Jello mold
    omg sweet potato casserole and turkey are my favorites!!!
  • concealo weapono 2011/11/24 20:15:50
    None of the above
    concealo weapono
    You know what? I really hate thanksgiving. It has to be the most pointless and unnecessary holiday of the year. We take a day out of the year to stop and think about being thankful? Why cant we be thankful all year for things we have? And what if youre life is in the toilet, and you really cant think of a single thing to be thankful for? People ingest gluttonous amounts of food, for what purpose? To show how much you can stuff yourself? Is thanksgiving just an excuse to watch yet another day of football? And then of course there's the black friday nonsense. America is so programmed to go spend , spend, spend, money it doesnt have on things they dont really need. People waiting in line for a week to get into Walmar. For what? Is a tv or game system really worth all that, even if you are saving a little money? Is that all your life is about? Buying things? To hell with thanksgiving. if i never touch turkey again in my life it wont break my heart. What a useless waste of time...
  • S123 2011/04/26 06:44:58 (edited)
    What do turd cookies have to do with thanksgiving?
  • xxxFionax<3:) 2011/04/14 20:40:58
    Cranberry Jello mold
    I hate it hate Vomit
  • Tally Knighte 2011/04/12 00:49:00
    Cranberry Jello mold
    Tally Knighte
    Kay, most that stuff is really good, or sounds really good. Green bean casserole is mah all time fav!
  • popular P Tally K... 2011/04/13 19:43:36
    popular P
    whoever mad this cake is a fucking turkey and deserves to be stuffed with dinomite and gun powder.
  • Tally K... popular P 2011/04/17 17:24:05
    Tally Knighte
    I disagree. Turkey and mashed potatoes? Everyone eats it on Thanksgiving anyway. Yams with it? Why not?
  • jazznique 2011/03/29 15:28:04
    Sweet potato casserole
    makes me want to puke
  • spanky♥ 2011/02/21 02:55:22
    None of the above
    fruit cake.
    no one likes it anyway.
  • S123 spanky♥ 2011/04/26 06:48:22
    That's for Christmas, the question was about Thanksgiving.
  • Pink L Me 2011/02/19 22:58:45
    None of the above
    Pink L Me
    The dumplets of my grandma
  • ☠ Cheryl ☮ 2010/12/07 01:51:54
    None of the above
    ☠ Cheryl ☮
    Mincemeat Pie or

    mincemeat pie fruitcake
  • popular P ☠ Cheryl ☮ 2011/04/13 19:46:34
  • shaken 2010/12/02 21:14:11
    Giblet Gravy
    giblet gravy just sounds disgusting. . .
  • Andrew 2010/12/02 03:06:26
    Cranberry Jello mold
    Mold yuck.
  • not that 2010/11/30 14:50:17
    Turkey cake
    not that
    What in the world is turkey cake i mean that doesn't even sound good, more like doesn't look good!!!!!!!
  • USPatriot 2010/11/28 13:37:57
    Turkey cake
    Mixes foods together. Like meatloaf casserole. Yuck!
  • rosebud 2010/11/28 04:45:29
    Worst fail. Grossness award.
  • MetaLhaid 2010/11/28 03:24:26
    None of the above
    Obviously folks here haven't been hungry before. About the only thing I wouldn't eat is the tofurkey, because I know how to cook a real turkey. The turducken is kind of scary but it wouldn't deter me. Turkey cake is weird but I'm sure the denizens of the local old folks homes would be thrilled with it. I'm not a fan of yams & marshmallows (WAAAY too sweet) but there's better ways to prepare yams. The main issue with these dishes is how they're prepared & presented. I'm a halfway decent cook (in at least 15 years, no one has ever gone home with food poisoning from Thanksgiving at my home) so I must assume the problem is with the preparation & presentation. Chef Ramsay has taught me well, one is as important as the other!
  • Person 2010/11/28 02:00:54
    None of the above
    I don't know what half of those are so....
  • Purple Pinto ~PWCM~JLA 2010/11/27 22:27:54
    None of the above
    Purple Pinto ~PWCM~JLA
    A close relative of the giblet gravy, but worse....my aunt used to love to put diced, hard boiled egss in the giblet gravy. Dude, if the giblets weren't bad enough on thier own, the diced hard boiled eggs gave you a visual that was hard to forget. It looked like it had been eaten before.

    I have flash backs of the stuff every time I have to clean up dog vomit.
  • Newme 2010/11/27 20:53:41
    None of the above
    my grandma makes yams with marshmallows on it every year and i LOVE IT
  • mia 2010/11/27 20:38:33
    all the people who say that the sweet potato casarole is disgusting has never tried it because it goes really well together .. both sweet potatoes and marshmellows are sweet so if you actually think about it try it and use your brain ppl..... you will realize that its a preety good pair! But turkey, chicken and duck seriousley..... ugh! ewww! (trust me on my opinion because i am a food critic so i know
  • Beto 2010/11/26 21:02:53
    Turkey cake
    There is no doubt, turkey cake, takes the cake!
  • verybossy101 2010/11/26 18:04:50
    Giblet Gravy
    i don't know why everyone freaking about turkey cake, i would never eat it, but at least it doesn't look like cockroaches rolled in gravy that friend in dirt like the giblet gravy does.
  • howie 2010/11/26 16:42:16
    Turkey cake
  • sml 2010/11/26 16:39:00
    None of the above
  • lee-ann 2010/11/26 11:44:41
  • patti 2010/11/26 10:05:35
    Giblet Gravy
    Giblet gravy just makes me wanna yak.,,guts in thickened broth...ew. So NOT yum!
  • phyllie 2010/11/26 04:17:24
    Turkey cake
    Never heard of Turkey cake. I dont want any of the cake. Terrible.
  • Boxerguy 2010/11/26 03:05:11
    Turkey cake
    I 'd have to say the turkey cake would be the worst, but after reading what it is made with it doesn't sound all that bad. Tofu turkey is absolutely disgusting, why not just eat soy beans with a little gravy!. Just my opinion, why wreck prefectly good sweet taters by putting marshmellows on them?
  • Temitayo 2010/11/26 02:23:10
    None of the above
    all of them.
  • IMNOTELLINGMEHNAME7 2010/11/26 02:20:16
    Turkey cake
    im gonna have to say turkey cake cuz that sounds disgusting.
  • Vilimaina 2010/11/26 02:06:04
    worst thanksgiving food of all time would be rourou.........
  • halee23 2010/11/26 01:45:57
    Giblet Gravy
    Dudes, green bean casserole is heaven on earth. I don't even know why it's gotten 10 votes.
  • XxxThexAftermathxIsxSeconda... 2010/11/26 01:33:34
    the turducken has to be loaded with fat. I actually don't agree with the fact that tofurkey is 'icky' because i tried some of my cousin's tofurkey (he's a veagan) and it tasted pretty good.
  • bob h. 2010/11/26 01:10:36
    Sweet potato casserole
    bob h.
    Sweet potato casserole looks like bacteria. Or the recipe for penicillin.
  • Beccy 2010/11/26 00:16:26
    None of the above
    I didn't read the reciept for my pumpkin cheese cake last year. Instead of making it the night before I made it the day off. We had pudding instead of cheesecake
  • Hooch 2010/11/25 22:50:14
    Turkey cake
    Ain't anyway turkey can even resemble cake!
  • Buzzkill 2010/11/25 22:12:56
    Turkey cake
    Turkey cake, eh? Is that with butter cream or chocolate frosting?

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